Linkin Park's 'The Hunting Party' Lands at No. 3 on Billboard Chart With 110,000 Copies Sold

"The last thing we want to do is make a bunch of records that sound the same," says singer Chester Bennington.

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Linkin Park have officially landed at No. 3 on the US Billboard chart with their latest album "The Hunting Party," selling 110,000 copies in the US within the first week.

The album saw its release on June 17 via Universal Music and marks the band's return towards guitar-driven sound.

The group pointed out on several occasions how they don't like the direction of today's rock music, going far enough to describe it as "poppy sh-t." In a recent CBS interview, singer Chester Bennington described the album process as "a lot of fun."

"We've been kind of pushing ourselves creatively and trying new things," he said. "The last thing we want to do is make a bunch of records that sound the same. That's one of the things I love about being in this band the most."

In related news, LP recently rocked "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show, performing new tracks "Guilty All the Same," "Wastelands" and "Until It's Gone." Check out some of the footage below.

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    Aka "that's why we're not making another album that sounds like meteora, now all you 20 something's that say we were better 10 years ago can shut up"
    Glad the album did well. Honestly, this feels like the Meteora follow up I'd been waiting for since middle school.
    I like the sound of this album. The songs rock, without being forced. Rock needs more new material like this!
    Hey, anyone else notice Mike did the rapping on the song this time? I personally prefer him over Rakim
    This is actually not the first time he raps on GATS. Rakim version is very good too, despite the fact fans are too used to hear Shinoda's rapping. At least it's unexpectable.