Linkin Park Are First Band To Get 1 Billion YouTube Hits

The nu-metal titans are way ahead of the band in second place, though acts from the pop world hit the milestone back in 2010. Who are Linkin Park beating in the stat stakes?

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Linkin Park have become the first rock act to receive 1 billion hits on YouTube.

Thanks to their Linkin Park TV channel on YouTube, they're miles ahead of the next biggest rock acts on the channel. Red Hot Chili Peppers are in second place with 327 million hits, and Green Day follow with a relatively small 245 million.

They're not the first musical act to pass 1 billion views. In the pop world, Lady Gaga hit the milestone in 2010, and Justin Bieber soon screamed ahead with a whopping 2.8 billion. Rihanna has also passed 1 billion.

Despite some criticism of their fifth studio album "Living Things", the band have had a hugely successful year with the album selling over 500,000 units. Better yet, their breakthrough album "Hybrid Theory" made it to 10 million sales in the US last month, 12 years after its original release.

Linkin Park is currently touring with Incubus on the Honda Civic tour.

Do you spend much time streaming your favorite bands on YouTube, or do you prefer a more traditional platform? Let us know in the comments.

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    If Elvis were alive he would have 10 trillion youtube hits, every single one by my grandma.
    "Linkin Park is currently touring with Incubus on the Honda Civic tour." LOL Honda Civic Tour... how NOT rock n' roll does that sound? When that tour is over they'll embark on the first leg of the Quaker Oatmeal Tour.
    I'm not surprised, considering all of those fan-made videos of anime clips that use "In The End"
    I'd imagine this is because the line between rock & pop is seriously blurred with bands like these. Their success is based on being mildly appealing to all rather than excelling at a certain genre so they get a greater volume of listeners/hits. I dunno, whatever, at least it shows people listening to some sort of decent music which should hopefully lead them onto better bands.
    Exactly, I can see tons of old fans watching their old videos for nostalgia's sake and then the more pop-oriented audience watching their latest videos non-stop. Like them or not ( I personally kind of despise them ), they were one of the tombstones of the rap-rock / nu-metal movement and they still attract a huge crowd nowadays. So yeah, yippie-kai-yay for them I guess.
    Rock and pop have always been pretty blurred to be honest. Majority of rock songs, even the old ones, have the verse-chorus-verse structure, catchy riffs, and a memorable chorus. All pop trademarks. Nothing wrong with that at all, as I'm sure everyone enjoys a catchy riff and some fun songs now and again. You don't really have to excel at a genre as some of the best songs are the simplest. Even as not the biggest fan of Linkin Park (at least not like when I was 13), they do what they do well. They don't seem like the kind of band to do music for the sake of popularity, their style just kind of brought in fans. I never berate someone for their success, so more power to them for making it big. I still say their new album was all right.
    Meteora was my first CD, and it got me into rock music. So yeah, seems they're doing their 'job' pretty fine.
    lol You don't sell 500,000 units in a year in this day and age being mildly appealing.
    Yes, you do. Where have you been?
    I've been learning to differentiate personal opinion from fact, you should join me.
    Fact is: 500,000 is still a lot of copies being sold and is more than most bands sell in a year. Especially now a days when you can always download or go to Spotify and stream the music without having to buy the actual album.
    Welcome to Ultimate-Guitar. Where facts get downvoted and trash-talking mainstream anything gets upvoted.
    and McDonalds sells more hamburgers than anybody and they're f**king disgusting. Not even a damn hamburger for that matter. Means nothing.
    Im a fan of all their music. The one that disappointed me the most was A Thousand Suns. We'll probably never see the Linkin Park of old. Personally, Meteora was the highlight of their musical career, I've only bought a few albums in my lifetime where every song was totally killer like that album. In fact, maybe part of my attachment comes from the fact that I was like 10 years old when I bought it and it was the first rock album I'd ever purchased.
    if youtube existed in the 90's we'd see a lot of punk bands topping the views, nirvana probably being the most
    I do what I call the 'Youtube crawl' 1 - 3 times a week... watching videos, about half of them music videos. Clicking on related videos, be it from the same band or not. Discovered tons of music I love that way! Especially the symphonic metal, even on the rare occasion that the music channels play music they don't play stuff like Nightwish.
    Mr Winters
    That's how you get to the weird part of youtube...discovered some awesome music by going through related videos.
    You discover awesome music? Huh, whenever I do that I only discover "ZOMG 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" orientated videos.
    Mr Winters
    If you start from music videos, you'll most likely find music videos.
    link no1
    I usually end up with videos of cats of Japanese women just jumping up and down. Like the guy said, if you spend long enough on youtube you will eventually get to the weird area.
    I love discovering new stuff like that too. It's especially great when you for example begin from a Metallica live video, and later find a small band with 100 views. And the band is actually better than Metallica
    good for them, i dont like linkin park that much but at least there is 1 real band past the 1 billion mark
    they're getting all those hits from people who spend all their time on facebook and youtube and that's all they can think to listen to. That's what I used to do, so I probably gave them like a million of those hits. Now I prefer getting albums and putting them on my iphone because I can't spend all my time on Facebook anymore.
    that is a very strange deduction. their getting all their "hits" from children/teens. simple as that.
    but that doesn't explain why, so it really isn't as simple as that.
    i doubt it has anything to do with you spending all your time on facebook is all i'm saying.
    not really fair to say that all their fans are children/teens either. particularly since their claim to fame was a good 10 years ago when most of said kids didnt even listen to/care about music
    yeah but those people listening to them in their hayday 10 years ago were also kids/teens. That has always been the largest part of linkin park's fanbase.
    and to ammend my statement a bit, this band came out when i was in highschool, there is nobody i know from then who would go back and watch linkin park videos because they were fans 10 years ago anymore in the same way they don't really want to relive limp bizkit or something. somethings you just gotta let die.
    I do not like the new Linkin Park, but I like their first two albums, and I think many have it the same way, thus they still get hits from people like me. So I think its because they appeal to a vast array of people, with the combination of their old albums and their new ones.
    I'd imagine Slipknot could gain a billion views too if they threw away everything that made them famous in the first place and began catering to the mainstream
    So you mean throw away everything that put them into the mainstream... to go into the mainstream again?
    You could hardly have picked a worse example.
    Let's rephrase - if Slipknot stopped playing their guitars and played mostly techno music, then maybe they'd get a billion views too
    Linkin Park got poplar for their original sound, which already had a shit ton of electronics in it (even the guitars were highly over-processed they were barely guitars). I'd even dare to say Slipknot and Linkin Park pre-A Thousand Suns are more popular and have more hit songs than most techno artists. Unless you're one of those that thinks electronic=mainstream shit.
    Other You tube favorites are: People falling down Public fights where no one lands anything Vehicle crashes Little girls who are desperate to be famous Is that a compliment to Linkin Park?
    someone sounds bitter.
    Someone has poor reading comprehension.
    because you have a vendetta against little girls who want to be famous? get real.
    It's worse than I thought. What did that even mean?
    your trying to insist youtube's popular videos all reach out to the lowest common denominator. Sounds like bitterness to me.
    What is it with you and English? I didn't "insist" anything, and if I had a "vendetta against little girls" you would be hearing about my crimes on the national news. What I did was make some observations and ask a question. Are we done now?