Lily Allen Speaks Out About Sexism in the Music Industry

The singers says she's "astonished about the lack of female executives."

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Lily Allen has spoken out about the lack of female executives in the music industry, arguing that women aren't represented as much as they should be.

As NME notes, she also discussed her frustration with the media crediting the success of female musicians such as Beyonce or Adele, to the "[men] behind the woman."

Speaking in an interview with the Sun, the singer said: "I am signed to Warners and have been into many different record company buildings but am astonished by the lack of female executives. I cannot understand it or fathom it."

She continued: "You will also notice of those big successful female artists, there is always a 'man behind the woman' piece. You will also notice of the big successful female artists, there is always a 'man behind the woman' piece. If it's Beyonce, it's Jay Z. If it's Adele, it's Paul Epworth. Me? It was Mark Ronson and the same with Amy Winehouse.

"You never get that with men. You can't think of the man behind the man. Because it is a conversation that never happens. If you are Ed Sheeran or someone, no one ever talks about who has produced or who is the man behind Ed Sheeran."

What's your point? Does the industry need more women onstage? Share your opinions in the comment section.

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    Ed Sheeran seems like the kind of guy to have a man behind him though.
    Whenever I think of Elton John, I think of Bernie Taupin behind him. Or perhaps in front of him.
    I don't know what the problem is here. Why shouldn't some praise go to the people who wrote the music? The notes for the Adele album always cite at least one more author next to her, and with beyonce, she often doesn't even appear in the list. With Ed Sheeran, he has autorhip on all songs, with only one producer. Now why would we have to praise Adele and Beyonce for songwriting if its apparent that they don't do much of it?
    That's not what she's saying. She's saying that the media is obsessed with discussing the "man behind" any successful woman, however male artists who are also backed by producers and co-writers and the like never get put under the microscope in the same manner. She's saying that if you're going to start analysing the producers and those responsible for the music's success, do it for both genders, don't try and find a "man that made [insert woman artist] successful".
    Interesting point of view but i cant help but notice that the women she refers to are singers who have records written for them and the one guy writes his own stuff, to be fair with the exception of Beyonce whos man behind is her husband the other 2 did have their massive careers launched by 'the man behind' and i think its unfair to say that producers of male artists dont get the same kind of attention e.g. ed sheeran's twitter may as well me a homage to his managers, Jake Gosling and Taylor Swift. I think the 'man behind woman x' is just a turn of phrase for the whole 'behind every great man is a great women' thing that said you are never going to get a feminist saying "actually that's enough women executives what we need is equality amongst wast disposal experts (never bin men!)
    "Does the industry need more women onstage? Share your opinions in the comment section." - that's not the point of your own article UG. The point being that there are LOADS of women on stage and artists like Adele, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jessie J and all that jazz are amongst the biggest names at the moment, just that they do always have the manager/producer playing into their success too. I get it, and yeah its wrong and will naturally change one day, but the women who go along with it are just as much to blame - fame hungry and blinded by their entourage they will just carry on.
    "Run The World(Girls)" - 6 writing credits - Knowles and 5 guys. The music industry may not have many women in top positions but it sure knows how to convince stupid women that they are empowered. ps. Brian Epstein was the "man behind the beatles" and nobody raised an eyebrow to that. Ooh err, mrs.
    Rebel Scum
    Yeah I always hear of bands being associated with producers and/or managers. Isn't this the same thing only worded differently. Dylan - Grossman Bowie - Visconti Radiohead - Goodrich Pearl Jam - O'Brien Beastie Boys - Rubin Led Zeppelin - Grant and excuse me if I have some names wrong here
    For there to be woman executives, you need women who want to BE executives. There, mystery solved, now back to the mystery machine, gang!
    you just put to rest like every tumblr pseudo-feminist argument, but apparently we need to force women into professions where they aren't as plentiful as men. There is a noticeable lack of female road workers and construction workers, when will the feminists take a stand for this injustice.
    no lilly everyone knows the man behind you is your rich actor father who bought your way into the industry so maybe that's why people think you have no validity
    waawaawaa I'm a millionaire popstar waawaawaaa
    It doesn't mean she's not right, seeing as industry is emphasizing roles of men in creative processes, especially in context of female artists. You don't get this "stealing the merit badge" bullshit in cases of most bands (bar the inevitable examples of Sex Pistols and few others with prominent "fifth members").
    The thing that makes me laugh about things like this is lack of statistics. X company has 1000 staff Say 25% of their workforce is female, 250 female, 750 males. 10% of each sex are executive. 25 females, 75 males. If you don't have statistics for anything, this is bogus.
    I'm not experienced enough to discern the reality of the 'industry' from one individuals perception of it. All things being equal, I would say the condition described isn't a result of sexism or deliberate exclusion of females; it more likely is a result of natural selection.
    If she wants a woman to do her shit..why doesn't she do her stuff by herself?Also, if she wants a woman behind a man, she can get behind me in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.
    "Ban Bossy"- Why 'Feminism' poisons EVERYTHING (Part 2)
    Please watch this for the sake of your own sanity. Extremely relevant.
    Lol Natures
    There's also a lack of female firefighters, security guards, construction workers, and rodeo clowns. That darn sexism.
    Not saying that she's wrong, but I believe only a few weeks ago she said that 'feminism' was no longer necessary. Quite contradicting herself here.
    It has nothing to do with sexism. Women are just not nearly as business-inclined as men, so they won't pursue that path to begin with.
    All female vocalists should clearly stay home and make supper while I take care of business. Cause that's the way its done. LOL