Led Zeppelin to Headline Next Year's Download Festival?

"You can't rule any bands at that level out," says festival organizer Andy Copping.

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Download Festival organizer Andy Copping expressed his desire to see such iconic rock acts as Led Zeppelin, Van Halen or the original Guns N' Roses lineup headlining Download in the near future, pointing out that "you can't rule any bands at that level out."

During a chat with NME, Copping was first asked about getting Van Halen on the list, but then started discussing the other rock titans as well.

"I'd love to get them [Van Halen], but who knows when? Maybe one year we can get them to come over and it'll happen, I live in hope," he said. "You can't rule any bands at that level out: Led Zeppelin, the original lineup of Guns N' Roses, I'd love to get them, hopefully it'll happen one day."

Copping also confirmed that the negotiation with some of the top acts for Download 2014 are well under way, without revealing specific names. "I'm at the tail end of my negotiations with the headliners," he said.

Finally, when asked on whether Paramore and Avenged Sevenfold are what he considers bill topping material, the organizer responded: "There are no rules in regard to headliners, I look at who's out there, who's selling tickets, who can put on a good show, you can't rule anyone out."

Although no official info is available yet, something definitely might be cooking up for next year's Download. This year's edition took place from June 14 to 16 with Iron Maiden, Slipknot and Rammstein ranked among the top headliners.

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    Misleading titles. Oh, UG.
    And that's why I use adblock!
    Nothing would be free if it wasn't for adverts, idiot.
    that is true under our current model, however, we can certainly protest using plugins like adblock. The beauty of economics is that the market will regulate itself and if enough people use adblock, people will look for alternate sources of revenue. and why add the insults? got some sand in your vagina for the crabs?
    I don't block all ads. Just the intrusive ones. Especially the page redirecting ones. The margin ads like the deal of the day ones on this page are just fine. There's a right way and a wrong way to do it.
    To sum up this article ... the answer is no. Andy Copping wanting led zepplin & Guns n Roses to reform to play download isnt news. I want Jimi Hendrix to rise from the Dead and play ...
    Be careful what you say out loud... they'll give you Hendrix holograms and call it a show.
    I'd rather see Duff, Izzy, Steven and Slash play with Miles rather than Axl
    Really? Seriously... REALLY!?!?!?!? Myles sure as shit ain't Axl Fucking Rose and I would quit playing guitar before I agreed with your statement
    So you'd rather some washed up has-been who can't sing even 10% as good as he could in his hey-day, than a vocalist who is at the top of his game, and by the way, actually gives a flying shit about his fans?
    "with Iron Maiden, Slipknot and Rammstein ranked among the top headliners." Erm, they WERE the sodding headliners
    Only of the main stage - Enter Shikari, HIM, Limp Bizkit etc. also headlined...
    I think we are well aware the Zeppelin will not ever be getting back together. Pretty sure they have made that very clear over that past several years
    My predictions (or wishful thinking) for next years headliners are Van Halen, Black Sabbath with Bill Ward, and Foo Fighters on the friday with Dave Grohl doing a guest spot in QOTSA earlier in the day.
    All of the constant misleading article titles make this website look tacky.
    10th Anniversaries don't mean shit. Austin City Limits Music Festival's 10th was the worst lineup I've seen for a popular music festival.
    I want the original line up and I want Jimi Henrix to open with God Save the Wah but we can't bring people back from the dead... Speaking of the dead, the living dead 'Guns n Roses' I have ZERO interest in them reuniting. Slash is cool but Axl Rose is a cock. I can't see there being a led zep headline. Just let Ozzy do it. OZZY FOR US BRITS. Must be like Rammstein at Wacken.
    I think, despite how much it wold be awesome for them to reform, that it's just not gonna happen =/
    Since just a few days ago JPJ came out and said he's writing an opera and is not free in 2014, we all know the answer!! Frankly, I think it's a good thing! I like Led Zeppelin, they were a great band, with amazing chemistry who changed rock music... But watch Celebration Day...it's great, but it's not 70's Led Zep is it? And then remember that even that was 7 years ago nearly...it aint gonna have gotten better! Let them be
    Well said... bravo... and spot on... people confuse "not wanting to see a band" with "not respecting their body of music". Lets pull these guys out of their seventies and make them perform like a reincarnation of the idolised past. zepplin were best in the 70s.
    "asked on whether Paramore and Avenged Sevenfold are what he considers bill topping material"...that's a fairly negatively phrased question. To put A7X in the same field as Paramore? Really?!?! Go f**k yourself UG. Avenged Sevenfold are one of the biggest selling acts in metal these days. Yes, they are metal for the most part. So, why couldn't they headline a day at Download? Paramore on the other hand are WAAAAY more pop-rock so that's a different story.
    I put them in the same category. One tries a little harder to cater to a metal audience (mostly unsuccessfully) but they're both fairly similar pop rock.
    I think A7X is getting to headlining level. They draw a massive crowd, they have memorable songs, and their live shows are top notch for when it comes to modern artists. I hope to see it one day.
    Next UG post... Lane Stanley to reunite with Alice in Chains to sing their new album live!
    Nero Galon
    Umm... Lane Stanley?? You better be doing this on purpose haha.
    Haha, I dont think ive ever made any non sarcastic posts on stupid topics like this, everyone knows who Layne is, but ultimate-guitar doesnt even know what reality is.
    Oh yeah also theres a better chance LUtaliicas album hits platinum then LZ getting back together, didn't they exile JPJ anyways? Also I like how everyone is ranting about this? Doesnt UG release garbage polls every other day? Same thing
    It's Staley, not Stanley...
    god you guys are so ****ing stupid on UG, does nobody know sarcasim?? Seriously the first music i learned to play was Jerry Cantrells hes basically a grunge david gillmore. If you guys had any less brain cells on this site, it would be 4chan. If they think LZ can reunite, I'm "implying" they would **** up a title, thats already a pun in itself.. herp derp UG fans...
    UG unable to write articles AND Andy Copping talking out of his arse again? That's a terrible news day waiting to happen
    Why ruin Download Festival by adding a terrible, washed up band to it?
    Led Zeppelin... "terrible and washed up"??? You must be 12. Or on bath salts. Or both. Good Luck.
    I heard bath salts makes people feel cheered up and aware... that being the polar opposite of today's Zeppelin. So yeah, love bath salts, bring them on!
    We aren't allowed to say **** off on this site are we? How dare you talk about Zeppelin like that!
    I couldn't agree more... the fanboys don't care that their favourite band is tired and old now. they just want to see them performing like monkeys to hear their favorite songs. imagine led zepplin, the Beatles, and the rolling stones all headlining. it would sell out and no one would care that they "didn't quite have they energy of a younger band". You don't need to see zeplin live, their time has passed. same as you don't need to see Elvis or Bach either. pink floyd were the only band to retire with grace. 1994!
    Download is out of Zeppelin's league anyway
    Agreed. 2012's line-up was sick but it had to be what with it being the 10 year anniversary. Every other year (2013 included) the line-up has mostly been pretty shit.
    link no1
    I agree with you there, last year had a pretty awesome lineup for whatever you wanted in rock, metal, punk and most things in-between. The only time I saw my campsite was pretty much in the morning when I woke up and at night after the headliners there where that many good bands playing. This year...eh...I could only see like 5 bands (if that) that I would want to watch, which is the same for most years to be honest.
    UG Getting the hopes up of people with misleading article titles and then dashing taking them away....