Limp Bizkit Would Play Glastonbury if Given the Chance

Fred Durst and Wes Borland discuss festival opportunities.

Ultimate Guitar

Limp Bizkit appear to have their sights set on playing Glastonbury, after sub-headlining Sonisphere festival in Knebworth.

Speaking to NME (via Gigwise), Fred Durst and Wes Borland said that they would be "grateful to accept the opportunity" to play in Somerset, after Metallica became the first metal band to headline the iconic festival.

Discussing their new album, which is ambiguously due for release either sometime next year or next month, Wes Borland claimed that he doesn't really listen to that much rock and metal music as it has become both "repetitive" and "saturated."

As for their own new material however, the pair were in agreement that upcoming album "Stampede of the Disco Elephants" is unique and different - a record made for themselves with tracks that feature an amalgamation of many ideas.

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    Limp Bizkit would be happy to play at the bowling alley, given the chance.
    You're out of your ****ing mind. Limp Bizkit is still one of the biggest live bands out there. Just because you want to get into the anti-Limp Bizkit circle jerk, doesn't mean you get to spew fallacy.
    I love LB, but come on UG. This was included in an interview you posted just 3 days ago. Was this really worth writing another article about, just to dissect one portion of the interview you already covered?
    I'd love to see the responses by Glastonbury fans.I'nm sure Wes would come up with some insane costume to wear as well just for the occasion.
    if he covers himself in whatever hipster stereotype the brits like (over here it would be macbooks, starbucks and fake glasses).
    Somebody would die at that concert... Wouldn't be the first time.
    After what happened at Woodstock '99, I think not.
    Bizkit still plays festivals ALL THE TIME...that shit happened like 15 years ago too, get with the times hombre
    None of the shit that went down at Wooodstock 99' as in the rapings and the riot even happened while LB were playing, the news stations just cut the footage so it looked like that.