Led Zeppelin Reuniting For A Show

Rock legends Led Zeppelin will reportedly reunite for a one-off memorial concert in honor of their late record boss.

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Rock legends Led Zeppelin will reportedly reunite for a one-off memorial concert in honor of their late record boss.

If true, it would mark the third time that the '70s legends have played since disbanding. The band has only performed a handful of concerts, since their split in 1980 following the death of drummer John Bonham. But singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones will re-group alongside Bonham's son Jason for a special concert in memory of Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun in London.

A source says, "Page, Plant and Jones spoke and agreed to do the memorial concert. They are waiting for a definite date."

"And no one can quite believe it, but during discussions about the concert they all gave the green light to a tour if it all does well and they don't all fall out."

"It has been hoped for and denied for years. But this is the closest they have ever come to a reunion tour. The feeling is that this is going to happen next year."

Ertegun died in December after seven weeks in a coma following a fall at a Rolling Stones concert. The likes of Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, and Crosby, Stills & Nash all played his New York memorial in April of this year.

Credits for the report to Yahoo!News.

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    dave is one of the top drummers today IMO this is cool. unless tickets were reasonably priced, im not going to go. it would be cool, but there will be a dvd.
    Mass_debator : So what are the chances of the "Dave Grohl drumming for Zep reunion" rumors coming true?
    Jason Bonham would play! And if he didn't I would be so pissed off!
    Holy shit... this is a goddamn dream come true. I would do more than sell my soul for a ticket.
    Tyler Durden
    This is AMAZING, I would sell my soul and walk across the country to have the opportunity to see this if it were true!!! My favorite band along with THOUSANDS of others, this would be an amazing treat and honor to see.
    i just shit myself in surprise,,,,,its amazing, but do they still have it in them?
    would I be correct in saying that this is the most popular news to hit UG since the pink floyd reunion at live 8 and the ensuing reunion rumors??
    i think its good they broke up when they did because if you listen to there later albums you realize they would have been the first synth/country band. i saw a robert plant show on tv a few monthss back and its real creepy seeing a sixty year old man saying he "wants to be your backdoor man"
    Metallica708 wrote: psychodelia wrote: Much as I love Zeppelin, this is a big "whatever" to me. Checked Please explain. I'm genuinely interested
    If it did indeed happen, I wouldn't go to the gig, and wouldn't be very interested in concerts in general of old Zeppelin stuff. Plant's voice just can't produce the high stuff like he used to, and I'd rather remember them from their prime. So, I'm not too opposed to it, but it doesn't interest me to see the performance. But that's just my thoughts. Aaand checked
    OMG...i shit myself reading this and now, i have a lot of cleaning to do cause that shit went everywhere...no im jk lol... i would let someone have my whole body except my eyes and ears in order for me to go cause i only need to see and hear it to enjoy it.
    rock_guitargod said: altho id rather see dave grohl play he gpot better feel for bonhams work than anyone else
    omg r u stupid? i think jason would know his dad's work better than dave.
    Oh my god! Thats awesome! I really hope that they're going to visit Finland or some other Nort-Europe country. Zeppelin is the band, seriously.
    Ugh, I hate how every time there's an article about a possible reunion everyone floods it with tour requests. JUST CAUSE THEY'RE DOING A ONE OFF DOESN'T MEAN THERES GONNA BE A TOUR!!! They're called one off gigs for a reason, duh. Anyways, great news for people that get to see it if it goes through
    This is the best news Ive heard in years!! no exaggeration. God Bless Led Zeppelin!
    I was too young too young to ever dream of seeing these guys live, but now I EFFING CAN!!HELL YEAH!!!
    this is possibly the biggest thing to hit the guitar world since...ever
    Gutch220 wrote: I one off show is fine as a tribute, but there can't be a Zeppelin tour without Bonzo. Even the tribute is just 75% Zeppelin Get Bonzos kid to play for him then it would be 85% enough to sell my soul for even if it was page and plant again Please. No Tour!
    Silky Smooth
    Barkeeper wrote: JilaX^ wrote: There is not a single drummer alive that can play the stuff Bonham did.Well, Bonham is gonna play. Except that it's another Bonham. Pessimist.
    Except that Jason is a sub-par player in any right.
    zomfg! i need more info! you better go on tour. and when you do, you better come to detroit. or at least ohio. i dont care how much money it costs. led zeppelin is a band of gods.
    I really want to go to that concert 2 but i think the tickets will me sold in 2 minutes and the prices will be extreme high
    Why is everyone talking like its led zeppelin? It isn't Its three members of Led Zeppelin with Bonhams son. Big woop.
    if they go on a US tour I will beg, borrow, and steal all the money I need to go. and to previous poster, so what? his son is a good drummer too
    oh my god i have to c this concert i dont care how bad they have gotten they are still one of the best to ever live i would give just about anything to be at that concert, AND PLS GO ON TOUR GOD PLEASE!
    Although this is beyond awesome, I wont get my hopes up. They wont come to Atlantic Canada,and the tickets would be far over my price range. Jason Bonham, by the way, is an amazing drummer.
    I would Rip out both my kidneys and eat them, with not salt to see them live..... HELL YEA!!!!