Limp Bizkit: 'Today's Metal Is Saturated, Repetitive, Not Sure Anyone's Doing Anything'

"The older I get, the more I drift away from metal," says guitarist Wes Borland.

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Following their latest Sonisphere performance, Limp Bizkit sat down with NME to discuss a thing or two, touching on the current state of metal among other things.

Guitarist Wes Borland wasn't too enthusiastic while talking about the guitar-heavy genre, dubbing it saturated and repetitive these days.

"I don't really listen to a lot of rock and metal. Everything's pretty saturated with so much music now, it's difficult to keep up with what's happening," he kicked off.

"The older I get, I tend to drift away from listening to metal. In some way, it's just repetitive, and I'm not sure if anyone's doing anything incredibly different," Wes added.

During the rest of the chat, Borland and frontman Fred Durst talked about the new album progress, sharing seemingly clashing views regarding its release. "It'll be out next month, that's what we always say," Fred jokingly noted.

"More likely it'll be out next year," Wes chipped in. "No, it'll be out this year," Durst reassured. "We see the finish line ahead and we're really happy with how it feels and sound. It's unique, very different."

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    He's right and I blame metal fans. Every time a metal/hard rock band try something new a lot of fans cry and say it sucks so the band usually go back to the tried and tested usual stuff. Yes some experimentation doesn't always work but if people don't experiment how will new stuff come about
    Ne Obliviscaris.
    Exactly what I wanna tell to all those guys ranting about repetitive music.
    That crowdfunding campaign. (It's still going, too.)
    I am amazed that they raised so much money so quickly. I'd love to contribute, but I'm a little short on funds right now. I would definitely have gotten the tabs for Portal of I if I had gotten the chance.
    Ne obvliviscaris is extremely repetitive... I only had to listen to the album once to figure out there song-writing criteria. Start off with a drum fill or some fade in clean/string intro; Then blast in with guttural vocals, tremolo picking power chords and double kicks/blast beats for 10 ****ing minutes. Boringggg.... Show me a song where I am wrong.
    I do agree with him, metal is over saturated and not particularly inventive anymore. Not a popular stance I know but that's the way I see it. I think the turning point for metal is when the 'old' bands pack it in. When Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, all of them have to call it quits I think (and hope) it will shake the scene up again - whos gonna headline festivals when those sorts of bands are gone - it will force a change.
    Mr Winters
    "I don't know any good band therefore there are no good bands" Will you people shut the fu ck up already.
    In metal, I listen mostly my favorites and classics bands but time to time I check out for new music. It's not that hard isn't? Anyway you can make up a good idea with the genre labeled on an album (never heard sophisticated and epic stuff from Limp Biskit for example)
    Every subgenre is saturated, but the few good bands in each one are what keeps the music alive. And actually, there are a lot of good bands, theyre just "few" compared to the overall amount of generic bands. And lots of great bands came out since 90s, or old bands that developed their music in the past decade and a half.
    Misleading title, again. He isn't slamming metal he's just saying that based on his own little spectrum of exposure he doesn't see anything ear catching to him. Completely okay to feel that way but this article is twisting the context of his words. Just saying.
    Jesus christ I'm tired of these rock dinosaurs expressing their "concern" with modern music when they OBVIOUSLY don't pay any attention to it.
    Whoever said Protest The Hero's not original really (and i'm going to use a cliche statement) understand there music. What's so cool about them is that they mainly incorporate Hardcore Punk and Progressive Metal, but in there new album I swear I hear some cool blend of classic rock in there, and they also mix some Metalcore. And they make some seriously cool licks and riffs on there guitar and they actually want to create music, learn more on their instrument and progress (no pun intended). They're one of a kind and you can't imitate them.
    How can you say that? These days, three people can sit together, each can claim to be a huge metalhead, yet they can listen to three types of totally different music. Repetitive? I think not.
    Yeah, but these days even someone who's only listened to like 5 of the most popular Metal bands likes to claim they're a huge Metalhead, so..
    The local music scene where i used to live was saturated with bands that ran off this one formula: -Singer can't sing, only screams -"Our Music is like the Metal from the Glory days, but with a new twist to it" -Play song by repeating a palm muted drop C for a few mins. Spam double bass pedal at all times. Whack cymbals when you feel like it-Scream things that don't make sense over the top -"We're super brutal and anyone that doesn't like our music is a mainstream *expletive* "Now that i've moved, the music scene where i am now is so much better. There's a lot more diversity, and not an open C in sight
