Led Zeppelin Set To Lose Number One Slot To Rihanna

The rockers are lagging behind Rihanna's "Unapologetic" in the midweek charts.

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Rihanna is on course to go to number one for the third consecutive time with her new album "Unapologetic", outselling Led Zeppelin in the process.

"Unapologetic", Rihanna's seventh album, is comfortably ahead of Led Zeppelin's live album "Celebration Day" in the Official Album Chart according to Official Charts Company data and likely to knock the current number one album by One Direction off the top spot. If "Unapologetic" does make it to number one this Sunday (Nov 25) it will be Rihanna's third chart topping album in a row after "Loud" and 2011's "Talk That Talk".

Elsewhere in the Official Album Chart, "X Factor" winners Little Mix are due to enter the chart at number four while Susan Boyle's latest album "Standing Ovation" looks set to debut at five.

Rihanna has promoted "Unapologetic" with the ambitious "777 Tour" which saw 150 journalists follow the star around the world as she played seven gigs in seven countries over seven days. The tour started well but soon turned into a near-mutiny as journalists complained of having no access to Rihanna and fans booing the star during a gig in Berlin, Germany.

Meanwhile, Olly Murs looks set to be number one in the Official Singles Chart with his Flo-Rida collaboration "Troublemaker" ahead of Girls Aloud's comeback single "Something New" so far this week. Murs is currently 28,000 sales ahead of Cheryl, Kimberle, Nicola, Sarah and Nadine and on track for their third number one of his career. Alicia Keys is also set to enter the top five with her single "Girl On Fire".

The Official Singles and Albums Chart will be announced this Sunday (November 25).

Thanks to NME for the report.

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    Ladies and gentleman, in the following posts, you'll see a million people complaining about how music was better in the 1970's, how there's NO good music nowadays, and how they're smarter than anyone else in the world because they hate Rihanna and love Led Zeppelin. You'll probably see the daily trolls, too. You don't wanna miss it, do ya? Stay tuned!
    To be honest, its pretty unlikely that a 40 year old rock band is going to outsell a modern artist, no matter how talented Led Zeppelin are. 40 years on, Rihanna is going to be forgotten and wouldnt stand a chance if she released a comeback album in 2052.
    all this means is that theres more people with terrible music taste nowadays. thats not really news.
    Relax. Most Zeppelin fans own every single song on that live album, and if they want a live version, they probably have The Song Remains the Same. The album still somehow got to number one, and it wasn't going to stay there forever. Absolutely nothing sinister about a pop star taking them out of that spot.
    Rihanna has 7 albums?! Surely it would be better to have 1 album with constantly great material than 7 that are pure shit?
    This is normal. A band that isn't a band shouldn't stay in the number 1 spot for a long time. Rihanna is extremely popular and has a wider demographic than Led Zeppelin. Like people here have been saying, The Song Remains The Same is a greatest hits album that most fans own besides all their albums. Nothing wrong with her claiming the top spot.
    I'm not one of those people that think music was better in the 60s and 70s, but Led Zeppelin actually work hard on their music. This is a joke.
    of course this is going to happen, led zeppelin broke up 30 years ago, rihanna is an active pop diva, not surprising at all- and as far as pop goes, there are certainly worse options than rihanna- still love zeppelin though
    Since when has a rock band being number one on the charts ever been important?