Lemmy's Health Issues Cut Motorhead Show Short: Frontman 'Alive and Kicking,' the Band Responds

Kilmister forced to end Wacken festival performance only six songs into the set.

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Lemmy Kilmister's reocurring health problems forced Motorhead to cut last Friday's (August 2) Wacken festival performance short only six songs into the set.

According to Blabbermouth report, the frontman's issues became obvious after the fifth song, forcing him to leave the stage for several minutes and ultimately cancel the show a single tune later.

"Lemmy did not look or sound good at all and could not continue the set," said "Metal on Metal" radio show host Bill Peters. "Phil Campbell did a guitar solo before 'The Chase Is Better Than the Catch' while Lemmy left the stage. The solo ended but Lemmy did not return. There was eerie silence on the stage for several minutes. Lemmy came back to play one more song (my favorite Motorhead song) but left the stage immediately after it ended."

Guitarist Phil Campbell was quick to reassure the fans that Kilmister is "alive and kicking," squashing some of the death rumors that have already appeared.

"Contrary to some reports, Lem is alive and kicking so take no notice of these rumors from a-shole tweeters," the axeman tweeted.

Festival organizers also issued an official statement, saying, "Motorhead rocked the Black Stage for more than 30 minutes and Lemmy gave everything he's got to play an amazing live show. He's keeping well - but the temperatures and circumstances led to the point that continuing the show would have lead to a loss of quality.

"We are very happy and proud that Phil, Mikkey and particularly Mr. Rock 'n' Roll himself, Lemmy Kilmister, played W:O:A 2013 and that they did everything humanly possible to play this gig. Thank you so much, guys!"

Motorhead are currently working on their 21st studio record "Aftershock." Featuring 13 new songs, "The World Is Yours" follow-up is tentatively due this fall.

Contrary to some reports, Lem is alive and kicking so take no notice of these rumours from asshole tweeters

Phil Campbell (@MotorheadPhil) August 4, 2013

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    Wacken probably ran out of jack daniels and his fuel tank was running on empty all that time
    I'd love to see someone like Justin Dweeber or Rihanna get back on stage so soon after a f*cking Haematoma, fair play to Lemmy!
    i was there. Hey definitely looked and sounded bad :/ But the weather was hot as fu** Respect for going on stage, Lemmy! Best wishes and get well, soon
    Lemmy will be ok (hopefully), He is like the nokia of rock and roll really. Get well soon!
    I love the contrast, any other news on rockstars' health and we're all "OH GOD NO! He has to recover, will he even make it?!" But when we get told that Lemmy's hurt himself? "Pfft, give him a JD coke, he'll be fine!" Go on Lemmy, you can beat this one!
    I was there. When he left the stage and didn't came back there was a huge silence on the festival ground. Everybody actually felt sad at that moment. Untill the Wacken organizer came back on stage and told us to cheer for Lemmy. But man, I was almost afraid it was the end of an era.
    this guy is dying man. think we're all hoping for a miracle recovery but I fear he's past the point of no return
    Too many rock stars are dying this year. I sure hope Lemmy gets better.