Line 6 Introduces: Verbzilla

date: 09/16/2005 category: music news
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Line 6, inventors of digital modeling guitars, amplifiers, and effects, announced the latest addition to the ToneCore series of stompboxes, Verbzilla. Building on Line 6's award-winning effects from PODxt, DL4, and Vetta, the ToneCore pedals provide guitarists of all ages and playing styles, unique Line 6 tones, advanced sound and extraordinary control in an ultra-tough, built-like-a-tank package. Verbzilla pedal brings luscious, studio-grade algorithms right to any pedalboard. Verbzilla delivers everything from classic guitar amp-style spring reverb to dreamy, high-end studio favorites. Features include Tone, Mix, Decay, and Time controls, and a Trails on/off switch that allows the reverb to decay or cut off once bypass is engaged. Verbzilla has an extraordinary selection of reverb models that include '63 Spring, Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Chamber, Ducking, (Line 6 exclusive) Octo, Cave, Tile, and Echo. Verbzilla can be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery, or the optional DC-1 power supply.
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