Linkin Park's Bennington: I Don't Scream About Teen Angst Anymore Because I'm 41

"If the songs are great, that should be all that matters," the singer says.

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Linkin Park's Bennington: I Don't Scream About Teen Angst Anymore Because I'm 41

Chester Bennington apparently addressed the folks who have issues with Linkin Park's new musical direction, tweeting:

"Someone asked why I don't sing scream about teen angst anymore? ... I said, 'Because I'm 41."

The singer also discussed the band's constant desire to experiment, telling Rock Sound:

"Starting from [2007's] 'Minutes to Midnight' on, it's like, 'Let's take some fucking risks.' If the songs are great, that should be all that matters.

"We feel like we're pushing ourselves creatively. If we write a bunch of pop songs that suck, we've definitely taken a wrong turn, if we write a bunch of metal songs that suck, we've taken a wrong turn.

"It doesn't matter what style we write in, as long as it comes from a pure place and it's something that we pour our hearts and souls into, we can deal with what happens from that point forward and we're pretty confident that even if it may be shocking to some people - or even everybody at first - sometimes for us it was like, 'We know we're going to make a lot of people go, 'What the heck is this? Who is this?''

"And we also know we're gonna make a lot of people go, 'What the fuck happened to my band?'

"I think for us, creativity is way too big to be put in a box, and for us we're not a one-trick pony. We like to really play with our palette and expand our abilities as songwriters and performers, and that's what we did on this record."

