Listen to Judas Priest's 'Dragonaut'

The opening track from upcoming album "Redeemer of Souls," out next month, is available.

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Judas Priest have launched a stream of "Dragonaut," the opening track from upcoming album "Redeemer of Souls," Metal Hammer reports

Guitarist Richie Faulkner – who joined after KK Downing left in 2011 and has been credited with rejuvenating the band – describes it as "a rip-roaring ride from start to finish."

He adds: "It's a big, heavy track. Unmistakeable Judas Priest."

"Redeemer of Souls" is released on July 4.

Hear the track below:

YouTube preview picture

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    Diamond Dave
    I am a massive massive Priest fan, but why oh why did they have to make this sound like I'm listening to the band through a concrete wall?
    Err, I hate to rain on Judas Priest's parade, but isn't there already a well-known, heavy and slow TRACK called "Dragonaut" by a well-known, heavy and slow BAND called Sleep?
    First thing I thought when I clicked on this was "Holy shit Judas Priest are covering Sleep!" Then I listened and saw I was wrong :/
    It's not bad and it's not great. All these songs have been kinda MEH to me. But that's just me.
    I know everyone's saying that it's "ok", but I really like it. I think Ritchie fits in with the band very well, and I think the songs sound great so far. Sounds like a bit of a cross between Screaming for Vengeance and their newer work to me.
    All the songs so far are really promising, Priest do what they do best!
    Alright, let's be honest and objective. The production is [b]horrible. The composition is nothing new at all. At least the vocals were nice. Why are they even making a new album, if it's sounds so dull?
    Nothing new here, as in the remaining tracks that've been showed so far. It does have "that" Priest sound, but not much else to it, isn't it? As far as production goes, hopefully the compressed youtube audio has something to do with it and the final product sounds better.
    Back to the mixing board. The material is good, but it sounds weak and tinny.
    Yeah, Nostradamus, while being a bit cheesy, brought something new (for JP) to the table. This is like a stale collection of stereotype metal riffs/licks/lyrics.
    Yeah but priest started the stereotypical metal riff and lyrics so technically everyone else is a rip off, priest are the originators
    Black Sabbath would like a word with you.
    sabbath was heavy, Priest was metal! it is the majority consensus that sabbath and priest started metal so everyone stole from both bands which happen to come from the same country and town
    I love that you love Jugulator. A lot of people seem to hate Tim Owens era Priest but I don't really know why. It's different but still great.
    i liked it not going to be legendary like previous work but it is a nice song, metal all the way also the production leaves a bit to be desired
    Definitely agree. Everything they've put out has been great but it hasn't sounded as heavy as it should in my opinion. I also wasn't big into Richie's solo work on the title track, but I prefer the solo here so I guess that's not something to worry about for the album as a whole.
    link no1
    As with the last song, it's okay but not one that I will be listening to regularly.
    I'll admit, it sounds like they're playing it safe, but they probably feel they have to after the mixed reception to Nostradamus. Not to mention they've now replaced KK Downing, so they've got to prove that his loss isn't the end of Judas Priest. With that said and done, I'm liking this, a lot.
    It sounds just a bit too slow, but I like it. Hopefully there are some really fast songs on the album.
    Production quality like Hotter than Hell by Kiss. And back then I though no one would ever release something like that ever again.
    Priest is my 2nd fav band of all time and they will always hold a special place in my heart even if I do listen to super heavy stuff nowadays. The songs they have previewed are pretty average at best but I will still b buying the new record day one cuz it's gotta b better than Nostradamus