Linkin Park Announce Download 2014 Show, Give New Album Update

The first date of band's 2014 tour announced.

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Linkin Park have announced their appearance at 2014's Download festival, Metal Hammer reports. More than that, the band is going to play their classic debut 2000's album "Hybrid Theory" in full. "We have been kicking around the idea of playing 'Hybrid Theory' for some time and the perfect opportunity is Download 2014," says the band's singer Chester Bennington. "The legendary energy of the Download crowd is the apex of the rock experience and we are very excited to share this special night with them." What's more, Chester recently talked to 102.1 FM Milwaukee, revealling some details on the band's new album, which is rumoured to be released in 2014. The singer described new music as very "heavy" and "cool" and admitted that he wanted to make people think "I don't know what these guys are doing in there." Listen to the interview below. So now Linkin Park join the likes of Rob Zombie and Avenged Sevenfold in Download 2014 lineup with more to come. Are you excited?

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    I didn't read anything after "The band is going to play Hybrid Theory, in full".
    Chester revealed some details on the band's new album, described new music as very "heavy" and "cool."
    They said the same thing before releasing Living Things. And that album sucked Peter Griffins chin.
    They didn't say that Living Things was heavy album.
    I thought they said "They were going back to their roots" ... Then again, every band say that and then totally lie to me. But Hybrid Theory in full - no cares given, totally getting a day ticket for that
    You might be angry that linkin park no longer puts out a nu-metal sound, but have some respect for the musicianship. Mike Shinoda alone is one hell of an artist in quite a few mediums; the evolution of their sound was imminent whether you like or not. Honestly, I personally wish they had stuck to their earlier sound because thats just what I like, but they are being true to themselves and thats great. Of course if your agrument is that they have made their sound more accessible, that may be true, but only Linkin Park knows what their intentions are.
    The singer described new music as very "heavy" and "cool". At this point of their career, I would be glad if it turned out to sound like Minutes to Midnight.
    I'm sorry guys, just as an American observer, this year's Download is looking like total garbage. Rob Zombie is the only one I'd pay to see so far. Seems like this years fest is aimed toward a Hot Topic crowd..?
    What about Avenged Sevenfold? They about as far as you can get from "Hot Topic" right now, with their newest album. They are a strong headliner
    Avenged Sevenfold is one of the first bands that come to mind when I think hot topic. I like a lot of their music, but I bet money that A7X sells a hell of a lot of t-shirts to 14 year olds at Hot Topic. And as a side note, I really don't care for the new album.
    A lot of these nay sayers who are regular Download goers will still buy a ticket but be very angry while doing so.
    I've never been to a Download Festival, I'll finally be able to afford it next year, but 2 of the headline acts already suck. The only one I care for so far is Rob Zombie.
    I'm with you, I've been saving for the better part of a year with bands like TOOL and ACDC in my head then they pull out this. My predictions for A7x to do fri, Pearl Jam Sat then ACDC Sunday is so much better even though I really dislike A7x. C'mon you can't have Sabbath and Metallica last year then Maiden, Rammstein and Slipknot this year and have such non-headliner bands like this play. I know Linkin played 2007 but that is known as one of the bad years (besides Maiden). I just want to see BIG bands that are heralded as Gods to play y'know not Fall Out Boy who just played a Teen Awards show.
    Download next year is going to suck... why the hell is fall out boy playing there? As a support of the main act on the main stage!? 2013 Download's line-up was awesome (though I really wished I went now...) Get more heavy bands there. Don't want Download to end up like Glastonbury...
    You do realise Download is a rock festival not a metal festival? Bloodstock is more metal, I like the diversity Download has. If you don't like the band on there's always someone else to be watching
    This seems to be the get-out-of-jail card for Download; "What, we never said we were hardcore." - "really? never?" Yes, fine, bloodstock and Hellfest, but is there honestly no market for a middle ground between seeing global pop-rock bands and seeing underground grind-core?
    No, they never did say they were a hardcore festival. Even before Download it was 'Monsters Of Rock' not Monsters Of Hardcore or Monsters Of Metal