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    Well then scream adult angst
    Fuck this mortgage payment!!!
    These lyrics are just as angsty as the old stuff though, the music just got much worse.
    Yeah, now that I think of it, that "my mind is full of overthinking and I can't take it anymore" thingy from Heavy is pure teen angst.
    To be fair, the lyrics do actually say "I know I'm not the centre of the universe..." and "And I drive myself crazy, thinking everything's about me". I think that's really what moving away from teen angst is, when you realize that your problems probably aren't that big a deal in the grand scale of it all. "If I could just let go I'd be set free...". I don't know if anyone here does mindfulness meditation, but that's really what I've found mindfulness to be, an understanding of how your constant inner dialogue is really self-centred, and calming that down really does set you free from a lot of nonsensical self-pity thinking. Edit: But it can be hard to to let go of those thoughts, and I think it's fine to write a song about that struggle
    I practice these things you mentioned, but I'm not really feeling that in 'Heavy'. It's fine if you do, but I feel like the lyrics are kinda self-victimising and also self-judging. I'm not judging the lyrics nor the writer's feelings, they are relatable to anyone who has lived, but they definitely do not come from a state of mindfulness. I feel like mindfulness and meditation are things that not only help you see that your problems are not the center of the universe, but also that everything you feel is okay. You learn to allow any emotion living inside of you to just exist and you become friendly with your ego/mind. Words like 'self-centered' and 'nonsensical' are condemnations and in this context imply that you fell for the ego-trap   I do think it's really awesome to find someone else with an interest for these things in a comment section! Proves to me the movement is growing
    It's not really that hard to understand that the lyrics are about anxiety. For some reason everybody and their brother has anxiety now but whatever. This is basically an anthem for them. 
    Thank you for the feedback. I didn't put a whole lot of thought into my comment, it kinda just came to me as I was writing. After reading your comment, I completely agree that there was some judgement going on in both the lyrics and my comment. Like Breakingpoint56 said, it's clearly a song about some kind of anxiety. And I'd say that anyone dealing with such feelings would benefit from mindfulness.  My word choice was indeed quite condemning of thoughts, which wasn't necessarily my intention. I think for me what has been more important has just been understanding the fleeting nature of thoughts, just observing them come and go without ascribing too much meaning to them. But I'm still pretty new at this stuff and continue to learn. And yeah, it's great to see other people are getting into mindfulness
    He say's that  "We feel like we're pushing ourselves creatively..." but I thought they hired a few pop-songwriters to help with writing the album? Like the weird cat lady? That's not taking risks, that's called playing it safe  
    I'm the same age and I don't think he can blame his age for this sissy-pop bullcrap he's putting out now.  
    I'm a person that's all for bands changing their sound (metalheads be triggered) hence why I love bands like Mastodon and Opeth. Generally I don't believe something has to have metal in it too be good because A) there's plenty of shit metal out there and B) that's just terribly close minded. However, I've never really been a giant fan of LP but I heard this new single the other day and to me it sounds just like every pop song I've heard in the last 2 or 3 years. If "pushing ourselves creatively" sounds like everything else in the mainstream right now maybe you're just not that creative.
    Linkin Park, we miss you so bad, we know you are still a decent band somewhere underneath all the shit! 
    When you have nothing left to say, it's the time to call the end.  This is just milking the cow. 
    It is sad that artists have to explain their work when the things they wrote/sang about as kids isn't what they write about as they get older. We all progress as life goes on, but fans of bands seem to stay frozen in time.
    i used to (and still do) criticize Metallica "fans" who bitched and complained over literally everything about the band, even down to the fact that James, Lars, and Kirk are still alive, when they wish they had all died instead of Cliff Burton. then Linkin Park came out with "Heavy". honestly, LP can do what they like; they're artists and they should have the freedom to do whatever they want, whether i agree with it or not
    Perfectly valid, but I should also be free to say that I dislike the stuff. There is no need to slam a band for evolving, but if a band is putting out music that seems sub-par for their standard you should be free to point that out to. I know that all is subjective, but for me their new work is a bit weak, although they're still way better songwriters then I'll ever be.
    metallica have never really deserved the criticism they got. they always put heart into their songs, regardless of the genre. Chester is literally going on and on bragging about songs that other people wrote for them. 
    plus also, the last album that was like their take on punk metal was made only a few years ago. he's not THAT much older now than he was when they did that. 
    I'd like to point out that the songwriters mostly, if not only, assisted in writing the lyrics to the songs.
    i see the point you're making but they totally changed genre, if you wanna make music thats totally different then great but do it in a side project. LP was always loud angsty music, if you don't wanna make that then start a new band and be pop.
    I'm not sure I would call songs written by other people "progress".
    From my personal experience, I'll tell you that mostly non fans are butthurt, because fans are usually closed minded dickriders.
    "If we write a bunch of pop songs that suck, we've definitely taken a wrong turn..."  After listening to "Heavy," you took a wrong turn.
    "If we write a bunch of pop songs that suck, we've definitely taken a  wrong turn..." Well...
    This is no f*king risk, it's f*king completely opposite, since this is a safe money making zone. Risk would be Linkin Park making djent or smth like that
