Limp Bizkit Announce 2014 US Tour With Machine Gun Kelly

The band will release new song this week.

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After playing shows in Europe over the summer, Limp Bizkit will return to the US for a tour with Machine Gun Kelly.

The trek kicks off on September 15 in Los Angeles and wraps up on October 12 in Silver Spring, Md. Limp Bizkit will also be playing the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento on September 13.

Limp Bizkit will be releasing the new song "Endless Slaughter" for download on Friday, Aug. 1 on their official site. It's from their upcoming album, "Stampede of the Disco Elephants," which has yet to receive a release yet.

In addition to performing with his band, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has been busy with directing projects, including a recent eHarmony commercial. Moreover, he also directed two other ads for the company that will reportedly premiere in August.

Durst also recently debuted a 33-minute mockumentary short film called "The Truth." It revolves around a film crew invading the world of an evangelist known as Evan Jealous, who is portrayed by Durst.

Limp Bizkit 2014 US Tour Dates:

09/13 - Sacramento, CA – Discovery Park
09/15 - Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
09/16 - Las Vegas, NV. - House Of Blues
09/19 - Dallas, TX - South Side Ballroom
09/20 - San Antonio, TX – Aztec Theatre
09/21 - Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
09/23 - Sioux Falls, SD - The District
09/24 - Fargo, ND - The Venue
09/26 - Kansas City, MO – Power Plant Live! (free show)
09/27 - Maplewood, MТ – Myth
09/28 - Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
09/30 - St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
10/01 - Indianapolis, IN – Egyptian Room at Old National Centre
10/03 - Detroit, MI – The Fillmore Detroit
10/04 - Louisville, KY – Champions Park
10/06 - Huntington, NY - The Paramount
10/07 - Upper Darby, PA – Tower Theatre
10/08 - New York, NY – Best Buy Theater
10/10 - Boston, MA – House of Blues10/11 - Wallingford, CT – The Dome / Oakdale Theatre10/12 - Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore

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    i went with a bunch of friends last year to see the bizkit at house of blues. it was sort of a nostalgia thing since we all grew up blasting bizkit. let me tell you, i have been to tons and tons of concerts over the years and limp bizkit was one of the best shows i have ever been to. top 10 easily. there was a vibe there that no other concert i have been to had. it was like walking into a time machine, everyone there was having a good time and we all knew we were reliving our youth. my good friend yelled out 7TH GRADE! in between songs and everyone was laughing. guys were all dressed like durst and nobody was taking it to seriously. i even ran into some other people i knew there. all these ppl that say they hate bizkit listened to them at one point. they are embarrassed to say they enjoy their music but they all showed up for that show. they are a true "live" band. they were raw and sounded great. say what you want but it wasn't a bunch of guys on stage hitting play on their laptops and waving their hands. i was truly surprised with their live show and will see them again anytime they come through town
    see them in Cincinnati and they killed it. pretty decent live! the new single "Endless Slaughter" is out now on their website
    Mr Durst looks like a bear.
    "Polar Bear" as he calls himself. But I have to say, I am kinda interested in their new album. Wes always surprises me.
    The new song is out now on their site! Anyone liking it? I think it's pretty good.
    It is but it has too much post-processing, Durst doesn't sound like himself, on concerts he has great voice, and on this album it seems to much changed by computers, he did great on old albums I don't understand why he wants to go away from it. Also this silent interlude is strange and doesn't fit to whole song IMO. It's not It'll be ok or My Way where such interludes made sense. I miss their old sound, when nothing was added by computers and it sounded awesome. Significant Other still is my fav album.
    New Limp Bizkit song in 8 hours! Can't wait.
    Hopefully there's some killer guitar work, awesome bass lines, pounding drums and the lyrics aren't terrible (3 out of 4 isn't bad though I guess)
    There are some bootlegs of it on youtube. Type in Endless Slaughter. Or download it on the official site in >8 hours. Catchy as ****! Wes slays it.
    I hardly listen to rap, but I thought MGK was bigger than "That rap guy who opens for LB 10 years after their prime"
    Limp Bizkit is still somehow surprisingly massive. I don't know where all these fans that show up at their concerts hide, but they're definitely somewhere.
    Imagine a tour with Limk Biskit and Kid Rock lol
    Back when they both started they did a tour together I didn't go but I remember it being a big deal back then
    This comes one year after Fred Dirst said he's done touring North America, saying Americans have "moved on" from him.
    Would like to go but probably won't unfortunately as there are a lot of concerts I already have planned to attend and have to work the next two days after this one. Never seen them before and I loved them back when I was a kid so it would be cool to finally see them.
    They are great live, really surprised me when I saw them the first time, seen em a few times now. The downside to a Limp Bizkit show has always, and will always be, the fans. The amount of pin-prick aggressive 'bro's' that crawl out for their shows is disturbing. Pro Tip: Go to the back of the venue when you do see them and I guarantee you will find several groups of white men in their mid-30's, dressed similarly to Durst, rapping along to the songs, putting on jaunty walks and wiggling their fingers and arms about - hilarious stuff.
    I wish all the misspelled new metal trash would just die. Music for morons.
    crazysam23_Atax, there's enough people in the US that like Limp Bizkit for the band to find it profitable enough to risk a tour? /confused
    Missed their concert in June Can't wait for the new album, if only Fred improves his lyrics and make more screaming parts like on SO, it will be awesome issue, GC had everything, but lyrics were mostly terrible. And Fred - get rid of that beard, it doesn't suit You
    These guys died after the first time Wes Borland lefy ( yes, i know he's back in the band) but it's not the same since Chocolate starfish