    Every promotional video they put out is a stream of "devil horns", iconic metal bands, fans giving death growls and chugging metal riffs playing in the background. Then they say “oh, but it’s a rock festival”. If they wanted to promote it as a rock festival, they’d use less of all of the above and more Kings of Leon and Muse, - who incidentally never play there because it’s promoted as a Metal festival! - refute that!
    It's not promoted as a Metal festival though. The Devil horns is a symbol associated with rock as well as metal so that doesn't prove anything
    I personally think it's great news. I've always been a fan, but hearing they're gonna play hybrid theory in full is just epic. I don't get the hate though, A7X & LP headling isn't a bad thing, they're both great bands with great albums. Sure their sounds has changed over time, but it's only natural. They wanna evolve with their sound, if they'd made albums constantly with the same sound, fan's would get bored aswell. I think new bands deserve a chance to shine and headline these festivals. A7X and LP are great bands filled with talented musicians, they love their fans and they appreciate the fame and glory, but you know they're all in for the music. With all the other crappy music out there now, we should be happy at least some bands like A7X & LP get some mainstream recognitian, it could have been alot worse.
    You're so goddamn right. A7X get an abhorant amount of hate, for being a "mall-core" band, when in actuality they're far from anything you'll hear in the mainstream. Their new album is just an awesome heavy metal album, and they're all awesome musicians. They deserve to headline big festivals like this. LP, too. Though I'm not too huge on LP's new sound, I prefer Hybrid Theory and Meteora, I can respect them as talented musicians.
    well you can see even the rock festivals are getting more mainstream
    This isn't the first time Linkin Park has headlined download though.
    The other times they headlined, their sets weren't watered down with rubbish songs from a Thousand Suns among others. 2003 and 2007 were the only decent sets they played at Download, 2011 was boring
    to be honest I find their show boring. they just rush through the song with no interaction with the audience. last time is saw them the LP fanclub arranged for a fan to ask his GF to marry him, but that was about all of the interaction they did. They're a good band but just boring to see live.
    I had an opposite reaction to their live show. I hadn't listened to their music since Hybrid Theory and I saw them at Soundwave in Sydney and they put on a really good show. Chester actually stopped the band in the middle of a song because someone had gotten hurt in the pit and didn't start again until the person had gotten medical attention, it was a cool moment. A fair bit of chatter between songs too.
    Oh I know, they headlined lots of festivals, but they are the most mainstream band out there. Linkin Park is the most subscribed rockband on youtube for example, standing between the likes of Gaga, Katy Perry and other mainstream pop artists
    I don't think the amount of subscribers on youtube an artist has is taken into consideration when they pick a headline act.
    No, just record sales... Record sales = Ticket sales I wish we didn't pirate all those albums now... What have we done.
    If youtube's the case then next year Philip DeFranco is going to headline Download festival. WATCH OUT WORLD!!
    lp is very mainstream, 30 stm, muse, coldplay and green day are the same or worse, i dont like lp anymore but you have to see things right
    m4ss3 m/
    I hope they would make a live dvd of this or at least include it on some CD like Slipknot did with their Antennas to Hell-compilation album.
    I hope the second stage is better otherwise its a night by the beer tent for me. Lovin that rob zombies there tho.
    Jesus Christ shut the f*** up. The same people who are people critical of Linkin park for being different for not sounding the same are the same people who are critical of Limp Bizkit for sounding the same. Linkin Park will never sound the same as hybrid theory or Meteora.. accept that and move on. Every time some kind of news comes out of Linkin park wether it be gig related, album related or anything... The same people come out and say oh I don't like them since hybrid. Did hybrid theory effect you that much that you'd have to go to so much effort... Just enjoy music. Find more stuff that appeals to you
    I Really Dont Konw What Zhe Hell! FallcOut Boy Is Doing There i mean are They Rock?? I Know alot of you dont like lp but they have rock and metal songs they can get a pit started or getting people to headbang and the most important they can make people have fun and say this was a hell of a show.!!at the end of the day this is what most matters and i really hope that the line up will be better it was amazng if slipknot played again and if korn, deftones, mudvayne, mettalica,staind etc played to