    A good song is a good song regardless of genre. I don't care what the fuck they write about or if it makes sense even.
    just listened to it and started adding actual guitars over the top. if they wanted this could easily be like the old stuff. its not being creative its the opposite, its writing the outline of a song and going 'that'll do' rather than fleshing it out with other instruments and parts. they can make all the excuses they want but the fact is (unless they are trolling which i was hoping for but now i doubt) that they just got lazy.
    How does one become a n00b after clearly being in the game for years?  Ask Chester Bennington.  He's a n00b.
    My God, that picture...who is he thinking he is now, Bruno Mars? Might explain the bland, boring and play safe pop sound they got now...
    Sounded like "we are too old now, let's give our brains a rest and do some easy stuff"
    We're all ignoring the fact that his name is Chester and his band has always sucked.
    Horrible song. The chorus sounds like its trying to be epic but its soo small and pathetic.
    everyone listen up. clearly their label told them to either do the tween techno pop thing or get dropped. they all have wives, kids, and houses, and didn't want that to happen. they though it would be better to keep the major label paycheck for their families sake. linkin park tends to do albums in sets: the first two were rap metal, then the next ones were their take on retro rock, then they did a couple electronic albums. then they went to their take on punk metal, the label said absolutely not, so they had to jump shit before getting dropped. interscope records purposely under promoted limp bizkit and marilyn mansion's comeback albums a few years ago to have an excuse to drop them. I'm not making excuses for them doing tween techno pop, I really don't like these new songs. but seriously guys. 
    Warner Bros has always given Linkin Park a lot of creative leeway and stayed out of their business. It was their decision and you can tell because all their Spotify playlists leading up to this cycle were music just like it. Also, ATS was hardly "retro rock" lol
    I think I'd love to believe this is true, but then I must ask: Where's your source for saying that? And also, if it's about the money and families and al that gibberish, I don't think they'd go straight to poverty for dropping off a label, and there's always the option of changing labels (papa roach, A7X...)
    Gotta love the implication that he was a teenager all the way to his thirties. Also,
    for us we're not a one-trick pony
    Says the guy fronting a band known for being formulaic enough to give Nickleback a run for their money.
    he didn't say or imply that at all. when he says he doesn't want to sing about teenage angst in his forties it probably means he still felt like it in his thirties. he could do it from experience, not because he thought he still was a teenager. Like old people looking back at their 40s or 50s.
    He did imply it, whether you like it or not.
    nope about a quote? you claim he said or implied he was a teenager until his 30s, go ahead.
    I can't quite quote something that is implied. Do you not understand what "implying" means? Take it easy bro. Your fangirling is showing.
    implying means you can quote something where it is implied. that's like...not hard to grasp, man. how else would he imply it? telepathically into your brain? did he SAY it? if yes show me the video. this article is in text form so you are easily able to show me where he implies it. it's really really easy, dude.  
    I'm not sure that's true but if it is, there you go: "I don't scream about teen angst anymore because I'm 41". It was right in the title. Maybe pay attention next time.
    and that sentence directly implies he thinks he was a teenager in his thirties, baffle me, dude...If he implied that he FELT like writing about teenage stuff in his thirties than that is fine. and it never ever means he ACTUALLY THINKS he WAS a teenager in his thirties like you claim in your first comment. I'm not trying to be mean but this is just crazy, man...
    Dude, it's not that complicated. He's clearly saying 41 is too old to "scream about teen angst", yet he's done so long past his teenage years. You can't have teen angst if you're not a teenager, thus the implication that he was a teenager all the way to his thirties. Get a brain.
    get a brain? you cannot write about teenage angst when you're not a teen? you're trolling, right? that's called remembering it, which results in understanding it, which results in maybe wanting to write about it, retrospectively. my god,
    you cannot write about teenage angst when you're not a teen?
    According to a guy who says "I don't scream about teen angst anymore because I'm 41", yes. Now let me be a bit more clear for next time: get a brain before replying to me.
    you're good at that trolling thing since I'm replying. If he doesn't feel like writing about teenage angst anymore he PROBABLY DID FEEL LIKE DOING IT IN HIS THIRTIES. see how this works? you said you cannot write a song about teenage angst when you're not an actual teen while doing it and that is just insane and it baffles me. go ahead, embarrass yourself once more, I said what I had to say, I'm not continuing this dumb ass conversation
    They title the article "Linkin Park's Bennington" then use a picture of him performing with Stone Temple Pilots. Come on man.
    They were never, ever that good to begin overrated, makes Mastodon look like Creedence Clearwater Revival.  
    Hi I like the new song so come downvote me and tell me how I have a simplistic taste music pls and thnx.
    when i was younger and LP came out i was all into the trve stuff and stupid shit. Then i saw that I was putting a wall in front of me. I still didnt like their stuff. Why the fuck u bring the hate again!!!! Aside from personal stuff, to be honest i dont care about LP, if they make good money out of this, other "big" acts will do the same. I do care about that part
    Chester in that picture reminds me of that crab metal video.  And yes. Whatever you say, Ches... 
    This record sounds like a really cheap attempt to sound like 21 pilots.
    Why are we pretending that Linkin Park used to be any good in the first place? Don't get me wrong, Hybrid Theory was my first ever album and I absolutely loved them up until Minutes to Midnight, but looking back now, they were just a really ok band that used fancy production to cover up for the fact that their lyrics sucked.