    I'm glad to hear your music scene is alive and well where you are, it is pretty abissmal here in Baltimore. People use to come out to shows for the hell of it, but not anymore I feel like we have a pretty unique sound, but people could care less.
    Move to Southern California. I mean don't do that unless you have a really good reason to of course, but if you want at least one good reason, the scene here doesn't suck, even though the venues do, big time. Ok a lot of bands in the scene suck but the good ones justify it big time.
    What a horrible title, completely misrepresented what he was saying. Why are you guys putting things in quotes when they aren't actual quotes? Most of the people didn't even read the article and what he actually said.
    Wes, dude, I'm sorry mate that's just what getting older does. Newer, younger bands are not talentless and their music isn't rubbish. Your musical tastes don't change but music does so it's inevitable that when you're in your 40's the music those in their 20's are listening to you just wont get. It happens to us all no matter how much you try to resist it.
    Has anyone mentioned the band HAVOK? These dudes are killer thrash metal. Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan are awesome too. Metal is not dead. You need to dig deep to find these awesome new bands. Go to the tiny shows and discover new music.
    Check out Vektor if you haven't. They are not just good Thrash Metal, they're innovative Thrash. They make Thrash like nobody's ever done before. Any of their songs make my point for me.
    Vektor is awesome dude! Glad I'm not the only one discovering these bands. Metal is alive and well my friend.
    Wes Borland gets the credit for being pretty original, but he's not listening hard enough. There is so much creative metal out there, though perhaps even more repetitive ones, but that's the nature of any genre.
    Honestly, why bother getting your panties in a twist over what people who don't really listen to metal think about metal? It's a non issue. "I don't really listen to metal, but here are the reasons why I think metal is lacking", as if the first half of the statement doesn't invalidate the second. Good for you.
    Never been huge fan of theirs but if people who give so much crap to this band (maybe fred deserves it with his attitude) but their earlier albums have some very cool riffs and songs. They actually had alot energy and great ideas in their mind.
    I'm sick of these musicians slamming "today's" music. The problem is that they do not take in consideration the new bands. Just hang around Youtube and check Napalm Records or Nuclear Blast to spot some guys. This kind of topic is getting pretty damn stupid
    Metal's always been sorta homogenous and repetitive. So has jazz. So has pop. So has classical. So has pop. Polka. Samba. I mean it's not like it's anything new. So instead of bitching about how little variety one genre has, why not do yourselves a favour and listen to a bunch of different genres from different eras and quit being closed-minded? The world will be a lot better for it.
    Were you trying to list the genres that Mr Bungle and Between the Buried and Me cover? I dunno I don't think I need to listen to a bunch of different genres, since I don't like most of them anyways. It's not close-minded to be that way, music for me is a way to release my negative energy (being sad or angry or upset or frustrated, etc), and if a certain band or genre doesn't help me release that negative energy then I won't listen to it. I can't listen to music that does nothing for me and while I don't listen to Metal exclusively (Mr Bungle for example couldn't be put under any one genre), I tend to be unable to find music outside of the genre that provokes a response from me.
    To be fair, I'd say metal's a hell of a lot more varied than many other contemporary mainstream genres of music. I mean how many genres have as wide of a range of vocal deliveries, from a whisper to a gentle croon to a literal scream, as metal? Maybe opera, at best! And there are a much wider variety of sounds and even interpretations of other genres in metal than there are in pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, country, indie, folk... genres where you're confined to literally one specific set of tropes to be considered a part of it (maybe not so much for rock or jazz, since they can have a pretty wide variety too). But for someone like Borland, who's already admitting they're listening to less metal, if they're not finding enough variety in their music taste nowadays, without actively searching for variety, then they're doing it wrong. Closed-mindedness isn't always necessarily "I don't want to listen to non-metal", especially if one's happy with it. I'm pretty open-minded, but my playlists are 90% prog-rock, and I'm totally fine with it. Closed-mindedness is dissatisfaction and not openly searching for a solution. tl;dr, you pretty much got it right. Also BTBAM covers a lot more musical ground in one song than most bands do in an entire career
    Anty 7
    He's only demonstrating his ignorance. Sure there are plenty of boring unoriginal bands in mainstream metal, but that's the case with almost every single style of music out there.