Linkin Park Close Second Night of Download Festival Playing 'Hybrid Theory' in Full

Meanwhile, the band mastermind Mike Shinoda says that "rock's not moving the needle of culture," admits his band are partly to blame.

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Linkin Park performed their debut album "Hybrid Theory" in full as they closed out the second day (June 14) of Download Festival.

As NME notes, before the band made their fourth appearance as headliners of the festival, a video played explaining why they had decided to honour the album, something that co-frontman Mike Shinoda made clear onstage would be a rarity. Shinoda - who started the set sporting a red Mohawk wig, in tribute to the hairstyle he had when the album was first released in 2000 - told the crowd "This is a special night for us, we've never done this before."

After the band worked through "Hybrid Theory," they then played a second set that drew from across their career and included three tracks from the upcoming album "The Hunting Party," including "Guilty All the Same," "Until It's Gone" and "Wastelands." Shinoda paused before the second set to joke with the crowd, saying "If this was 2001 we'd be done now!" He then showed the large crowd a finished copy of their new album and proceeded to throw it into the crowd. The second set also saw the first UK live airings of tracks from the band's 2012 album "Living Things," an album the band did not tour in this country. The show lasted for almost two hours and included 25 songs.

In the other news, Shinoda said in an interview with (via Classic Rock) that rock music has lost the plot – and his own band are partly to blame.

But he believes that Linkin Park have addressed the issue with next week's album "The Hunting Party," and he plans to keep working to bring back the power.

"Rock music has gone in this direction that's like indie-pop jingles," he stressed. "It's like songs that could be on the Disney Channel. I don't want to follow that trend."

He revealed telling guitarist Brad Delson: "'Our bassist Dave Farrell told me you're one of the best guitar players he'd ever met. Do you think our fans know that? What do you think the 14-year-old Brad thinks of you right now?

"'That kid was listening to heavy metal and shredding in his room all day. That's the kid you want to impress.'"

He added: "Rock music – even the most popular bands – isn't really influencing the zeitgeist. It's not moving the needle of pop culture." And he admitted not having all the answers. "All I know is what we can do as a band; we've made the best record we can make right now.

"I don't want rock to be pop. I do want it to be exciting – and right now, it's moderately exciting."

Linkin Park's Download 2014 set:

01. Papercut
02. One Step Closer
03. With You
04. Points of Authority
05. Crawling
06. Runaway
07. By Myself
08. In the End
09. A Place for My Head
10. Forgotten
11. Cure for the Itch
12. Pushing Me Away
13. The Catalyst/The Requiem mashup intro
14. Guilty All the Same
15. Given Up
16. Wastelands
17. Burn It Down
18. Waiting for the End
19. Numb
20. No More Sorrow/The Catalyst/Until It's Gone mashup intro
21. Until It's Gone
22. Lost in the Echo (short)
23. New Divide (short)24. What I've Done25. Bleed It Out

