Limp Bizkit Cover Ministry's 'Thieves' Track

Check out Fred Durst and co. performing Al Jourgensen's 1989 track.

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Nu metal veterans Limp Bizkit have unveiled Ministry cover track "Thieves" as the new single off their upcoming seventh record "Stampede of the Disco Elephants." Available for download via official website, you can also stream the tune below. The song's original version was released as an opening track of Ministry's 1989 effort "The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste." As far as the new Limp Bizkit album goes, the record is currently scheduled for a tentative 2014 release and was announced with "Ready to Go" single featuring popular rapper Lil' Wayne. In related news, frontman Fred Durst confirmed working on an autobiographical TV drama. Titled "The Noise," the CW-developed one-hour feature tells the story of a young '90s musician finding his way out of troubled home life and forming a highly-successful band, also focusing on the uprising nu metal scene. The singer recently also joined forces with country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, delivering a live performance of "Lately" single live at the Arsenio Hall Show. The band's latest studio release, "Gold Cobra," dropped in June 2011 through Flip/Interscope Records, peaking at No. 16 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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So what do you think of the single, do you think the band might score success similar to their previous covers? Let us know in the comments.

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    I like it
    Actually I like it too - really good cover! By the way, (despite the fact it's a cover) musically and lyrically it's more in the vein of "The Unquestionable Truth Part 1" - and for me it's good.
    As a huge Ministry fan, I admit that I really like this. Its well done, in a way thats not just an exact copy of the original.
    Can't wait for Stampede of the Disco Elephants. The Unquestionable Truth/Gold Cobra were both awesome. Oh, and Fred's scream in the beginning "HEYYYYY! THANKS FOR NOTHING!" was really awesome.
    I like it. Has a Black Light Burns/Unqestionalbe Truth vibe to it. Musically it's great (as always) Durst just seems to let it down a bit for some reason. I've never listened to Ministry so I might just check them out to compare
    I like this, people really need to start to get over that Fred is a douche thing. I haven't seen or read anything "douchbag" comments from him in years now. And even with that, their entire image was based on being a douchbag. I'm in no means an LP fan, but this was at least this was a good delivery.
    It's easy to be successful when you rip off something that was actually good.. Jus' sayin. Mind you, Durst's voice in there in the sound bites totally wrecks it. Not speaking for anyone else, but I just can't take that dude seriously...
    Awesome job. But i dont like his vocals towards the end. Its quite irritating.
    I haven't heard much Limp Bizkit, beyond their most famous songs (My Generation, Nookie, Rollin', etc.), but if they did more songs in this sort of style, I could really get behind them. As a big Ministry fan, even I'll say that this is a solid cover.
    Its sad that ministry has to be associated with Limp Bizkit.
    At this moment Ministry is lucky since no one even talked about them.
    Let me apologise on behalf of every Ministry fan to Al Jourgensen for the murder of this classic song. That was horrible, made even worse by continuous vocal echoes of a wanna be rapper boy. Folks do yourselves a favour if you have never heard the original of this song and check it out.
    Please don't apologize for me, then. I love Ministry and dispite Limp Bizkit's record of cover versions not being positive, I've always found this one pretty good, even considering I'm not a Bizkit fan.
    As a huge fan of Ministry from 88-92 I thought it was actually pretty good.
    Well said. After Psalm 69, their music went downhill, whereas Jourgensen's ego kept growing.
    I'm with you on post Psalm69 they started to suck. The instruments in the Limp cover are good, but Durst's whiny hip hop style vocals absolutely ruin it.
    You guys are ****ing schizophrenic. A couple days ago you all completely rag on Fred Durst, calling him talentless and awful, now most of you are praising them. Holy shit, make up your minds.
    Durst can be a douche and this song can still be good, so what's your problem?
    My problem is how much flip flopping people do on this site. "Metallica sucks! Wait, no they don't!" It's like Garey Busey is every single ****ing member.
    One can praise four of five members of a given band. Musically, Bizkit has always been a relatively fantastic group (Borland is a master of the guitar, Rivers has some of the coolest lines I've heard - Re-arranged, anyone? - , Otto has a neat rolling style, and... well, Lethal is Lethal [is he even still here?]). Ultimately, I do like Fred, cuz I think he's doing a lot of this just to piss people off. Evidently, he's succeeding. No human being would be able to stand all of the negativity he has received for so long unless they wanted it.
    Two minutes in and I'm still liking this. Not very common for LB.
    an instrumental would be dope...FD screams are annoying (in this one) it needs more bizkit and less ministry in the vocals... LB fan I am. but with this band latly everything is a hit and miss to me... bout as real as a 3 $ bill yall...