Linkin Park Release 'Rebellion' Lyric Video

New song off the upcoming album "Hunting Party" features guest appearance from Daron Malakian.

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Linkin Park have released a lyric video for "Rebellion" featuring System Of A Down's Daron Malakian, a track from the band's forthcoming album, "The Hunting Party."

Due June 17, the album also sees guest appearances from Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, Helmet's Page Hamilton and rapper Rakim.

The follow-up to 2012's "Living Things" is the first project by the band since lead singer Chester Bennington joined Stone Temple Pilots last year.

The day after the album's release, Linkin Park will be inducted into the Guitar Center's RockWalk.

"We're honored to have our music recognized by our peers," says Bennington. "But to be added to Guitar Center's RockWalk on Sunset Blvd, right where we started, is pretty surreal. We're really grateful to be here alongside so many of the artists that inspired us."

Linkin Park will launch a co-headlining North American tour with 30 Seconds To Mars starting August 8 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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    Very impressed by this song. Daron did a fantastic job on guitar and Mike's voice worked well. As with all the others songs released off of the album so far however I'm finding Chester's voice severely lacking.
    Like everyone else is saying, I think this is great but Chester's voice just doesn't seem as passionate as usual, which is weird because his passion and intensity is usually a highlight of LP.
    I like listening to this only because of the music, actually, lol. Just makes me want a new SOAD/Scars album.
    Chester sounds like he is totally uninterested...Rest did great job though, good song overall.
    Of all the songs they've released so far for this new album, I enjoy this one the most by far. No uninspired vocals by Chester. You can definitely hear the SOAD influence in the riff and the drums, and the backing vocals here and there. Great song.
    Chesters voice when he's singing is bloody awful, its sort of gone really pop punk and whiny. But he does still have it with the screaming. The guitars in this are great but like others have said it just makes me more excited for System/Scars stuff than LP.
    Memory In Death
    Mike should start singing more. Absolutely love his voice. And yeah, this is my favorite of the 4 so far, though I really liked the other ones too. Btw, you're late on the reporting, UG. This track came out 3 days ago.
    I actually like this. I mean I religiously listened to LP in my teens but totally stopped after buying Minutes to Midnight. Now when listening to their new material I always think if I'd liked it before I stopped listening to LP and never listen to it again, but this song kind of sounds like something I'd listen to right now.
    Yeah, just not into Chester's singing. I love how SOAD influenced it is though.
    This album's shaping up to be a good one, really looking forward to hearing it in its entirety. Malakian's added complexity guitarwise to the song is a winner. That being said, whatever happened to releasing an album in full all at once? Not really a complaint, more an observation...
    I guess Chester's voice will be the main problem of this album. You could have heard it on "Guilty all the same" as well... he probably wasn't in shape or didn't have the right passion during the recording sessions
    In fairness, he was writing & recording with STP at the same time he was recording for this new LP album.
    Getting mixed signals with this album, Mike's rapping is great, the instruments are mediocre, but Chester's singing is just damn awful, what happened to him?
    Meh. Alright. Best they've made in a while, but nothing has really made me raise my eyebrow since "New Divide".
    Cool, in denial. We're the cruel regulators smoking cigaro, cigaro, cigaro... I instantly thought of this with the riff that Daron lays down here.
    Per usual, piss poor. Adolescent tweenwave garbage from a band that can't spell it's own name.
    I finally figured out what actually bothers me about LP's sound. It's the voice of Bennington..
    I've just heard the album, be prepared to be disappointed