Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant Knocked Over During Buenos Aires Performance

Frontman sent tumbling by stage invader.

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Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant was temporarily knocked to the floor when a fan invaded the stage during a recent gig in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Scroll down to watch fan-filmed footage of the incident.

The stage invasion happened last Thursday (November 1) when Plant and his group "The Sensational Space Shifters" performed at Estadio Luna Park and had just finished performing Led Zeppelin's "Going To California". A man ran onto the stage and approached Plant but was tackled by security with the scuffle causing Plant to lose his balance and topple over.

Plant soon returns to his feet, saying: "Easy, easy" before adding "Thank you very much for the fun" in the direction of the audience.

Led Zeppelin release their live DVD "Celebration Day", filmed at the band's 2007 reunion show at London's O2 Arena this week (November 5).

According to NME, guitarist Jimmy Page has also hinted that he will release remastered versions of all Led Zeppelin's albums in 2013.

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    What an ass. If only Peter Grant was still alive and there that lowlife would have been knocked the hell out before he even got onto the stage. The greatest manager of all time and a monster of a man, he put fear into anyone who ever thought about messing with Zeppelin from thugs to bootleggers to slimy concert promoters. Also he was partly responsible for all bands of the day getting much better deals and artistic control in the late 60's/early 70's after what he accomplished with Page and Atlantic records in their landmark deals. Hope this doesn't discourage Robert from future shows. I saw him with the strange sensation back in early '07 and was lucky enough to get a golden ticket to the Zeppelin reunion show at the 02 arena... no one puts on a show like Robert- greatest of all time hands down.
    Not sure why this warranted negative votes - everything said here was true. Grant put his bands first, in all things. No doubt, he could be rough on promoters, and occasionally he and his goons went a little too far, but his main concern was making sure his artists received wht they were due.
    To be fair, I dont know what exactly a 77 year old Peter Grant could do that others couldn't.
    Hell yea RIP Peter Grant. If that guy would knock out bonzo when he got out of hand I dont wanna think what he'd do to someone attacking Plant like that.
    It happens around 11:20 of the video. It's more like the idiot runs up, tries to hug him or something but Plant tries to just keep his distance, then the security guard rushes him and Plant gets sandwiched Night at the Roxbury style. But he got right up and seemed fine with everything. No need to think he'll be discouraged from future shows since he says he'll see everyone next year.
    Wow haha, video taken down after Plant filed a copyright claim that was bloody quick
    Josh Reubenking
    Looked like the security guard knocked him over, not the fan. But either way, glad Robert's okay. People shouldn't go jumping onstage like that. Things have seriously changed since the Dimebag incident. Security kinda has no choice but to be more agressive. For all they know, somebody could have a weapon at the venue. Plus in settings like that, it's very dangerous.
    why would anyone go there to rush them? ****.... Led Zeppelin has sounded amazing in concert, just look up Kashmir on Celebration Day. Good lord.
    Talented old man bumped. No injuries. The ultimate is slow news days.