Linkin Park Tease New Music From Latest Studio Sessions

Band also rumored to be doing a US tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI this fall.

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Giving a brief update on some fresh material, Linkin Park have posted a short studio teaser, sharing a piece of atmosphere and even a sample of actual new music.

The clip sees singer Mike Shinoda hovering the camera over the mixing board as a pumping heavy riff is blasting through the speakers. Make sure to check it out below.

In related news, the band is rumored to be doing a US tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI this fall. Some of the strong hints include a 30STM tweet saying "Guess what? Gigantic news coming tomorrow! RT if you're ready," as well as LP's official website featuring the image below.

Linkin Park recently shared a lengthy studio update noting that the group is "searching for the sound that truly captures where we're at as a band right now." Giving a tentative release date, Shinoda added:

"As ever, we're digging deep to craft the best songs that will set the tone for the next step, that will draw a line between what we're doing and everything else. We can't wait for you to hear it this summer." More info here.

YouTube preview picture

Guess what? GIGANTIC NEWS COMING TOMORROW!!! RT if you're ready. →

— MARS (@30SECONDSTOMARS) March 4, 2014

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    If that clip is any indication of what the album is going to sound like, then we're all in for a treat! Or atleast all the old LP fans! But if they go all out in the different direction than they were in the past few years, it's going to piss people off whether the songs sound good or not.
    While it does sound awesome, LP have done this whole bait and switch thing before. Leading up to "Minutes to midnight", they previewed 3 (or 4 if you count qwerty) songs. One was the lead single, What I've done, the other two were Given Up and No More Sorrow, which were played at the show before the album released. Those 3 (or 4) songs were the heaviest ones that ended up appearing on the album, with all other songs essentially being almost ballads
    That's right, Shawn. And I think this is the right place to say what i need to say. I am aware that you people will not read this cause it's long, but hear me if you have any LP-ism left in you: Let go of the dream of 'old LP comeback' whatever you all mean by it, and accept the fact that nothing happens twice in this world. You want to get an album that will sound like a clone of Hybrid Theory/Meteora, but at the same time it has to be something new and different. For me that's a complete contradiction.Time passes by and leaves nothing and no one unchanged, so I ask everyone who has ever loved at least one LP album to open their minds for something new and learn to go with the flow of time, but remembering the past all the same.Lets support LP instead of scolding them all the time. Think about it: if not for the fans that remained with them all these years, LP would be long forgotten now.I call everyone to give LP a second chance if at any point you felt they have let you down, and you may get a pleasant surprise.
    They tried going for the really heavy sound a time or two on Minutes to Midnight and it just fell flat. This sounds like it has a bit more punch to it; hopefully it isn't mixed out.
    I actually thought their last album was very very strong and a huge step in the right direction. I don't claim they're one of my favourite bands like when I was 14 but they've never put out a record that I've downright hated...
    Memory In Death
    I've been on the LPA forums a lot the past two days. This is too exciting. XD There's apparently a new song called "Guilty All The Same". (I tried linking it here, but I couldn't get through the damn captcha no matter how many times I tried.) It could be the lead single for the album, or maybe a single that will be featured on Transformers 4. The latter is more likely, since the trailer is supposed to be out soon.
    Memory In Death
    Regarding the Preview, I know it's too early to speculate, but it's meh. (I'm saying this as a huge LP fan.) Not really cutting edge of any sorts. But again, it's too early to say, maybe the complete song will sound entirely different. I'd love something heavy like that with weird structures and time signatures. It sounds very 'Qwerty'-ish. I just hope they don't do a straight out Rock record. That'll sound too forced. There should be a share of that Electronic sound too.
    I think if they had the idea they were going for on ATS, some sort of concept album or something where the songs were more important than just a single and some filler, and maybe some of the ambiance of that with riffs like this one, you got yourself a deal.
    Just be thankfull....anything is an improvement to their newer music....I still get nostalgic about old school LP, and my hope is fading. I'm hoping this goes a little more in that direction, rather than continually trying to appeal to the masses.
    Yay, old LP is back
    Love how I say pretty much the same thing as the people below me and get down voted.. And **** you dude, you sound like an ass. Old LP used to have heavy riffs incase you were unaware.
    He is just saying that one heavy riff isn't at all representative of the whole album.
    Memory In Death
    Heavy Riff =/= Old LP/Nu Metal LP. In fact I'm sick of all those people in the comments of the preview going all "ZOMG OLD LP IS BACK #GITARZ #RAWK #NU METALZ#." Seriously.
    kramer242 LP even if only a brief clip, sounds more like a delight than a threat. Still, I'll have to hear more to be confident.
    The biggest problem I have with LP's later work, aside from the lack of heaviness, is how a lot of the melodies sound like nursery rhymes(Example: Mike's singing part in Victimized). That is just...weird. Hope they work on that.
    I dunno, their melodies were always that simple. "In The End" anyone? Hell, I used to teach that song to Grade 8 concert band.
    only 3 seconds of that riff will be used. It will be like background noise as the HEAVY synths kicks in.
    Not a huge fan. All together it sounds pretty average. I guess maybe it's a breakdown or unfinished but it's a bit too plain for a band can really layer both natural and electronic instruments and other stuff very well at times.
    Lee Makky
    We should all just remember how many times LP re-makes and perfects a song before it makes it onto the record as a FINAL and complete version of the song. This could a first draft for all we know.
    I wish the title read...Linkin Park teases Breakup! I would jump in the air and tap my heels for that to happen.
    Goddamn. By the time I tore away from mainstream pop culture and embraced rock and metal music and the system of listening to entire albums instead of just listening to singles, Linkin Park had already released 4 albums and Living Things released before I even knew it. Now that another album is releasing this year, I can barely control the excitement that's bursting my brain to the seams. I've been reduced to a fangirl...