Linkin Park Are the 'Biggest Rock Band in the World Right Now'

artist: Linkin Park date: 08/28/2014 category: music news

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Linkin Park Are the 'Biggest Rock Band in the World Right Now'
Kerrang! magazine has posted the list of the "60 Biggest Bands on the Planet Right Now."

It's unclear what criteria did they use while making this list, but the results may offend the hardcore rock and metal fans.

Well, according to Kerrang!, the biggest rock band in the world right now are Linkin Park (maybe they liked "The Hunting Party" very much).

Check out the full list below (oh, BTW, it doesn't say "best band," right?).

Also, who, do you think, are the biggest band?

The Biggest 60 Bands in the World Right Now:

1. Linkin Park

2. Fall Out Boy

3. Metallica

4. Foo Fighters

5. Iron Maiden

6. Blink-182

7. Biffy Clyro

8. Slipknot

9. Paramore

10. Queens of the Stone Age

Wondering who else is on the list? Check the Kerrang!'s list here.
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