Limp Bizkit Reportedly Present Album Cover, Announce UK Tour

Possible cover of "Stampede of the Disco Elephants" surfaces online.

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UPDATE: As it was revealed later, this is just a fan art by Daniel Carrington.

Limp Bizkit revealed possible cover of their upcoming album "Stampede of the Disco Elephants."

Drawn in the same style as the cover of the bands latest Lil' Wayne joint single "Ready to Go," it represents three elephants in disco glasses, running through savannah on improvised racing tracks.

The band also revealed UK tour dates (via Metal Hammer). Fred Durst-fronted band will be joined by rave metallers Crossfaith and goblin metal act Nekrogoblikon.

YouTube preview picture

Limp Bizkit UK Tour dates are:

02/08 - Cardiff - Cardiff University 02/09 Liverpool - O2 Academy Liverpool 02/11 Dublin - Olympia Theatre 02/12 Bristol - O2 Academy 02/13 - Birmingham - O2 Academy 02/15 Newcastle - O2 Academy 02/16 Glasgow - O2 Academy 02/17 Manchester - Academy 02/19 Norwich - Nick Rayns 02/20 Southhampton - Guildhall 02/21 London - O2 Academy Brixton

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    Don't care if you're a fan or not, Wes Borland is an odd but extremely talented artist, both visually and musically.
    I'm not a Lil Wayne fan, but I'm excited for "Stampede of the Disco Elephants".
    Limp Bizkit is seriously one of the last bands I'd expect to tour with Nekrogoblikon. I guess Emmure was already booked somewhere else.
    I find it funny how UG found out that Limp Bizkit is headlining the Kerrang! tour through Metal Hammer
    I don't see the problem in it. Many news stations get news stories from other news sources. It's not "new".
    I do enjoy that the single is just nothing over the entire 6 minutes... That's a bold strategy Cotton
    I still don't get why they signed with Cash Money. I would've thought they could get a deal with Roadrunner at least. I'll wait and see about the rest of the album though
    Basically lil waynes label allowed them to write whatever the hell they wanted, without worrying about chart performance or profit. I hate Wayne, but he basically gave them a fresh start with his label.
    I guess that's good. I mean Fred always has to put in several swear words all the time and Wes is really avante garde so I guess it makes sense for a lot of creative freedom