Libertines Reportedly Looking for New Record Label

Tabloids state band want new deal.

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The Libertines are reportedly looking for a new record deal as their Hyde Park reunion show approaches, Gigwise reports.

Following the announcement of a massive reunion show at British Summertime in Hyde Park tis July, the band also revealed a slot at Benicassim as well as a warm-up show in Glasgow. The band, who split back in 2004, briefly reuniting in 2010 to perform at Reading and Leeds festivals, officially announced their Hyde Park show after Pete Doherty let the news slip in an interview with an Israeli newspaper.

Now, according to sources from the Sun, the band are hoping for a brand new record deal as they head towards their second reunion. According to sources, the group are "touting themselves around labels to sign a deal on the back of the show."

The report is unconfirmed, but the band did recently admitthat they're hoping to come up new songs for their Hyde Park show.

British Summertime festival takes place on 5 July.

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    I can't help but laugh at the sources. Gigwise and The Sun? Tying up a horse with headphone wires is more trustworthy. If this is true though, I'll be a happy man, although I'm not sure if a new studio release would live up to all the hype.
    doherty is also working on his second solo album in germany at the moment. it's good to hear music- and not drug-related headlines for once... (sorry for my cringeworthy username, was 14 when I joined UG)
    I'm expecting a couple of new songs for the Hyde Park show on July 5. Both, Dirty Pretty Things and Babyshambles are solid bands and their songs are great but The Libertines are the real deal.
    Aka Pete needs some more drug money
    This joke is getting old.
    It's not a joke though, I guarantee he agreed to this so he can buy drugs :/