Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda: 'Radio These Days Is Missing That Visceral Rock Energy'

Band's upcoming tour with 30 Seconds to Mars dubbed "an orgy of art and music."

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Discussing the band's recently announced "Carnivores" North American tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI, Linkin Park mastermind Mike Shinoda pointed out the need to get the spirit of rock back on radio.

Explaining what drove the bands to hit the road for a joint tour, Mike noted during an official press conference (via Loudwire), "When I listen to the radio, these days I'm kind of missing that visceral rock energy, so I felt like this would be a great moment for these three bands to get together."

Chipping in after Shinoda's comment about rock shows being raw and fierce, Jared Leto described the upcoming trek as "an orgy of art and music - no pun intended."

Asked on whether the two bands might perform together during the tour, Mike didn't write off the idea, but did stress that such things happen spontaneously, so no plans were made as of yet.

Linkin Park recently premiered new song "Guilty All the Same." Make sure to give it a listen below, you can check out tour info and ticket details here.

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    Sadly, so does your band Mike.
    My thoughts exactly. They all seem like nice people (Jared Leto too) but that godawfully sterile sh*t they keep putting out makes me long for some Sabbath. To me these guys are like the margarine of rock
    You realize that the only rock bands to even get hits recently are Fun, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, etc, right? I'll take the new Linkin Park track over any of those easily. When it comes to pop, Linkin Park is doing a good move by bringing back some more raw rock vibes... but hey, I've already got a new Cattle Decapitation record to look forward to so I think I already have the energy that I need.
    Comments just get randomly deleted now by moderators if they disagree with your opinion now, huh? I guess Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars "rule". Yeah!
    Darth Crow
    Make sure you listen to that song I'm not saying it's a classic or anything, but I was quite pleasantly surprised it sure does sound like rock.
    Ït's better but their last two albums, man.
    What about them? I hated Living Things, but I thought A Thousand Suns was fantastic. It had some songs I didn't like at all, but I felt the other songs on the album more than made up for it.
    Living Things and ATS are great. Just stop trying to compare everything they do to Hybrid Theory or Meteora and just enjoy the music.
    I liked Living Things and A Thousand Suns but they did have some tracks that felt like they were missing something
    I think A Thousand Suns is their current peak. Living Things felt.. unfinished. A lot of scattered ideas (to me anyways) I'm glad they keep expanding. If they kept making Hybrid Theory everyone would say they are boring, so they're in a no-win situation. I'm really hopeful for the new album.
    It had some songs that you absolutely hated yet you would still rate the album as fantastic? Are you one of "those" reviewers?
    i agree, i dont get how most people here like this new song, yeah its rock and its got some alright parts but its just dragged out so much i would rather listen to their last two albums and i dont like them either
    They follow the fuc**king trend. they put out 2 electronic cd and now complain about lack of rock in music ... nonsense
    Brad Delson's first attempt to shred a solo, and he just wahs the f*** out of it.
    gotta get that Kirk influence man. Some of the riffs in the beggininng kinda reminded me of Load and the self titled a bit. So i think its a stylistic thing. It sounded pretty cool nevertheless.
    Id agree to that. I rarely listen to the radio, in fact the Aerial in my car headunit is disconnected, but occasionally listening to Rock stations i dont hear anything that fills me with energy, its all going to love songs pretty much. Heck most the music i hear from any station is very depressing and it just gets old fast Unfortunately LPs latest stuff has lost that enegetic feel too, ive been listening to Hybrid Theory again in the past month and the raw energy from that album is awesome
    Radio around where I live (Columbus,OH) is god awful. I mss the days when radio music was actually good
    Wassssup 614!!!!! yep dude, 99.7 is garbage, and is the only modern rock radio station in the area. At least the two classic rock stations are okay (96.3 and 105.7) My CD player in my car broke so my on my rides to work I'm forced to listen to the radio. Honestly the majority of the time I end up goin with sports talk radio lol.
    Dave Grohl has been pointing out the lack of rock on radio for as long as possible. nothing new, linkin park's new music is terrible. too bad..
    So, what, you made an okay song for the first time in like 6 years, and now you want to lecture the world on being "rock"? Fuck off.
    Fleur de Lys
    No, he never said that there's anything wrong with soft/electronic rock or what's playing on the radio. He just said there's not as much energy in rock on the radio, so it would be refreshing to fill that void at this moment.
    'Radio These Days Is Missing That Visceral Rock Energy' I agree. Everytime I hear a linkin park song on the radio I'm like WTF!
    That's so funny Mike, I've been saying the same thing about your band since Minutes to Midnight.
    does anyone else get tired of these musicians coming out and saying the obvious?
    Everyone is saying that Linken Park isn't helping, yet they just put out their best rock song since their Hybrid Theory-era. Listen to the song, people! It's pretty freakin' awesome.
    That's so funny Mike, I've been saying the same thing about your band since Minutes to Midnight.
    That recording sounds like garbage, I honestly thought it was a joke until halfway through
    Another case of a band many people rightly gives a flip about anymore complaining about the state of radio because their outdated and fad-based music doesn't get air play anymore.
    Linkin Park is constantly on the radio, what are you talking about?
    I don't know, I've been out of the radio loop since pandora let me start listening to Hasil Adkins.
    they sound like every other rock band on the radio... And i approve of the sound. 94.1 THE ZONE BABY! Rochesta NY
    Big linkin park fan but I have to say this new song sounds like they a B Side. Guitar solo is terrible, guitar sound at the beginning is crappy, the best parts are the guest rapper and Chester's voice. Hope they don't plan on this drawling people to the new album.
    And you people bad-talk hellyeah, this is terrible. Linkin Park used to have dignity, first record was epic. This is generic garbage
    What if Shinoda was a slave to the industry and meant every word he said and knows his record isn't poppin and that's why he named it "Guilty All the Same"?? !!