Listen: What Would Maroon 5 Sound Like If They Were Metal

"Animals," "Moves Like Jagger," "This Love," and more.

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Listen: What Would Maroon 5 Sound Like If They Were Metal

Today from YouTube, Jared Dines metalized a bunch of Maroon 5 hits.

These include "Animals," "Moves Like Jagger," "This Love," and more.

You can check out the clip in the embedded player below.

YouTube preview picture

Photo via Metal Sucks.

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    Stop. Promoting. Jared. Dines.
    You. Don't. Have. To. Click. The. Article.
    I was sadly not informed beforehand it would be Jared Dines providing this service, therefore I can impossibly have known not to click on the article. If only UG would tell their readers which youtube celebrity would be behind every clickbaity article, would save half the site a lot of time.
    Clueless reader here, What is it about this Jared Dines that takes the jam out of peoples doughnut?
    The problem is that UG is posting this crap as news. Give it time, newbie. It's not the videos that annoy me, it's the fact that UG posts them under news and don't have he decency to forewarn us it's someone's YouTube blog. They made a community feed, they can make a ultimate-YouTube section too. Only they know that section would never get clicked.
    Second Rate
    Stop answering questions no one asked, kid. Maroon 5 are bad enough without processed distortion.