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    well that's better than what they did in rock im park. they did some weird remix including most of their hit songs, and only played the new songs in full. They raped Castle of Glass that night.
    I was on their live show in Wroclaw. Same setlist. Great stuff, they cropped those songs which are well-known already. And Castle of Glass was awesome.
    Would love to see a pro shot of this whole concert. Fuck I would probably buy it if they released it. Can't wait for the new album tomorrow.
    Probably?! Why wouldn't you?!!! LP just keeps getting better, definitely would buy it!
    hunting party rocks and is harder than hybrid theory but thay sound realy good when you play them one after another
    Jacques Nel
    This is coming from someone who grew up with LP, and who started making music because of them... The Hunting Party is a step in the right direction, however it feels forced and rushed. They definitely have the right mentality back, and I hope they step even more back to those roots from which they came with albums such as Hybrid Theory and Meteora. They didn't lie when they said this album is a prequel to HT as it sounds old school garage punk rock-ish.
    Especially Guilty All The Same. The guitar sounded very raw but the bass sounded done up so I dunno what to make of it. Awesome song though, favorite part is the bridge before Rakim's verse
    I find the bass lacking on the Hunting Party aswell. It was more prominent on HT & Meteora which added to the listening experience.
    No, like the bass guitar. In Guilty All The Same the tone is extremely high with enough bass to get that perfect tone. Never heard anything perfect live, I was comparing that the guitar tracks sounded less edited than the bass tracks
    I understand. However, the issue I brought up still stands. lol
    I didn't notice any lacking bass. It's a rap-metal album. It ain't always gonna have bass. A Thousand Suns had a lot of bass because they were moving towards something else that showed all the bass and Living Things was the same way but a move closer to their old sound. So the bass is there but it's just not as noticeable with all the guitars now
    That picture had me cracking up. Chester is missing a blonde wig, though.
    Could definitely swap a few songs in there for Faint and Breaking the Habit!
    Okay folks, time to eat my words: Had my sister take me out to the record store to buy Te Hunting Party, FUCKING HEAVY AS HELL!!!! Keys To The Kingodom is some of the heaviest shit I've heard in forever. Y'all just HAVE to go out and buy this cd or hopefully they'll have it on vinyl!!! I definitely prefer it over Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
    Why do we have a report on this? We already knew LP were going to be playing the Hybrid Theory album in full at Download. "Breaking News: Band actually plays album set they had promised for festival" Tune in tomorrow to find out if Aerosmith played "Love In An Elevator" in their set to finish the final day of Download!
    It amazes me that Linkin Park is still relevant today 14 years later. I was a huge LP fan as were all of my friends and everyone i knew back in the day, but not one of us still listens to LP anymore, we've all moved on and listen to harder stuff. i don't get it, who are the people still jamming LP? Most bands die off and fade when they start releasing garbage after very successful debut and sophomore records. The only thing i can think of is they have somehow managed to gain new fans who were either really young upon hybrid theories release or not born yet. They don't realize LP isn't cool anymore or they "used" to be awesome. The other conclusion is girls are buying their albums after they sold out, women tend to be the driving force in what gets played on pop radio and at clubs etc. If i put on some old LP in the car by chance, most ppl respond by saying damn! havn't heard this shit in forever
    Not quite; there's a very large market for people who want to listen to rock music, but don't want to feel pushed by intensity or aggression. - Much larger than for those who like the vibe of, say (for example) Megadeth. Linkin Park is neither intense nor aggressive, but still has all the ingredients of an accessible rock band. They are the "Amazing Spiderman" of modern music... And will continue to be so. - Not to say that's good or bad, it's just not very challenging or engaging and not everyone wants to be challenged or engaged by their music.
    Black Hazard
    Isn't this "large easy-listening" market listening to that rap garbage nowadays? I'm not just talking about metalheads, literally no one listens to these old ass rock bands anymore. It's gotta be you internet dwellers that are keeping them afloat.
    I disagree with your statement. Hugely. Every band needs to change, don't matter if you don't like the change. If they gain more fans, then shit. They gain more fans. I actually prefer their old stuff also but A Thousand Suns and Living Things were total kick-ass!!!!! Victimized was crazy as hell when I first heard it, heaviest song of theirs I'd heard of theirs in awhile. Then it led into Roads Untraveled, one of my favorite LP songs. I don't care what path they take, I'll always love them!
    Black Hazard
    I know right? Same thing with Foo Fighters and all these other old ass bands I see news stories about. Who the hell is listening to these people anymore? Not anyone I know or see, that's for damn sure.
    Music is subjective - so yours & I's opinion doesn't conclude what is actually correct or incorrect. I enjoy good melodies & succinct guitar playing. But I also enjoy Fear Factory, Mudvayne, Slipknot, A Band of Orcs etc. Those bands have melody but not as straightforward as LP. Again it's all subjective. Keep that in mind next time you ask a question like that.
    Slipknot=Shitknot. And I don't enjoy harmonies very much, too light. But LP does it right for me! I'm more a death/industrial/thrash/glam/speed metal kinda guy. Then there's the indie and alternative rock. So I like pretty much anything, really
    Their new album is moderately exciting. Could be so much better, but instead we've got like 5 singles and 7 filler tracks. Still their best release since Meteora.
    I am not too fond of THP. To me A Thousand Suns is the best and Meteora is 2nd, Hybrid Theory 3rd. THP just seems cliche, especially Until It's Gone. But I'll buy the album tomorrow and listen to it. I like albums more on CD
    The Hunting Party is a terrible album. I don't understand what they're trying to achieve here.
    Buying it later today. Let's just find out. I'll probably love it after the first time all the way through
    That setlist looks brilliant. Caught them in late 2010, disappointed they didn't tour Living Things here but hopefully they'll be back in the UK again touring The Hunting Party.