Limp Bizkit Boot DJ Lethal From Tour

It looks like DJ Lethal has been fired from the band for a second time in a year, following a struggle over drug addiction in 2012.

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Limp Bizkit appear to have fired DJ Lethal for a second time, cutting him out of their April tour at short notice.

Lethal was first fired from the band one year ago because of concerns about excessive drug use, but the group made up and accepted his apologies by October 2012.

While it is not clear exactly why Lethal is being cut out of the current tour, or whether he's officially out of the band, it looks like he's been unable to resolve his personal issues for now.

In a message on his Twitter feed which has since been deleted, Lethal said: "Pretty bummed out. Was looking forward to going back out on the road and rockin out. It wasn't my decision. I'm open. Imagine [being fired] twice."

The band have also cut him out of their latest promo shots, according to Metal Insider. Here's the original press shot and the new tour poster:

If you want to catch Limp Bizkit live on their new US tour, check out the tour dates here:

4/25 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution Live 4/27 - Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Metro Park 4/29 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Stone Pony 4/30 - Huntington, NY - The Paramount 5/01 - Philadelphia, PA - Theater Of Living Arts 5/03 - Baltimore, MD - Ram's Head Live 5/04 - Concord, NC - Charlotte Motor Speedway 5/05 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's

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    Is Wes Borland that embarrassed about being in Limp Bizkit that he has to paint his face so he can't be recognized?
    that has been his thing since they started... he has always painted his face. and beside you are talking about the guy who wrote "mighty penis laser"...
    i dont think so? he paints his face in his other band are these the only type of slack worthless comments you can come up with? why would he be embarrassed to be in a band that sold Millions of records?? it is a different form of music but it is music and is good music if it isnt your taste then **** off why are you even on this reading the article if you have no interest in Limp Bizkit and also even going as far to leave a comment you would think you would be "embarrassed" to leave a comment on a page about limp bizkit?? the fact that you know who wes borland is you know who limp bizkit is wish means you took the time to listen to there music this also means you have interest in the band the same as anyone leaving ****ed up comments if there was no interest there would be no ****ed up comments so wake the **** up and realize
    Shoot. I just dropped my box of phux to give for the day.
    That deserves the gold
    On a side note. That guy with the random face paint just makes me giggle. He's the only one wearing it! It's like douche douche douche and someone from Rob Zombie.
    He's also, incidentally, the only talented member of the band.
    Everyone says this and I don't get it. Hes probably the world's most overrated "underrated guitarist." If you took the time to look up what he's actually doing its really nothing special. He does some slides,octaves, and plays frets 1-3 on the 6th string. Oh wow! Someone hurry and stop the presses...Not to mention the fact that most of their most beloved songs are just shitty rip-offs of other well known and established songs.
    He's a very good guitarist creatively, his tone and style suit that band and that's what made them huge (on top of writing catchy, heavy, simple tunes that crossed genres). Yeah, so what if he only uses a couple of techniques, it what worked for him. Didn't realise that you were the spokesman for what's good/bad on the guitar, "Shredder3386" and yes, I realise my reply sounds snippy but just read back what you wrote...
    and wes has said this himself! people like shredder need to be bitch slapped every now and then by a women cuz thats all hes worth.. if u could do EASY stuff like wes then why arnt you out of ur moms basement and still starin' at your ac/dc posters wishing on a star...
    even tho they are lame, you have to admit there are some good guitar riffs, and when fred durst is serious and doesn't rap in that annoying double tracked voice, they are pretty decent, the song re-arranged is a good example of that.
    Douche Bizkit will never work again. They are hooked to a bad label, fire their members every once in a while and yet can't get rid of Durst and are lyricaly stuck in elementary school. It was fun when you were a teen, but then you grow up and realize most of their lyrics are as good as Lil Wayne's guitar solo's.
    Hey, I still enjoy the music that Otto, Rivers and Borland laid down. They really should have drop Durst since the first demo sessions.
    Aren't people sick of bashing Limpbiskit, bieber, Nickelback, etc. It's like banging a hooker to death and you keep banging away... Who cares?
    come on man, u know bashers have nothing else to do but bash. thats all they have. they are the same ones who talk shit behind ur back at work.. thats all they have is 2 talk shit about other people, so they can feel good about thier worthless lives. oh yea PUT LETHAL BACK IN THE BAND NOW and whats the number of that guy who has that sticky green? DJ? I lost it..bizkit forever..first 3 albums atleast!
    I'd rather they'd get rid of durst over Lethal. They can hire Vanilla Ice to replace durst. He's got a similar vocal style and kinda looks like Fred so I'd doubt the fans will notice any change.
    I don't understand why he didn't just's not like being in Limp Bizkit is something worth putting on a resume anyway.
    Yes because you wouldn't put "was in a band that sold millions of albums" on yours would you.
    DJs in bands, remembar that? thank God n metal is ****ing dead!!! only the dude from Incubus get a pass
    A LOT! of bands has a DJ, just cause u dont see em dont mean they aint there. just like there more guitar players behind the curtain, when i went backstage to a Lenny Kravitz gig i was amazed to see 3 more guitar players and like 10 Mac computers i still wondering why all those were back there, i guess picking up the slack while Lenny is running around and shit or missing chords.
    What kind of douchetastic doofus buys a ticket to see limp bizkit in 2k13?
    The same kind of douchetastic doofus who says 2k13?
    Nevermind that, who the **** says "douchetastic doofus" ?
    Limp Bizkit got a gig on an actual tour? Wow. Well, good for them. BTW that's the douchiest looking promo-poster I've ever seen.
    Wes is alright, musicwise they are "ok" got a good groove it's different but Fred Durst? worst lyrics EVER Complete cringe!!!! I wouldn't mind if Limp Bizkit called it a day, infact I think they owe it to us.