Linkin Park Teamed Up With Heart and Travis Barker Onstage

artist: Linkin Park date: 01/13/2014 category: general music news

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Linkin Park Teamed Up With Heart and Travis Barker Onstage
Linkin Park have recently played their "Concert for the Phillippines" benefit show at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA. Organised by the band's "Music for Relief" charity fund, the event featured the appearance of various special guests, including the Offspring, Bad Religion, Tom Morello, Heart and more.

Linkin Park were joined by the number of guests onstage for a few songs. Ann and Nancy Wislon of Heart performed the band's "Castle of Glass" single off their latest studio record "Living Things," Incubus' Mike Einziger joined the band for "What I've Done" and "In the End," the final lines of the band's song "Iridescent" (off their fourth studio effort "A Thousand Suns") were sung by the Fihlarmonic, and the band's drummer Rob Bourdon played an epic drum solo with Blink 182's sticksman Travis Barker over the bridge of "Bleed It Out." Watch the footage of all of the collaborations below.

Last year, the band's co-founder and mastermind Mike Shinoda confirmed the release of Linkin Park's sixth studio album in 2014, giving a couple of comments on the record's sound: "I hesitate to say what it sounds like because every time I do that people take that and run with it and it ends up not - I mean, we change our minds about what's gonna happen every couple weeks."

In the other news, the band has announced their appearance at Download 2014, promising that they will perform their debut album "Hybrid Theory" in it's entirety.

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