Linkin Park Get Rock Walk Honour

Hollywood induction takes place day after launch of "The Hunting Party."

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Linkin Park are to be inducted into the Guitar Center Rock Walk later this month, it's been confirmed (via Metal Hammer).

The band will attend the ceremony on Sunset Boulevard the day after the release of sixth album "The Hunting Party" – and Guitar Center chairman Dave Weiderman believes it's high time.

He says: "Innovative and influential: those are the two major traits we look to honour with the Rock Walk, and Linkin Park has them in spades."

Frontman Chester Bennington reports: "We're honoured to have our music recognised by our peers. To be added to the Rock Walk on Sunset Boulevard, right where we started, is pretty surreal. We're really grateful to be here alongside so many of the artists that inspired us."

Bandmate Mike Shinoda recently told how the band made a conscious decision to change tack with "The Hunting Party" – even though their management warned them it would be a bad move.

He said: "We needed to weed out a lot of the soft, emo approach to our music. We needed to weed out anything that feels aggressive for aggression's sake. We're not 18-year-old kids making a loud record – we're 37-year-old adults making a loud record."

The follow-up to 2012's "Living Things" is released on June 17 – just days after Linkin Park deliver classic album "Hybrid Theory" in full at this year's Download festival.

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    *insert irrelivant, inevitable comment of how they suck now*
    Everyone may dislike their non-nu metal works, but no one argues they're really diversed and influenced a lot of youngsters who picked up guitars and started writing and playing.
    I'm just gonna keep saying it, A Thousand Suns is a masterpiece. It's a shame people can't see past the fact that it's not nu-metal and just appreciate it for what it is. Which is a brilliantly orchestrated electronic rock concept album.
    Dude, I'm glad atleast one other person thinks so! A Thousand Suns is the best album they've written. I wish they'd keep the more progressive feel to their music.
    I'm sure if I was an electronic fan I'd like it, but boy did it leave a sour taste in my mouth listening to it after waiting for it for years.
    No, it wasn't masterpiece. I don't mind lack of heavy guitars, but whole album was rather bland. If other tracks had the same mood like first two (which was rather more like introductions than full feature tracks) then yes, it would be a kickass album.
    Same mood? I thought the first two tracks were a pretty accurate preview of the rest of the album, especially since the first track is just foreshadowing The Catalyst...
    Agreed! i totally love A Thousand Suns! first time i heard it i hated it! then i kept listening to it over and over and it really clicked, it's such a fantastic electro synth rock concept album!
    My problem with a thousand suns was the amount of interludes. I thought it was really unnecessary. Still some LP classics on that album!
    That's actually what I loved about it. It's definitely not an album that's meant to have tracks pop up here and there when your iPod's on shuffle. You're meant to listen to it from start to finish as a 45-minute experience. And that is super rare in popular bands these days.
    the only only I didn't like was "empty Spaces". I like the whole crickets and boots leading into "When they come fore me" but its just too short.
    Not a fan, but appreciate what they have laid down for their genre. They've been playing for a while.
    You know what contrary to popular belief I think these guys deserve it, Hybrid Theory was a freakin' awesome album and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Everything else wasn't as good IMO but nevertheless, they deserve it.
    One of the greatest bands
    Memory In Death
    They really are, in my humble opinion. At least in the 00s. I got into music because of Linkin Park, and now I listen to various other stuff, but Linkin Park will always have a place in my heart.
    Memory In Death
    Anyone saying that LP aren't diverse and innovative don't know what they're talking about. It's their diversity that still makes them relevant today. If you noticed, a lot of popular bands from the early 2000s that rose to fame along with LP are no where to be found now. But LP managed to hold on, and that's a great thing.
    If you want an innovative band, you should listen to RADIOHEAD or at least NINE INCH NAILS not this 5 powerchord crap
    Those are great bands. I'm a huge NIN and Reznor fan myself (look at my username), but you can't deny the influence Linkin Park has had on mainstream music. They're still relevant and I'm sure many new rock fans start with LP. They deserve this one!
    I wouldn't really call LP innovative, but they have been pretty influential, for better or worse.
    I personally think that each of their albums is better than the last. Living Things is just brilliant and will be a hard album to beat.