Linkin Park: LPU 11 Annual Membership Giveaway

Linkin Park Underground 11 has officially launched this month. And today Ultimate Guitar is giving away LPU Annual Membership to one lucky reader.

Ultimate Guitar

Linkin Park Underground 11 has officially been launched this month. And today Ultimate Guitar is giving away LPU Annual Membership (valued at $60) to one lucky reader.

The LPU11 Annual Membership Includes:

  • New benefits including early entry to Linkin Park shows and downloads of LPU-TV episodes
  • All existing benefits are still included such as access to meet & greets, presale tickets and invitations to LPU Summits, exclusive downloads and more
  • Membership package including a T-shirt, membership laminate and lanyard, LPU flag, and an earplug case and earplugs
  • A brand new website and online community EXCLUSIVELY for LPU members
  • FREE worldwide shipping for LPU11 Annual merchandise packages

    For your chance to win post "LPU 11" in the comments section below with explanation why you should be chosen as a winner. NOTE: The giveaway is available for all countries.

    Linkin Park are also releasing their annual LPU CD:

    "The LPU11 CD is filled with unreleased demos from Hybrid Theory to A Thousand Suns. Some of the songs on this CD are early versions of familiar songs, such as the In The End demo. Other songs on this CD never made it on a Linkin Park album and remained unfinished and in raw form. All of the songs represent the journey it takes to create an album as a whole, and we're excited to share them with you."

    Visit to find out more and to join LPU11 today.

