Linkin Park Booked For AMAs

They're the only rock act booked to grace the stage at the American Music Awards. Vote for your favorite rock act in the Alternative Rock Music category here.

Ultimate Guitar

Linkin Park will rock the stage at the American Music Awards next month, where they are up for an Alternative Rock Music award.

They will join pop acts including Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj at the event on November 18, which is in its 40th year.

For the first time, the AMA have introduced an Electronic Dance Music category, possibly as a means to champion Skrillex in another corner or the contemporary market.

You can vote for Linkin Park or any other act at the AMA website.

In other recent Linkin Park news, they have become the first band to earn over 1 billion hits on YouTube - miles ahead of Red Hot Chili Peppers at around 330 million hits and Green Day at 250 million. It wasn't long ago that their breakthrough album "Hybrid Theory" hit the 10 million sales mark too.

Should the American Music Awards have more of a place for rock music, or is it a celebration for another world? Let us know your view in the comments.

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    Artist of the year: Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, or Rihanna. I just gave up there.
    Best Rock/Pop Group: fun., Maroon 5, One Direction, The Wanted Best Alt Rock: Linkin Park, Gotye, The Black Keys
    Rock music is celebratory in its own right, both in naming the joys of the world and in helping people deal with discomfort. No music award can change that, nor impact the connection between musicians and listeners.
    Umm doesnt Alternitive mean to find another way of making or doing or being somthing? Cuz if so Linkin Park is doing exactly what the word Alternative itself is and alternative can be screamo to rap alternative music is just a new way of making music like skrillex and also LP can do what they what they dont give a crap if u dont like them cuz you know what they still have the people that helped them get into the game and they worked harder than everyone else cuz they were rejected so they made THEMSELVES famous and they then were accepted. THEY BUSTED THEIR *** TO GET THIS FAR AND THEY WILL NOT TAKE **** FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU!
    "Linkin Park will rock the stage at the American Music Awards next month, where they are up for an Alternative Rock Music award." Ok, Im usually not the one to tell otherwise, but shouldnt this be given up to a more relevant band in alternative like The Gaslight Anthem? Again, ive probably said this before, but LP used to be my favorite band back in the good ol' days with their first 2 album releases, but i just cannot see how theyre still relevant...
    So many other good rock acts out there. How is rock not really relevant in the mainstream anymore?