Lemmy Health Scare Cancels Festival Show

Motorhead were forced to cancel a festival appearance at the weekend when Lemmy's health took a serious turn for the worse.

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Motorhead were forced to cancel a festival appearance at the weekend when frontman Lemmy was diagnosed with a serious health issue.

The renown bassist has reportedly suffered a hematoma, where blood collects outside of blood vessels under the skin, according to Blabbermouth.

It looks quite unpleasant, judging by the wikipedia page for the ailment, and the effects can vary so it's not clear exactly how serious is it, but the fact that they were forced to cancel a festival appearance has concerned some fans.

It's not the first health concern for ol' Lemmy in recent months. He recently had a defibrillator fitted to help his heart beat normally after experiencing chest problems. Perhaps it's no surprise that Lemmy is finally hitting bad health, after decades of hedonism and allegedly drinking a whole bottle of Jack Daniels every day.

Meanwhile, Motorhead is planning to release a brand new album titled "Aftershock" in September, to follow their 2010 effort "The World Is Yours."

Do you have a message for Lemmy? Will it affect their upcoming album? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Lemmy doesn't have a health issue, it's the health issue who has a Lemmy ! Lemmy you're immortal, you can't leave us ! We are motrhead !!! \m/
    Respect for Lemmy being god.. but hope he's okay, those decades of being a tank do take their toll on a guy
    Lemmy is the earthly manifestation of Rock and Roll, so this is probably just a transformation. Like fever during a growth spurt.