Line 6 Reinvents the Guitar Amplifier - Again - with AMPLIFi

Line 6 unveiled AMPLIFi, an entirely new kind of guitar amplifier.

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Line 6, leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for musicians, just unveiled AMPLIFi, an entirely new kind of guitar amplifier. By combining a high-performance guitar amp, a streaming Bluetooth speaker system and a breakthrough iOS app into one powerful device, AMPLIFi will change the way guitarists practice, perform and enjoy music.

"Eighteen years ago, Line 6 revolutionized the guitar amp market by releasing the world's first modeling amplifier," said Paul Foeckler, CEO of Line 6. "And now we're doing it again. AMPLIFi completely redefines the guitar amplifier, bringing together our customers' musical and personal lives like no other device."

High-Performance Guitar Amp with 5-Speaker Stereo Design

AMPLIFi is unlike any amplifier ever built. The five-speaker stereo design delivers stunningly detailed guitar tones, from crystal-clear highs to eep and smooth low end. Featuring two tweeters, two mid-bass drivers, and a custom guitar speaker, AMPLIFi covers a far wider frequency spectrum than any other guitar amplifier, delivering sonic details traditional amps simply can’t produce. AMPLIFi is available in a powerful 150-watt model or portable 75-watt version, both of which can deliver ear-splitting volume levels.

Streaming Bluetooth Speaker System

AMPLIFi is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker system for guitarists, featuring streaming compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac and PC devices. The full-range speakers deliver amazing sound, while the custom guitar speaker functions as a thumping subwoofer. AMPLIFi combines playing and enjoying music like no other system, enabling guitarists to jam along with songs in their music library, play back tracks during band rehearsal, or crank up the volume at parties.

iOS App Control and Cloud Connection

The AMPLIFi Remote app for iOS introduces a new world of possibilities. Instead of using static knobs or tiny screens, guitarists can now control every aspect of their tones from an iOS device. AMPLIFi Remote also introduces revolutionary Line 6 tone-matching technology, which automatically serves up guitar tones that match tracks in a guitarist's music library.

With a cloud community of guitarists uploading their best patches, AMPLIFi Remote provides a unique and powerful resource for finding guitar tones. Within the cloud community, guitarists can rate their favorite tones, upload their own, and build their musical network by connecting with other musicians and fans. The AMPLIFi cloud automatically keeps all devices up to date and synchronized. Guitarists can store an unlimited number of presets in the cloud - and access them anywhere.

"AMPLIFi is a groundbreaking new amp that promises to change the way guitarists jam, practice and enjoy music forever," said Max Gutnix, VP of Products and Marketing at Line 6. "It sounds absolutely amazing and delivers a uniquely incredible experience that players of all levels are going to love. Whether listening to music, jamming with friends or creating inspiring new tones to share, AMPLIFi is going to rock your world."

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    Wow, they should really drop the "Apple language": -"Eighteen years ago, Line 6 revolutionized ..." -"And now we're doing it again " -"AMPLIFi completely redefines ..." -"bringing together our customers' musical and personal lives like no other device." This kind of talk makes want to barf, please keep it to the hitech industry, you're talking to musicians here :/
    Every Line 6 product I've owned has been awful. Time to stay away. Besides, hasn't history shown that tube amps are and always will be more desirable than this digital nonsense?
    I'm with you, I've played the line 6 to see what the hype was all about. and hey if you're living in an apartment or cant fire up the tubes, digital is fine you can play low volumes still get a good sound (not tone...) and have every little effect possible... But to my ear nothing and I have tried about everything will ever take the place of that stack tube tone. to my ear there is a huge loss of that organic warmth that you can only get from tubes.
    Tubes are liked for most things that guitars are used for. But certain heavier effects like strong processing/modulation tend to work nicely with digital. Maybe it'll become more common in the future (after all distortion used to be considered undesirable in all aspects).
    I still use my POD 2.0, can get some great sounds out of it. While I would never buy this amp, they've done some pretty cool things in their day.
    Yahmah's THR technology that models how a tube circuit actually works, is loads better than Line 6's shit.
    To be honest this thing sounds amazing to me! I'm an intermediate guitarist who plays at home for fun and this would make my practice and jam sessions a lot more enjoyable than my cobbled together set up I have now. I have no illusions a tube stack would sound much better, but I don't have the room and do have neighbours! So looks a great buy for ppl like me, just hope the price point reflects that. Has anyone seen any prices yet?
    Roxxie Roxx
    I don't understand all the hate against it. It's not been designed for live performances or for a studio. The idea is so you can have some fun playing along to songs on your ipod or whatever, at home. so the fact that its digital is pretty good as you can still use it well at low volumes plus you'll have loads of effects readily available with out taking up loads of space with (or spending loads of money on) pedals.
    I always hate to see people blindly bashing Line 6 because they're wonderful for practice amps and beginners on a budget. I hate it even more when I hear people say modeling amps are just as good or better than tubes, for whatever reason. This thing actually seems pretty cool, but I think it'll just turn out to be a gimmick that doesn't really catch on. And it's got to be pretty expensive.
    So will they support Android too...or is it assumed that all guitar players have iphones?
    The Android app is coming out some point either later this month or next month...but to answer ur question, yes it will eventually
    If you look past the unnecessary cliched wording they've used to promote it, this actually looks pretty sweet. It'd be nice to actually have something for Android users for a change as well.
    Looks cool. Hope they get Android and Windows RT support soon since my wife hogs the iPad
    Probably like all smartphone guitar apps, iOS only -_- Screw that.
    Johnson modeling amps were the best early modelers and still sound good although the processing power for quality effects is lacking compared to something like a Kemper. The trouble with modeling amps that we have now, is many of the 'models' are set in stone. Control from an ipad or computer is nice. I would use digital as long as it gets close to the tube sound. Having the ability to switch between different tones with one button press is nice.
    The app associated with it is pretty weak. It has problems communicating reliably with the amp. These problems happen when the amp is bluetooth connected to an ipad, because you can switch over to an iosx soft synthesizer and the amp works fine then. switch back to the amplifi app and the amp still isn't showing up as connected. second, no factory preset tone bank of any kind you can audition presets from. you have to search for a song online, and hope that someone posted a tone associated with it. this is so lame i can't even begin to express how frustrating it is. if you buy a pod, you have lot's of great well thought out presets to audition, and then fine tune to get what you want.