Led Zeppelin: 'Stairway To Heaven' Tops Ballads Poll

Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" has been named the greatest rock ballad of all time in a new RollingStone.com online poll.

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Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" has been named the greatest rock ballad of all time in a new RollingStone.com online poll.

The 1971 classic beat out songs by The Beatles and Rolling Stones to land atop the new list.

In naming the track their number one, publication editors write:

"If the entire genre of Classic Rock had to be reduced to one song it would probably be 'Stairway To Heaven'. It's been played a squajillion times on the radio since it came out in 1971, and it doesn't show any signs of going away."

The top five is:

01. "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin

02. "Something" by The Beatles

03. "Wild Horses" by Rolling Stones

04. "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses

05. "Let It Be" by The Beatles.

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    Stairway to Heaven is gonna go down in history. People will still be listening to it in 200 years. Proof that the 60s and 70s where the last great artistic renaissance.
    Nothing Elses Matter deserves a spot there too. But stairway to heaven should be first yes =)
    Not at all surprised that Stairway To Heaven got first , it had to make at least top 3. Good to see Wish You Were Here up there =)
    the only reason some people hate Stairway is because it's overplayed. But that song is perfection itself
    You know, Stairway to Heaven is overplayed as ****! But...It's an incredibly good song and deserves it.
    No Little Wing? Huh. Either way, Stairway definitely deserves its spot, and The Beatles have three songs up there so I'm not complaining. But whoever asked if they were the only one surprised Metallica wasn't on the list... yes. Yes you are.
    Yeah Stairway is right where it belongs even though I don't consider it a ballad....and to all of you who say it sucks, let's hear something better.
    Section 5
    Tomamo5 wrote: Hey Jude > Let It Be.
    +1. Hey Jude is straight up awesome.
    Stairway, despite being a good song is heavily overrated and Led Zeppelin have many many better songs
    Im sure I am not the only one who got excited for news when they say the words "Led Zeppelin"... and then were disappointed, but only slightly.
    dynastywest69 wrote: Lord Waltaa wrote: As always, a very shallow and narrow minded list +1 What a poorly chose list, where do they get this crap from
    Would you grace us, Mr Know-It-All with the perfect list?
    GunsNSnakepits wrote: NOVEMBER RAIN? That song sucked balls compared to Paradise City! Because nothing represents the '**** you', rebellious side of rock 'n' roll like an orchestra.
    what an stupid thing you said... So now everything is rebellious in rock n roll, uh?
    loz4 wrote: Rattlenix wrote: am i the only one, who is suprised to not see metallica? though I like metallica, they shouldn't be on this list.
    Nothing Else Matters should have been on the list.
    Pff they stole the intro from Davey Graham's "Cry me a River." Where's the credit for him?
    Nothing Else Matters is the single song most overrated song from Metallica..even more so than Enter Sandman.. I can go on for hours thinking of ballads who are simply great or have personal meaning to me. Fade To Black, One, Bleeding Me, Mama Said(
    Vinjar wrote: Why is this news ? isn't this kinda obvious ?
    Totally. I'd swap out Let it Be for little Wing, but still looks good.
    slashrock94 wrote: Tomamo5 wrote: Hey Jude > Let It Be. I really really hope you're trolling, otherwise I worry about you.
    I hope you're trolling. This is like telling someone he is wrong, because he/she likes broccoli and you don't.
    ColossusOfShred wrote: Where is Here I Go Again! WHITESNAKE KILLS LED ZEPPELIN!!1!
    rockfreak611 wrote: BOOO WHERE'S TEH METAL!?!?!?!?! come on people... great list. when you really pick apart these songs, you realize how great they are. and to the guy that said axl rose sings through his nose, you obviously are clueless when it comes to singing. he sings through a "mixed voice" of his falsetto and chest voice. i can sing identically to that, it's definately not a nasal thing.
    HAHAHA i think only a few people on this entire thread of comments has mentioned metal and that has only really been metallica. read the comments before complaining about something that isn't even relevant. BUT imo lists such as this are stupid cause opinion differs between each and every person.
    Freebird and imagine should have been there. Nice to see Wild Horses too, but Gram Parson's version > The Rolling Stones.
    The only reason I get on this site any more is read arguments on these polls. Rolling Stone has awful polls anyways, I dunno why you guys read this list. They could have a best hip hop songs and Stairway would win lol
    wew... its good to see that UG finally posted a 'credible and decent' list.. ^_^ .\m/
    YetAnotherMuso wrote: Stairway tops another stupid list of GREATEST SONGS EVER OF ALL TIME SINCE THE UNIVERSE ITSELF BEGAN. Who cares.
    I don't see you writing a song that's received more radio airplay than any other and is still being played nearly fourty years later. Once you've written one like that, you can whine.
    Root Beer wrote: And Queen. No Queen automatically renders this list rubbish.
    Lord Waltaa wrote: As always, a very shallow and narrow minded list
    +1 What a poorly chose list, where do they get this crap from
    its nice to see some songs you never see or hear about online, Something and Wild Horses definitely dont get enough credit these days. Great songs, but id also like to keep them underrated please, that way retards like the many above me wont infringe upon their awesomess.
    Parkl wrote: Parkl wrote: It's surprising that this song is considered a ballad when the members of Zep say that The Rain Song from their 1973 album Houses of the Holy is considered their first ballad, which was actually inspired by the mastermind of Something by The Beatles, George Harrison. Nonetheless though I think its an amazing song and even though I've played it a 'squajillion times' on my Touch and the guitar, I still get goosebumps when Page whallopes into that D chord and the solo comes blazing in.
    haha I second that
    Led Zeppelin is my religion, but i disagree with stairway being the greatest ballad. It barely has anything to do with love. The Rain Song however, greatest ballad/song of all time.
    How many ****ing polls and lists are there left to post on this website???
    I honestly didn't think November Rain would be up there. SO glad it is. Such an epic ballad.
    Darth_Pietrus wrote: I prefer metal ballads, like edguy's or avantasia's. Really beautiful stuff.
    They really are. Lost in Space is as good as some of these if you ask me
    And to the dude who said Metallica, get real. Not only are they the most overrated metal band of all time, but they are a freaking metal band and nothing they ever did was a ballad.
    Really? Fade to Black and Nothing Else Matters aren't ballads? Put the dope down please...but then again your user name is BlinkSumNOFX so if anyone is an expert on music, it's you....NOT.