Liam Gallagher Named As Top Choice To Front Queen

Gigwise readers have named Liam Gallagher as their top choice to step into the shoes of Freddie Mercury as the future frontman of Queen.

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Gigwise readers have named Liam Gallagher as their top choice to step into the shoes of Freddie Mercury as the future frontman of Queen.

The Oasis and Beady Eye rocker topped the recent poll, pushing the current star fronting Queen, Adam Lambert, into second place.

George Michael and Paul Rodgers placed third and fourth in the poll - with both having performed with the remaining members of the band at previous events. Fifth place was Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears.

Gigwise readers were not keen on Queen taking a hip-hop direction however, with Kanye West proving the least popular artist to take up the role. Brian May's new best mate Dappy was second-least favourite with, Olly Murs and Lil Wayne also proving unpopular choices.

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    This shows me that Gigwise readers have an amazing sense of humour.
    Maybe Queen should just hang it up and say that they've had a good run and their time is over?
    Well, better than Lambert... But I still want to see Sacha Baron Cohen as the queen frontman.
    This might just be me thinking this.. But Liam doesn't have anything close to the voice Freddie had.
    guitar/bass95 wrote: Well, better than Lambert... But I still want to see Sacha Baron Cohen as the queen frontman.
    Well said.
    It would appear that gigwise readers decided not to take vocal range into account, because I'm pretty sure Gallagher literally wouldn't have the ability to sing half of Queen's songs.
    AnnihilationUK wrote: ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH!??! The actual Queen of England is more suited him!
    More suited THAN him. Ya know, UG should really have an edit button.
    Don't know why everyone cares so much. It's not really Queen, and it'll never be anything close. Same name doesn't make it the same band.
    Brian May should do what Slash has been doing and gather all his buddies to make a super album. May & Friends.
    robo37 wrote: There's way too many Queen fans on this site, I'm starting to feel sick. I wish UG would cove artists that have creativety and give meaning to their songs than this nonsense.
    Who is this guy? What, is Queen too mainstream for you? Queen is one of the most creative and talented bands of all time!
    Wow, this bath salt epidemic is even worse than I imagined.
    I didn't know that Liam owned over 50% of the gigwise accounts... Man that guy has too much free time on his hands... I mean that is the only reasonable explanation.
    I have an idea! How about...Queen calls it quits. They're not going to write new music or anything and Freddie died a long time ago. They should quit before they lose respect and ruin their legacy. Queen is awesome and it should have ended when Freddie died. (except the tribute concert was a good idea)
    Must be having a laugh or im tripping balls.Hes a pure and utter **** of a man.I hope this never happens.
    Kanye West and Lil' Wayne on that list? On the list of the 'Most inappropriate singer for Queen' they are right up there with George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher from Cannibal Corpse! haha
    mysfarbror wrote: Kanye fronting queen would be the greatest band ever, don't even try to disagree
    I DISAGREE!!!!!
    Adam is a waaay better choice.. And that's pure objective because I'm not a fan of both.
    I like Liam's voice and his songs, but he shouldn't front Queen. Roger and Brian need to retire the Queen name, and go out and tour and make new music under another name so they won't always have Queen over their heads.
    Schofey wrote: No Freddie, no Queen.
    Indeed! By the way, Liam, maybe I'd say yes if he wasn't constantly be a dick & fighting with his brother via the media. I'd hate to be at a Gallagher family reunion. Liam: "Pass the chips!" Noel: "Fu ck you, Liam! I paid for the bloody chips!" Liam: "Bleed out your arse then!"
    I'm sure Adam Lambert will do a fine job. It's the band's decision, so everyone should stfu.
    What's a genre? wrote: For real? I think Billie Joe Armstrong would be best, but I don't see why people attempt to replace Freddie in the first place. Queen had a long enough and good enough career in the first place.
    Ermm no hes far to whiny/nasally.
    hm. You can't win in this comments section unless you agree with every single person here.
    Hilarious. Opens a whole new parlour game of taking a classic band and pairing them with the most comically mismatched frontman. like Art Garfunkel fronting Zeppelin...