Lemmy Admits He Didn't Follow Doctor's Orders

Like a typical rock star, Lemmy ignored doctor's advice to stop partying hard after having a defibrillator fitted to his heart in Spring.

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Motorhead may have reassured fans that frontman Lemmy was still "alive, breathing, talking, f--king [and] drinking" this week, but concerns are brewing over the real state of his health.

Lemmy was told to tone down his rockstar behaviour in March after having a defibrillator fitted to help regulate his heart beat, but an update on his Facebook page today reveals that he hasn't been following doctor's orders.

"He was, at that time, advised to rest, but once feeling better, he of course resumed his life as usual," reads the statement. "He has since been advised that he should immediately take some more time to rest."

Lemmy's healthy took a turn for the worse last weekend when Motorhead were forced to cancel two festival shows because Lemmy was found to have internal blood swelling. They soon cancelled all impending Motorhead tour dates. "He's not doing so well right now. But he's improving, even though it takes longer for him than anyone else to become well," said Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee this week.

On cancelling their tour dates, Lemmy is sorry to fans and thanked them for wishing him well. "It was a tough decision for me as I don't like to disappoint the fans especially in times where economy is bad and people spent their money to see us. But sometimes you can't do anything else than following doctor's orders," he says.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Lemmy, one of the greatest rock stars of all time?

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    One week later... "Lemmy slams death".
    SLAM UG! SLAM! I swear every time I read someone "slamming" in an article I think of UG now.
    Sort of how I can't hear/read the word "shocker" now without my mind going into the gutter (not that it ever really is anywhere else, though). Headline: "A shocker in women's tennis!" Now that would make me watch more women's tennis...
    "Lemmy's healthy ooh a turn for the worse" Nice one UG
    I really like the comment at the end of the news post about this being the beginning of the end. Jeez...in south africa they are arguing where to bury Mandela ...he's not even ****ing dead yet!
    I think he makes his wishes pretty clear. "Doctor Don't you talk that way Doctor Don't you mess my day Doctor Stay away from me Sick is what I'd rather be"
    This is news? He's been ignoring doctor orders since the dawn of time!
    Huh? The sole point of the article wasn't that Lemmy had ignored the doctor's orders, it was about his current bad condition being worsened by doing so. I think the news are kind of comforting, this might mean that if he started taking his lifestyle down a notch, then Motrhead can still continue for years.
    This guy lived the EXACT life he wanted to live for 70 years now. If he winds up killing himself with his lifestyle, I'm sure he will have no regrets. Would you rather live to be 75 and live the life you want to while giving everyone the big F you or live to be 85 but give up everything that makes you happy and makes you, you? It'll be a sad sad day when Lemmy goes but not because he left unfulfilled and unsatisfied.
    Yes, except that most people who live like Lemmy does do not make it to 75. Seriously. The guy is a walking wonder.
    From Dr. Alibi with Slash "Don't you know that I feel alright? Doin' what I do I ain't gonna tow the line not 'til I turn blue All we got is one short life that's what people say And I ain't gonna waste a second doin' what you say" As cool as that is in a song I think he should take it easy, wish him the best.
    Is this the beginning of the end for Lemmy? What a shitty way to end an article.
    He's getting old. lol. ...nah all the best to him! I'd have done just the same. Hope he'll be alright after taking some more time.
    Lemmy not following the doctors orders is a given since the sixties and unfortunately that has taken its toll. The real news here is that Lemmy will start following the doctor's orders. That's good news. That's (hopefully) more Motorhead.
    Lemmy died years ago, death is just too afraid to tell him. This man is gonna out-live every single one of us. Hail Lemmy!!
    if he stopped smoking and drinking, he could have another 20 years. maybe its a good thing, he wouldn't have to see everything go to shit in the world.
    He'll keep on truckin' for another 30 years. He and Ozz ae the last of their breed of rock stars (add in Keith Richards too). Luckily I got to see him last summer.
    Lemmy can't be Killed by Death are you kidding? Lemmy has All the Aces on this one, and an Heart of Stone. He won't Go to Hell, because he was Born to Raise Hell! And besides UG dont you think the ending of this article was a little OVERKILL!!
    I guess that's what happens when you drink a bottle of Jack a day. Get better soon Lemmy!
    I don't need no Doctor! All I need is my Love Machine!
    LIVE IN THE RAW...Such a badass record! W.A.S.P. is awesome! dude i created an account just to thumbs up that comment...and write this one
    "Internal Blood Swelling" - That sounds totally made up ! How does your blood swell - and when would your blood ever be external?! He's just too old and needs to pack it in - he's not some crazy kid any more and at 70 ( or whatever he is) he's bound to start feeling old and struggle to act like a rock star. Let it go Lemmy.....you've had a great time and you've got all the respect you need. Dont fall apart in public
    Because he can.
    ...well obviously not..? I wish people would stop with all this 'Lemmy is god', 'Lemmy is immortal' crap - the guys a legend and deserves respect, not all this over the top fandom that's thrown at him. He really doesn't care either way though I suppose.
    Chill down mate, that was a joke... You should admit though that the guy can make pretty much whatever he wants without occurring in normal health problems people of his age normally have. And he's like 70!