Lick Library: Learn To Play John Mayer

artist: Lick Library date: 05/01/2012 category: general music news

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Lick Library: Learn To Play John Mayer
Lick Library present Learn To Play John Mayer, a double DVD set of over three hours of guitar lessons of great blues from this much admired singer, songwriter. John Mayer's playing has been likened to the legendary blues guitarist Eric Clapton for his laid back, harmonically astute smooth blues sound. Learn To Play John Mayer (RRP £24.99) provides note for note lessons to five songs; the uniquely tuned Neon from the platinum selling Room For Square Album and the contagious, mid tempo Bigger Than My Body from John's second album Heavier Things. Next come the bittersweet Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, the easy going bluesy Gravity and the melancholic Stop This Train from the Grammy award winning Continuum album. Helping you through the guitar lesson is the highly sought after freelance guitarist and producer Mike Casswell. He strips five classic John Mayer tracks back to the bare notes and takes you through them, step by step as you build the song together and learn to play guitar in John Mayer's bluesy manner. The screen is split so that not only can you see what Mike is doing on the fret board, but you can also see how he emulates John Mayer's unique strumming technique. As well as Learn To Play John Mayer, Lick Library has also recorded John Mayer Jam Trax (£9.99), full backing tracks for each song using live musicians. Both of these are available from Alternatively buy the Perfect Partner Set (RRP £29.98) and save £5.00.
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