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      LPU 11 I should win because I'm trying to score with high school girls and they like your music.
      LPU11.Because i will resell the Account on Ebay and save for some Bareknuckle Pickups.
      LPU 11. I would like to be chosen because I do quite like their old stuff, and am interested in hearing these cool demos, but I spent all my money on guinness, thus I cannot afford such membership delights...
      LPU11. Because this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air
      I think I shoulb be a winner because i am a true fan of linkin park plus i live in Tajikistan (central asia) and there is nobody in my country who is a member of LPU 11 and if i win i will represent LPU in tajikistan
      LPU11 ! I should win, beacause I don't want to, and life is unfair =/
      I think everyone should given one, because all the f*cking comments are getting downvotes from others that commented....
      LPU 11 because I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter.
      I like how all the serious ones get down rated, and all the sarcastic ones get up rated.
      Reading some of the serious posts is kinda funny because if they were such huge linkin park fans, you'd think they'd already have a membership.
      LPU 11. Because I forfeited the game before somebody else took me out of the frame and put my name to shame, I covered up my face, because I couldn't run the race - the pace was too fast I just didn't last
      LPU 11 Because I'm awesome, but I can't think of a story sad enough to make me worthy of winning.
      LPU11 - I remember when Hybrid theory came out and I loved it. Then I grew up and started listening to (in my opinion) much better music than their shit.
      LPU11 Because i'm disabled on a wheelchair living from state money and there's no way in hell i could ever afford this )=
      $hithappen$16 wrote: LPU 11 I've been listening to Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory. I have every single one of their albums and they were the first rock band that i had ever listened to. I've bought every dvd and pretty much anything with the LP name on it. I've even purchased albums from the guys various solo projects. I love these guys so much and i admire the fact that they're not afraid to switch their style up with each album. The wall of my room is decorated head to toe with album artwork. I was so bummed when i missed mike shinod's art exhibit but i always check out whatever pieces he posts on the internet. Please pick me it would so make my life P.S. you guys can thumbs down if you want. its not my problem
      yeah, we can thumb down, because, in the end, it doesn't even matter.
      LPU 11. I deserve to be choosen as the winner as I really want to join LPU. I am a fan of linkin park since i was 9. As i was very small at that time, i could not buy the CDs and always listen it on youtube and radio. When i am old enough, I started buying the CDs. I always read every news about LP and felt happy whenever they won an award or an album have just come out. Soon, i started making videos on LP music lyrics. During school, i always tell my friend how good is LP and make them like at least one song. now,all my friends have listen to at least 3 songs from LP and i have make 20 people become fans of LP. I started making friends with LP soldiers and i felt happy whenever i chat with them on twitter. I always wanted LPU, and my parents promise me that they will let me join if i score well. I was motivated by LP and started working hard. I ended up getting 2nd in class. However my parents broke my promise.Right now, I am trying for everything so that i can join LPU.
      LPU 11. I should be chosen as the winner because while I have only been a fan of LP for a few years, no other band speaks to me in the way Linkin Park does. I love all of their music, including their new stuff. In my opinion, A Thousand Suns is miles better than Hybrid Theory or Meteora. There is no "old" or "new" LP to me. Their music has gotten me through many tough times in my life. Before I discovered Linkin Park, I hated all genres of music besides straight rock. As I listened to Linkin Park more and more, I found my musical tastes finally opening up to hip hop and electronic music. I look up to each of the guys in Linkin Park and I'm so glad that they put the money they make towards Music for Relief and helping people in need. So in short, Linkin Park has been a major factor in shaping me into the man I am today and I have tried to scrape together money every year the new membership package is announced, but it just never happens, unfortunately. I would be honored to be part of the LPU.
      I will do anything for this membership. I will even suck the dick of each member of linkin park
      LPU11 I like linkin park but i don't really give a flying **** about membership clubs for any band. Give me the prize so i can laugh at everyone else while wasting it.
      LPU 11 I may know every song off by heart, I may play them religiously through the house every day because they always have a song i can relate to no matter how I'm feeling. I've listened to in the end and breaking the habit more than I've listened to my mother, and I'm looking forward to the next studio album more than i'm looking forward to Christmas, I ALWAYS attempt the scream to given up, and Going from Hybrid theory to a thousand suns and everything in between, I've yet to hear a song I Don't like. I've spent hours learning their material and playing it live, and the thrill of playing Linkin park never fades! Yet I've never gotten to see my favorite band live. And I may still not deserve it, but my girlfriend certainly does for being an equally big fan and for being generally awesome!!!:L
      LPU 11 Been a fan of Linkin Park for awhile - one of the first bands that started getting me into rock. Seriously learning guitar now (dedicating large amounts of time to it), would love to go to one of their concerts and watch and learn from them.
      LPU11. I should be chosen because, I am the chosen one. You will make me the winner. (Jedi mind trick)
      LPU11. I would like to be chosen because everything Linkin Park stand for I stand for. Creating superb music, charitable towards unfortunate countries, and treat their fans with respect. Choose me please and thank you.
      LPU 11. I should be chosen because I think A Thousand Suns was one of the band's most creative sparks to date and I look forward to hearing the journey towards it.
      LPU 11 - I think you guys owe it to me for buying and dealing with A thousand Suns and Chester's solo project.
      Franko 316 wrote: oh yeah. LPU 11 because I just -1'd everybody's comments above my own to get that extra step ahead!
      Where does it say the winner will be the one with the most up votes?
      LPU11. i should be the winner because linkin park isnt relevant on a site like this anymore
      Amuro Jay
      LPU 11 - I've been listening to Linkin Park for about 11 years now and I've loved everything they've put out. I think they just get better with time.
      Franko 316
      oh yeah. LPU 11 because I just -1'd everybody's comments above my own to get that extra step ahead!
      LPU 11. I've been a LP fan since the hybrid theory days, But I have never acutally been part of the LPU (I never thought $60 a year was worth it), and coming back into the LPU would just be a great prize. I go to LP concerts whenever possible so the ability to go to meet and greets would just be amazing.
      LPU 11 I think I deserve it because I'm a huge fan. When Hybrid Theory first came out, I wasn't much into music really. But then my brother got the album, and played it in his car a lot. At first I thought eeh what's with all the screaming, I don't get it. But after a couple of listens, I was sold. The thing grew on me, and kept doing so! It was the first thing ever to make me crazy about music. I started really reading lyrics and thinking about them. And then there were the videos,I loved the videos! And then Joseph Hahn even directed a bunch of them, which just made it even cooler! When I got my first band T-Shirt ever, obviously it was a LP T-Shirt, with the winged soldier, along with a sweet poster. I had finally turned into a fan, the kind that was on the verge of annoying. The next couple of years, I started reading every tidbit of news on Linkin Park, on my favorite LP sites. I started getting my hands on all the rarities I could find online, demos and b-sides. Heck I even started downloading videos of LP, which took an eternity on my 56k moden, which cost 2 bucks an hour! Since they kindled my love for music, my taste has expanded a whole lot, but I still listen to Linkin Park all the time. Waiting for the end is probably my favorite LP song so far, and the video just made it so much better, loved everything about it! When I was younger, I hoped one day to be a musician, and be able to sing like Chester. Today I play bass in a band, I play a lot of guitar in my free time when writing music, and I can sing and scream, if not nearly as well as Chester There's much more I could say about my love for LP, my occasionally annoyed friend could tell you as much. But you get the point, LP have always been a part of my life and will always be an inspiration And with all that cheese out of the way, I live in the Faroe Islands, which means I'm almost never allowed to participate in contests. Also means I'm gonna have to spend a bunch of money to actually see LP live one day. So yeah, the LPU 11 membership would just be freaking sweet!