Lemmy: Mitt Romney Is A 'F--king Monster'

The Motorhead man fears the first thing Romney would do as President is repeal abortion law, before revealing that Motorhead will write new material after the New Year.

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British rock legend Lemmy might not have the right to vote in the Presidential election today, but he's made a plea to his US fans not to vote for the "fking monster" Mitt Romney.

Lemmy was speaking to Rolling Stone about Chuck Berry, who once teared up because he always dreamed of seeing a black President, when he went into a political tirade:

"I would have said America wasn't ready for [a black President]," Lemmy said. "And I don't think they were, because they're trying to drag him down now. I mean, the poor f-ker's only just gotten rid of all that George Bush sh-t that he left, or is trying to. And he's being stonewalled by the fking Congress all the time. I don't know how he's gotten anything done.

"I mean the alternative is Mitt Romney. Please, please don't vote for Mitt Romney. F-ck him. Repeal abortion law is the first thing he'll do. F-king monster."

Lemmy went on to say that Motorhead plans to write new material in January and February, after touring Europe in the run up to the Christmas period. They'll have a break from touring the US after two runs this year, but expect to hit the North American road again at some point in 2013.

Does Lemmy have the wrong impression of Mitt Romney, or will he really do something as drastic as repeal abortion law? Let us know your last-minute views in the comments.

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    Everything Lemmy says is correct. EVERYTHING.
    Is it really surprising to anyone that someone from Europe is more liberal than most Americans? I mean, what did you expect. Lemmy collects Nazi uniforms, but if you listen to him talk about what he thinks and his time with Hawkwind he comes across kinda like a hippie. No hate for Lemmy or anything, I'm just asking if people are really surprised.
    Repeal abortion law? Really? That's his main fear?
    And if I recall correctly, Lemmy has "illegitimate" children, hahaha... No seriously he could have said tons of reasons not voting for Romney, such as his wish to destroy the tax system while saying that he'll help poor people... How..? by cremating them?
    from wiki: ``In a Channel 4 documentary called Motrhead: Live Fast, Die Old, broadcast on 22 August 2005, it was claimed that Lemmy had "bedded" in excess of 2,000 women. Maxim has Lemmy at number 8 on its top ten "Living Sex Legends" list, as they claim that he has slept with around 1,200 women.[30]`` the chances are he probably got at-least one chick pregnant, he doesn't want little Lemmy`s running around lmao
    Destroy the tax system? Wtf are you talking about. You must be on more drugs then lemmywinks.
    For the people in America, I think it's safe to assume the majority of Canada is hoping that you guys do not elect Romney. That probably goes for the rest of the world too.
    Does anyone actually disagree with Lemmy though? Seems like a lot of complaints about him giving an opinion yet nobody cares to debunk anything stated here. He just said what everybody else isn't already thinking...
    Haha. Romney has never said he would repeal the abortion laws. As a matter of fact Romney is less staunch about abortion then probably any republican out there. Maybe you should pull your head out of lemmys ass and pay attention to what Romney's campaign is all about.
    Comeback Kiddd
    about getting rid of obamacare? Planning some 5 step plan which he never explained in debates?(I don't follow his campaign). Insulting the already people on welfare?(47%?) Trying to kill off big bird?
    J.R. Legrasse
    In multiple instances Romney has stated he'd repeal Roe v. Wade. Some during the Republican primaries, some during interviews. There's video footage of these, y'know.
    Lemmy puts it straight, as usual. As a non American to Americans- please don't vote for Romney! In a more humorous light, if abortion was banned then in the future Lemmy would have a HUGE child support bill to pay each month!
    Is it like law or something for Lemmy to be correct about everything? Dude's an opinion machine!
    Lemmy's never said anything I don't agree with... why's he just so right about everything?
    I don't think a president can single-handedly repeal the legal standing of abortion, that would be a supreme court thing.
    one thing to think about is that the next president is going to be installing a couple new handpicked supreme court judges- which is a *very* big deal because it could overturn cases like roe v wade etc. based on party ideology.
    Lemmy fears the first thing Romney would do as President is repeal abortion law, before revealing that Motorhead will write new material. I feel this sentence is worded funny. I totally read it as Romney would repeal abortion right before he reveals to the nation that Motorhead is writing new material.
    I'd like to know how many US citizens agree with him. 51%+ I hope.
    I've never had a favorite candidate, just a least favorite. Lets everyone hope that mitt will be that loser!
    Sooooo... those in favor of protecting the lives of the unborn are the monsters? I think I missed something. Other than the obvious irony that Lemmy is not exactly a saint himself.
    Yep you guys just let your idol influence who you vote for go ahead fu*king monsters
    I am Canadian and I believe Mitt Romley will try to rip people off! I'm good as sizing people up and I don't trust Romley one bit.
    I can't wait for tomorrow when this election is over and I don't have to listen to the rhetoric, the polls, the analysis or the opinions of rock stars anymore.
    You don't "have to"...you're choosing to.
    You're right. I tried to only take in media that wasn't consumed by the U.S. election, but my subscription to the Pyongyang Daily Times ran out a couple of months ago. And I tried living in a cave to avoid it all together, but that didn't work out so well because I like showers, heat and porno too much.
    Interesting sense of irony by characterizing a person against terminating human life before birth as a monster. When this guy isn't playing gigs or getting hammered, he spends most of his free time on a stool at the Rainbow playing a trivia game by himself. Quite an authority on the pressing issues of our time....
    Agree 100%. In an ideal world this should be the highest rated comment, but alas, people are idiots.
    The sad thing is that a "drug crazed foreigner" knows more about the political workings of this country than - at least - 50% of American voters.
    Presidents can't repeal any laws already enacted by congress or overturn any decisions made by the supreme court...Lemmy=Dummy
    WAIT AN EFFING MINUTE! O'bama is black? I thought he was Irish! Is it too late to change my vote back to Megatron?
    Apparently for trying to save the lives of millions he's a monster?