Lemmy: 'Slash Was There to Help My Recovery'

Motorhead ace hails Slash as a "really f--king good guy."

Ultimate Guitar

Slash was a regular visitor at Lemmy's house as he recovered from his recent health problems, the Motorhead man has revealed (via Classic Rock).

As he prepares to play with Motorhead at Hyde Park this week, Lemmy says Slash turned up at his Los Angeles home as he worked back to health following surgery to implant a heart defibrillator.

Slash had his own heart problems following his lifestyle while in Guns N' Roses.

Lemmy tells Rolling Stone: "He was at my house more than he's ever been before, encouraging me. He's a really f--king good guy."

Now off the cigarettes and drinking less than before, Lemmy is raring to go at Hyde Park, where Motorhead play on Friday on the same bill as Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Faith No More.

And he recalls seeing the Rolling Stones at the London park in 1968 - with Mick Jagger donning a dress. Lemmy adds: "I went to go see the Rolling Stones in the park and they were awful, completely out of tune. Jagger wore a frock."

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    Damn, I'd love to be at that show. Motörhead + Black Sabbath + Soundgarden + Faith No More? Guaranteed awesomeness.
    Lemmy is definitely lucky to still be with us after all he's done over the years, and don't think anyone appreciates that more than him. Good on him for turning things around; better late than never.
    Even tho i dont care for his music he does seem like a good guy.Very humble keeps his dignity when asked about Axl and just enjoys making music.Top bloke.
    matteo cubano
    it's crazy for me to hear this and try to comprehend that their realities consist of having relationships like any normal person except all theirs are with other rock n roll icons. Makes you see them so much less of rock stars and more like human beings who love each other like your average joes, also makes you extremely jealous.