Linkin Park Singer Officially Joins Stone Temple Pilots

Chester Bennington replaces Scott Weiland, the band have released a brand new song with new frontman.

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Stone Temple Pilots have replaced their fired founding singer Scott Weiland with Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, Antiquiet reports.

If that's not enough of a surprise, they've also revealed a brand new song with Chester on vocals called "Out of Time," which you can hear in the Soundcloud player below.

The surprise lineup was revealed at the annual KROQ Weenie Roast Concert in California at the weekend, which you can see in the YouTube player below.

They appeared after a set from Vampire Weekend, and began with a man on the drum riser with his back to the audience for the opening line of "Vasoline." Rolling Stone describes the moment he delivered the opening line to "Vasoline": "And with that, the venue exploded as Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington turned and leaped into action ... Bennington did such an admirable job recreating Weiland's vocals on songs like 'Sex Type Thing' and 'Wicked Garden' that one listener backstage thought it had been the former STP frontman."

Chester admitted in a statement that he's a long-term fan of the band, so he's probably living out a teenage dream by fronting them right now. But he's also reassured Linkin Park fans that he won't leave Linkin Park for his teenage idols.

"I've loved STP since I was 13 years old and they've had a huge influence on me," explained Bennington. "When the opportunity came up to do something creative with them, I jumped at the chance. The guys in Linkin Park have been incredibly supportive of me undertaking this project while I've continued to work on new music with LP."

Watch Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington in his debut performance with Stone Temple Pilots at the annual KROQ Weenie Roast here:

YouTube preview picture

Listen to the brand new Stone Temple Pilots song "Out of Time" featuring Chester Bennington on vocals here:

