Limp Bizkit To Play Download

Limp Bizkit have confirmed that they will appear at this year's Download Festival.

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Limp Bizkit have confirmed that they will appear at this year's Download Festival, NME reports.

Though the next line-up announcement is not due until Wednesday morning (January 16), Limp Bizkit jumped the gun and mentioned Download in a message to their fans about the festivals they are due to play later in the year. Posted on their Facebook page, the Limp Bizkit message reads:

"We are really excited to play India February 16 & 17. Its been long enough! We've always wanted to visit there. Also plans for an exclusive USA run are underway for April/May. Did somebody say Sonisphere and Download after that?!! And the UK? And Europe? And Russia? And Australia? And Asia? It cannot be!! Let'z get your Bizkit on!!!"

If the band's post proves correct, Limp Bizkit will join Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Rammstein and Slipknot on the line up for Download 2013.

Queens Of The Stone Age, Bullet For My Valentine, 30 Seconds To Mars, Motorhead and The Gaslight Anthem also appear on the bill.

Download Festival will take place from June 14-16 2013 at Donington Park. The festival was headlined by Metallica, Black Sabbath and The Prodigy in 2012. See for more information.

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    Hope Fred does a sick solo again! it's been so long!
    Limp Bizkit sucks! Fred Durst is one of the biggest mo-mo's theres ever been in rock'n'roll!
    Awesome, say what you want about this band but they are great live
    I saw Limp Bizkit this past summer, not because I enjoy their music, but simply 'cause they were on the same bill as some bands that I love. At least in that particular performance, Fred and Co. stopped for a significant amount of time pretty much after every song, and not just because of sound issues, at least from what I understood. The time they wasted could have been saved for at least 3/4 more songs on the setlist easily! Despite this, they do have some sick energy on stage when they're playing, but the crowd was dreadful that day, muscled guys wearing Fubu hats and oversized T-Shirts like they're stuck in the early 2000's just not knowing what a proper moshpit is and injuring some people that just wanted to check out the music and wait for some of the other acts.
    Saw them in Dublin and at Graspop. Awesome live. Such great energy off this band! Def gonna try see them again.
    Another crappy band to add to an increasingly crappy lineup... the only really good bands so far are the main stage ones on Saturday (Iron Maiden, QOTSA, Motrhead, Alice in Chains, Mastodon).
    Fred... Please stop trying. Your projects are like William Murderface's from Metalocalypse, they mainly never make it pass the planning stage. Also I say this as someone who bought your first three albums as a kid in the 90's. Granted I'm more mature now and listen to better music now but you get my point.