Limp Bizkit Re-Entering Studio to Complete New Album: 'An Inspiring Time, Indeed'

Band promises to break the mold on new album.

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In a statement issued via their official Facebook page, Limp Bizkit have announced that they are going back into the studio to finish their upcoming album. As the band notes, they are planning to stream the album making process for fans:

"Hello! Hello!

Headed to location scout new studios to finish STAMPEDE. We will have the ability to stream content and keep you updated throughout the entire process. We really look forward to sharing this with you. An inspiring time, indeed. Why make "just another record" when you can make one that breaks the mold and stands out on its own? Exactly. Time to get twisted. Lb14"

Speaking to Metal Hammer recently, guitarist Wes Borland noted that there isn't a lot of middle ground in terms of Limp Bizkit fans:

"I think there is a nostalgia for it, I guess. People abhor it on all kinds of levels, but the reason we've been around and allowed to stay is because our fanbase is incredibly passionate about the band. We're so lucky to have that diehard fanbase. We're a very polarising band - people really hate us or they really love us. There's not a lot of middle 'take it or leave it' ground."

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    While it's probably not gonna be all that great (because it's Limp Bizkit), it'd be nice if it sounded like their older stuff and less like Gold Cobra
    I don't mean to come off as obnoxious, but people are taking Limp Bizkit way too seriously here. They're not some intricate band with deep meaningful music, they're rock/rap.. and that's OK! I love Chocolate Starfish, Significant Other, etc... I'll probably give the album a listen to for old time's sake, but people shouldn't take this band seriously or have high expectations because that's not what this band is about.
    For a dude with the username "Shredder666" this is the type of comment I LESS expected to read. And you're right.
    I have to say, I'm sceptical. I am a Limp Bizkit fan since '98, but even I can admit that Gold Cobra was a horrible piece of crap with maybe only three somewhat good songs in there. And what's worse, Wes' recent Black Light Burns stuff wasn't that great either! The thing I love about Limp Bizkit are Wes' and Sam's old dark, groovy melodies. They have this vibe, this eerie atmosphere. But on the last album they thrown all that out of the window, so I can't say that I actually look forwad to the new material.
    Are you talking Lotus Island or The Moment You Realise You're Going To Fall when it comes to Black Light Burns. Because Lotus Island was basically Wes trying his hand at a soundtrack. As to the new Limp Bizkit album. I liked the Ministry cover and musically Ready To Go was ok (lyrics and Lil Wayne were bad)I'm hoping Wes' influence is more prominent though. That's what made The Unquestionable Truth and Chocolate Starfish good.
    I only listen to the band, anything Fred Durst says I cancel outta my mind...with that said, Wes Borland is a creative dude, love to hear the noises that guy can create!