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    I thought this would sound terrible, i'm very impressed with Chester's performance here
    As much as I love LP I thought it would be bad. This is pretty damn good.
    they can go ahead and keep playing but my god he doesnt cut it when they go back and play "plush" and other gritty grunge classics (youd have to say its at least an adjustment for fans and i didnt enjoy that rendition of dead and bloated). not gonna be that optimistic. new track sounds good for what it is, doesnt sound anything like STP tho.
    STP isn't grunge you dumbass
    I don't know, I would call Core pretty grungy.
    naaa grunge were a whole bunch of bands that started out in seattle in the 90's its a broad genre that was just used to describe the bands that came from that area. but if you look at them theyre all different styles Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, alice in chains, the pixies, dinosaur jr., etc. None of them resemble in in any way except that they started out in seattle. STP is not from seattle. So no they arent grunge
    Actually STP is technically Grunge, there lyrics are about apathy and depression. not to mention how loud and distorted there guitars were.
    The song rocks. Chester nailed it!
    He's not bad, great singer overall. Of course I'd prefer Scott coming back because STP is weird without his voice but if they MUST have another singer Chester's good enough.
    Yeah, same here. I'd still prefer it if they changed their name, like RATM, Black Sabbath, and Creed did when their singers left.
    Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Born Again, Seventh Star, The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, TYR, Dehumanizer, Cross Purposes, Forbidden No original singers here.
    Was beyond worried when I read this, but Chester really impressed me! Best case scenario is STP gets back to making music with a steady vocalist, and Chester starts showing off his vocal talents again in a band not tanking like LP. Great for both parties involved!
    "Chester Bennington announces that he'll also be fronting Velvet Revolver because "Fuck you Scott Weiland"
    Huge shocker, but after listening to him with them I thought, "Maybe they both need this." STP have been looking for a replacement and Chester can really grow musically by playing with them. His voice is good, but has room for improvement which is pretty awesome. I don't say that much about vocalists that are already established.
    Would not have called that. I'll be curious to see how it goes though. I'm not an LP fan but Chester's a pretty solid vocalist. He's gravellier than I would have expected from an STP vocal replacement.
    he's got that Layne Staley snarl on him, but with more grit and anger. Can't wait to hear what Chester does outside of Linkin Park.
    Grit and anger in a similar style to Layne, but hes no where near having more than Layne. Also Laynes voice was just a powerhouse live. Not saying that Chesters isnt, but Layne is in a whole different class.
    More grit and anger than Layne Staley? I think Chester is great for what he does, but that's really not well thought out.
    Chester is one of the best sing/scream combination vocalists around. He is devil live, love him.
    Already sounds better than Linkin Park.
    I think it sounds different than Linkin Park. Different styles cannot be compared in this case.
    Have you heard the last linkin park cd? This is definitely better and different at the same time and my reception of the new stp song was luke warm which says a lot for what linkin park is doing but I was listening to them before hybrid theory hit shelves so I have a right to complain.
    Do you realize that comparing Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots and comparing Depeche Mode and Megadeth is exactly the same? Different styles. One band is good and the other is good. It's just the question of taste.
    Do you realize that two different situations are not the exact same thing? I think you meant "are practically the same thing" but even then it's not really true. Because Linkin Park and STP could both be considered Alt. Rock bands where as Megadeth and Depeche Mode are in totally unrelated genres.
    I don't blame STP for continuing on. Seriously, Weiland screwed them over with his selfish ways. If the Deleo brothers want to play their songs, they shouldn't be held back. Chester's vocals on this track surprised me.
    Bennington is actually quite a good singer, I think this is a good choice for him.
    I bet scott weiland is pissed as hell after this. I cant see a reason to get rid of Bennington after the way he sounded on that other than scheduling conflicts with Linkin Park
    the match is really excellent! he's definitely no scott weiland, but the sound is absolutely fresh, raw STP
    Chester Bennington has a solid voice, always wanted to see what he can do outside of LP. Looking forward to this!
    I'm not a fan of Bennington, but I have to accept the fact that he fits. And I think I'm open to check them out, but I'm gonna miss Scott anyway
    Wow. I wasn't expecting this to happen at all. I thought STP was dead and gone, and Chester is probably the last person I'd expect to join them. But this is amazing. I'm really, really impressed.
    My thoughts exactly, Chester is actually a really good singer. LP had a good handful of radio winners but, always thought Chester should of been doing something a bit harder in music, with his voice type. He really does have a good metal voice.
    Totally agree. Never liked LP, always thought he might be better off in a heavier band. That said, LP apparently is at the limits of heavy for him in terms of his own tastes (yeah, I know...), so this is the most unexpectedly great thing he could have done.
    Thank god, i hope the rock influence can pass back over to linkin park... i don't enjoy linkin parks recent work
    Will he also sing for Velvet Revolver? I guess we'll wait until tomorrow for the latest Slash-related news.
    Hate on LP all you want, Chester is a great vocalist, and he does the song justice. Too bad he's in such mediocre bands.
    Check out his project Dead by Sunrise, some of the songs are a lot deeper IMO.
    Keeping the fact that both LP and STP are not mediocre in mind, I just cannot get into your words. And yes - Linkin Park is not mediocre band. There are a lot of reasons to say that. And all the music preferrances don't allow anyone a possibility to call any band mediocre.
    They're pretty mediocre nowadays..
    They don't sound much different now than they did before.
    Oh yeah? Do you really think Living Things sounds like Meteora or Hybrid Theory?
    Living things was a great mix of (in my opinion which means most people on this site probably won't agree) the old sound and the new. I love linkin park but even I'd like to erase A Thousand Suns. ATS was way to much electronics whereas LT brought back Mike's rapping along with Chester's amazing vocal talent.
    @TryTheKetcup: LP not mediocre? Please cite your musical reasons as to why they're above mediocre.
    Subjectivity. I'm not the biggest LP fan but you can't really cite musical reasons for being objectively mediocre or not, only why it might not fit the music you like.
    I would do that, but why should I if I know I won't change anyone's mind? So, please, let's pretend that you don't give a f--k about what I'm sayin' as much as I do about you.
    I like it. Chester is a younger and way more powerful vocal presence than Scott, and I think he gives STP a lot of energy. Can't say I won't miss Scott though
    Can't stand LP, but this is pretty good. Granted his voice is a bit overpowered, but it's far beyond my expectations. The only part that kinda bothers me is that he dressed just like Weiland in that one pic, and sports similar shades in this video
    I wouldn't be worried too much by the shades and appearance. He was in sunglasses and all leather when LP's Minutes to Midnight came out. Check the video for What I've Done.
    I called it that Mike Portnoy would leave Dream Theater the day Avenged Sevenfold announced he'd do the studio work for Nightmare but never would I guess that Chester would take Scott's place in STP.
    Sounds like a blend of Scott and Richard Patrick. Wonder if they'll do AOA songs live. That would be damn cool.
    I always liked Bennington's voice, for me it was the rap flair of Linkin Park that I wasn't a fan of.
    Not bad. Not great. I'll give it a B-. Robert's a great writer and Dean always delivers.
    I'm OK with that. I'm not a fan of Linkin Park, but Chester is a very good singer.
    Good for him. Linkin park lost me after minutes to midnite. i liked the first album and then they went on a downward spiral fast
    This song sounds like a rip-off of She builds quick machines from Velvet Revolver. It sounds more like a band trying to sound like STP than actual STP. Chester's a gifted singer, regardless of the quality of LP's last few efforts, I should be able to expect something better.
    I think this is actually a one-off song, not him actually joining the band permanently, judging off the blurbs on the STP site. But he still did a surprisingly good job of it.
    I'm open to this, but to me it just sounds awkward. I'm not a fan of LP, either, but it's clear that he's trying to emulate STP's sound when he should just be himself.
    Not bad, actually. His voice is a bit worn out since the earlier LP days, but he did a very good job here.
    Interesting. I saw STP with Linkin Park way back in 2001. Back then, Scott and Chester did duo vocals for Dead and Bloated. I think this is gonna work. Hey, it's gotta be better than Audioslave.
    The chorus really sounds like "I can see they way you're pushing now,I can see the way they stood their ground" from She Builds Quick Machines by Velvet Revolver.
    was just about to write something very similar - reminds me of the same song plus the "yeeaahs" remind me of richard patrick's "yeaaahs". its a good song, sounds nice but I find it very weird being "STP" song without Scott
    the song's smell like first audioslave album - perfect, powerful, so alive and great! love it, want it, buy it!