Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars Announced Joint Summer 'Carnivores' US Tour

AFI will be featured as the special guest, meanwhile there will be something new from Linkin Park this Thursday.

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Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars announced the joint summer US tour. Watch the trailer below.

Titled "Carnivores Tour," the trek will rock North America in late summer, beginning with an opening night date at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in Palm Beach, Fla. At present, dates are booked through Sept. 19 in Concord, Calif., though there is a little gap from late August into the first week of September where more shows could be added.

They will be joined by AFI during the trek. Three bands gave the online press-conference yesterday. Watch the video below.

During the event, Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington hinted, that fans "are very good in seeking the information."

"We did this before with our last records and ... like ... we've put some new music up there with the video and also with some clues inside. But they like solved it right away," said Chester. Previously fan forums speculated about the lines, which were saying "The Hunting Party 6.14" and could be seen in the video. Fans were suggesting that "The Hunting Party" might be the upcoming album title and "6.14" might be the release date - June 14, or June 2014.

Chester also hinted that fans will hear new Linkin Park song this Thursday. It was (kind of) confirmed by the band mastermind Mike Shinoda on Twitter (see below).

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

.@urboiKevBro This will be a fun week. Stay tuned! Thursday is particularly exciting #LinkinPark2014

- Mike Shinoda (@mikeshinoda) March 5, 2014

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    Despite the waves of hate that are probably coming, I think this will be a killer live show and can't wait!
    not a fan of AFI or 30stoMars but I love LP. I really hope they come near me so I can at least see Linkin Park. Like most people on here (though most won't admit it) I loved Linkin Park in high school, still love Linkin Park now. Minutes to Midnight was their only shitty release and it even has a few good songs.
    A note to all the single dudes. Go to this show. The amount of girls that will be there. I'm guessing a 20 to 1 guy/girl ratio.
    I wanna like 30 Seconds to Mars but every time I see a poster or something they have a cheesy, pretty boy pose happening. Just sayin'.
    Bleed it Out was one of their better songs. Much different than how they sound now.
    Psycho Pigeon
    how can anyone not cringe when jared leto starts prancing around on stage at 'metal' festivals