Lemmy Returns to Performing Live: 'I'm Back From the Dead!'

Motorhead frontman "looking healthy, but maybe a little thinner" at band's comeback concert.

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Following a series of postponed live dates due to frontman Lemmy Kilmister's health issues, Motorhead have finally hit the stage once again, performing their comeback show last Friday (April 11) at Los Angeles' Club Nokia.

As the Examiner report points out, Lemmy was "looking healthy, but maybe a little thinner" as he triumphantly exclaimed "I'm back from the dead!"

The band appropriately kicked off the show with "I Know How to Die" track, charging through a total of 15 tunes. During the encore, Slash joined the guys for "Ace of Spades" and "Overkill."

Back in 2013, Motorhead were forced to postpone their European tour due to serious health scares on Kilmister's behalf. Subsequently, the frontman was implanted with a heart defibrillator for an irregular heartbeat.

Lemmy also had to change his lifestyle and drastically cut down smoking and drinking. His health has since improved, allowing the group to return to promoting their latest album "Aftershock."

Check out the band's upcoming live dates here, scroll down for full Club Nokia performance setlist.

Motorhead Live at Club Nokia, Los Angeles, April 11:

01. I Know How to Die
02. Damage Case
03. Stay Clean
04. Metropolis
05. Over the Top
06. Guitar Solo
07. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
08. Rock It
09. Lost Woman Blues
10. Dr. Rock / Drum Solo
11. Just 'Cos You Got the Power12. Going to Brazil13. Killed by Death


14. Ace of Spades (w/ Slash)15. Overkill (w/ Slash)

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    Awesome news! Even though I don't like Motörhead that much, so cool that they are back to playing live.
    motorhead are **** yeah! lemmyyyyynator will strike again on his tractor of heaven to reap what he sows in the land of ROCK AND FACKING ROOOOOL! STRAP ON YOUR BOOTS LADS BECAUSE TODAY IS A BASS GUITAR DAY FOR THE LEMMY KILMISTER CRANK UP THOSE AMPS AND BLOW THE GRASS OUT OF THE TREES!
    Rock 'n' Roll is the only religion and Lemmy is the only god that'll never let you down.
    "01. I Know How to Die" What an appropriate way to start the evening after all the shit he went through lately. Great lad.
    Awesome news! Glad to hear Lemmy is doing well. One of the few so-called rock stars that has absolutely no ego, and has always stayed true to everyone. Long live Lemmy!!
    Kinda disappointed about the setlist, tbh. Lost woman blues is the only Aftershock song in there, would have liked to see them kick off with Heartbreaker or one of the real thrashers on the album, End of Time maybe.
    I'd say Going To Mexico and Do You Believe are about as "thrashing" as Heartbreaker. The rest is sorta tamer than those but there are still other good rockers on it too. Also would have liked to have had em play Marching Off To War since that like my favorite Motorhead song.
    Very happy to hear about this. Don't take the health of your favorite musicians for granted. I am incredibly grateful that I got to see GWAR perform at least once back in 2012, before the tragic passing of Dave Brockie. Heres to many more years of health for Lemmy...and more Motörhead gigs, of course.
    Lemmy will outlive us all After inevitable nuclear warfare, Lemmy will probably just be left ...trying to smoke a cockroach.