Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland Talks Working on Miley Cyrus Movie: 'Boy, Was It Grueling'

"It was like, 'OK, I'll see if I can write some horrible pop,'" the guitarist says.

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Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland recently remembered working on a Miley Cyrus movie, describing the experience as nothing short of "grueling."

Chatting with Metal Hammer Magazine Show, Wes reached the topic after expressing desire to delve into the film music domain once again. "I even ended up doing a part of a Miley Cyrus movie," he said.

Stressing that film composer Steven Trask was also working on the movie, giving him an opportunity to meet him and establish a working relationship, Borland continued, "Boy, was it grueling. The music was so crappy that you have to ... but it forces me to think outside the box, you know, outside of what my comfort zone is."

He continued, "I kind of took it like, not 'Oh, I'm not doing that,' it was like, 'OK, I'll see if I can write some horrible pop' that's like background music to this scene where she's like trying on dresses. But it was an experience - I don't know if I would do it again - but it was a learning experience."

Asked if he got the opportunity to meet the pop sensation, the guitarist replied, "No, I didn't get to meet Miley Cyrus. It was just working with Steven Trask and that was it."

Discussing the new Limp Bizkit album, Wes jokingly noted that the band should "call their new record 'S--t Blizzard,' that's what everyone's expecting."

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    Whether you like it or not, Wes Borland is actually a very talented artist.
    Then why does he consistently collaborate with Fred Durst?
    If you really knew, they really don't get along for a while now. Borland collaborates with Otto and Rivers.
    a drummer
    this. I can understand why people say Limb Bizkit suck, i mean, c'mon...Fred Durst is the singer..BUT Otto, Rivers, and Borland are a very talented band.
    Because Fred Durst would be a bellend with nothing without Wes, as opposed to being a successful bellend.
    collaborating with someone does not mean you lack talent. He has often stated he did not enjoy Limp's newer material. It's about income, and being a versatile artist. Basically the same point he makes in this article.
    Yeah he's a good artist. He did the album cover for Munky's (Korn) solo band: Fear and the Nervous System.
    Wes Borland to me, is one of the most creative guitarists. You cannot deny he is a riff master and creates some of the coolest sounds.
    I agree completely. He may not make any top 10 lists, with the vast number of insane guitarist out there, but as for a mix of skill and creativity, he is up there with some of the best. He is a very underrated guitarist, mostly because of being in LB, which has garnished him a lot of unwarranted hate.
    Writing horrible pop as opposed to shitty nu metal. Not sure which is worse.
    Sir you have obviously not heard any albums by Black Light Burns. They are a huge departure from the numetal he played before.
    Nobody wants to hear it. Its assumed garbage. Just like a hooker is assumed to have an STD. You don't stick your face in there do you?
    Don't always assume. You could be missing out on some good music because your head is in the proverbial sand. To each their own
    I agree, and liked some of Limp's earlier tracks, preferably the few that had some type of meaning and depth
    When you assume you make an ass u and me... Although, I am not an ass in this scenario. Only you.
    I'd also hope if your doing a hooker, who is assumed to have an STD, your wearing a condom.
    And also missing out on some good DATY
    The guy has made a carrier writing crappy music...should not have been much of a stretch for him.....
    If you actually followed Wes for a little bit of his career, you would realize this statement is more trolling than fact. Yes, some of the music he played for bands hasn't been the greatest, but throughout his career he has played a variety of music, due to an ability to be multidimensional.
    Screw it, i will buy a limp bizkit album while doing a hooker with an STD (aka your mom) all the while shouting I did it all for the nookie.
    People give nu metal shit but I'd rather listen to LB, Korn etc than any pop 'artist' out there now.
    I agree and actually enjoy quite a few them bands. People should be happy. All these forms of metal have there place. There is a variety of forms for metal fans, so if we don't like one form, we can move on. I for one do not like most dark metal bands, typically associated with Europe, but with the variety out there I can just move on to another. And while I may not really like it, there are certain aspects of the music I do enjoy, that I can use to mix into my playing style in an attempt to not sound like a clone to all these styles out there. People doing that is why we are blessed with so many different styles. Try to appreciate, and understand the music's purpose, rather than blast it.
    Why sit here and bash any style of music. If you don't like it, move on to whatever it is you enjoy, kick back or throw the devil horns up and jump in a pit.
    Let's keep things in perspective, now. Nu metal at its worst is pretty damn terrible, but nowhere close to modern pop at ITS worst, now that's hell on earth.
    this guy is unique and creative as ****, all you dumbs who think good music is all about power chords and sweeps have no creativity at all. tom morello is really cool too. all about experimenting. flamers gonna flame, i suggest yall blaze one instead
    Three Dollar Bill is a darn good album. Everything after that, not so much...
    Limp Bizkit might suck, but Wes Borland's Black Light Burns is pure awesome.
    I checked BLB out, but couldn't really get into it. To Wes's credit, he gave BLB a sound of their own, and showed a great ability of composition. BLB may not have been in my taste bracket, but I will say it is well put together.
    The only member I've heard anything from out of Limp Bizkit, that has never came off as a douche. I like that he does not subject himself to one genre. With Wes, whether it's good or not, it's about the creativity, and I can appreciate that.
    Ste Ramakers
    I really want Wes to start another new project. But write and play at least the guitar in it. and ,maybe get someone else to sing.. I have black light Burns, and bigdumbface.. but they dont do it for me. Wes' guitar riffs are killer
    Here's a simple solution, if you don't like it, then don't work on the movie. There is no reason to backstab your client, it's highly unprofessional. Jezz.
    Not fan of limp bizkit but i do like some riffs and guitar work that Wes Borland have made. I like some echo effects he has on some limp bizkit, pretty relaxing sound.
    Wes Borland trying his hand at soundtracks shows he's a creative guy.Makes you wonder how Limp Bizkit would sound if Fred Durst had little to no creative input and Wes Borland, John Otto and Sam Rivers did it all (and I like Limp Bizkit)
    probably like all the bands fred durst signed, pre fred durst, which for the most part was pretty good.