Lombardo One Day Before Hanneman's Passing: 'What if One of Us Was Dead?'

Founding Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo asked the question one day before guitarist Jeff Hanneman died of liver failure last week.

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One day before Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died, his former bandmate and drummer Dave Lombardo asked a chilling question: "What if one of us was dead?"

He was speaking to Israili radio station KZRadio (via Metal Insider) about being kicked out of Slayer shortly before their recent Australian tour when he said the following:

"I hope things work out. I hope everything works out for the fans, that's what I want. And for the history of the band. When we get older and we can't play anymore, I want the band to go out being still Slayer. 'Cause we're all still alive. Can you imagine if one of us was dead? Then it's hard.

"It's like Led Zeppelin. You know, Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham is not the same; it's not the same. I hear double pedal in Jason Bonham and it's, like, 'Why are you doing that?' Zeppelin is about single bass, you know."

In a tragic twist of fate, Hanneman died the next day of liver failure after a long bout of ill-health after contracting a flesh-eating virus in 2011.

Now Slayer will never be able to bow out in the original lineup as Lombardo hoped for.

With Kerry King and Tom Araya as the only founding members in the current lineup, is Slayer is a different band or do their songs rock just as hard with other musicians? Let us know your thoughts on the future of Slayer in the comments.

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    I think they need to release this last album WITH Dave, dedicate it to Jeff, kick some ass, and be done.
    I think Gary Holt should do the honours as the other guitarist for the album. Or possibly a large variety of guests.
    I second this and @Shametome's comment. Gary Holt is one of the best and most creative guitarists in thrash metal, he can definitely make a decent (at the very least) goodbye to Jeff.
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    I agree totally! I saw slayer almost a year ago, and the only member who actually seemed to give a **** was Gary, he was banging his head and walking around to the fans. Also Dave kicked some ass, but Araya didn't even do his scream on AoD (let alone seem interested) and Kery Burgerking is just a bald ape nowadays.
    Gary would be perfect for writing the songs for the last album. If Gary leaves Exodus for Slayer, no.... Just no. I mean, he could possibly fill Jeff's shoes, but then Exodus would not be Exodus without Gary. This is quite a predicament... All I know is, Slayer, even though I love them and everything, should just stop after this new album.. Tom and Kerry (lol) aren't enough firepower to keep Slayer going
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    I would be okay with this, but good old Kerry doesn't strike me as the guy who will let Slayer end.
    I wouldn't mind if they did some tours with Gary Holt, occasionally, but as for more albums, we've seen what happens when Kerry writes songs.
    Slayer just isn't Slayer without Dave or Jeff. Jeff was the main creative force in Slayer having written most of the bands best songs and Dave is a beast of a drummer. Nothing against Jon Dette but Dave is awesome. The double drum part breakdown in Angel of Death still gets me very time.
    SLAYER is dead with JEFF
    Exactly, it'd be disrespectful to continue it, and Kerry King can't come up with amazing riffs like Hanneman can. It'd just be awful if they tried to continue.
    I agree. There isn't much they can do now but really accept the fact that it might be over. P.S, why the hell does this have so many dislikes? (The article)
    Slayer is not Slayer without Jeff.. And if Dave is not coming back, please stop.
    Out of all of the examples, he uses Jason Bonham? The kid isn't his father, but he is still a fantastic drummer and is definitely not a weak link. RIP Jeff
    Yeah, I thought that a bit strange. I see what they were trying to say, but Led Zep was a terrible example to use here.
    The whole Sublime with Rome thing would be a much better example, or the various plots at a Nirvana reunion.
    As a long time Slayer fan (since about 1990) it was a tragedy to lose Jeff and it's sad to see only half of the original band in the lineup after being pretty consistent for most of their 30+ year career. That said... My mind is open to see what they do next. Adding Paul Bostaph before recording "Divine Intervention" gave the band new energy. Losing Jeff and having Dave out of the band is much bigger obstacle though... I wish them the best and I look forward to seeing what they do next but I'd respect them if they called it quits. I have a feeling Jeff would want them to continue... just a feeling though so who knows.
    I'm really afraid King's gonna try to keep the "Slayer" trail rolling. I just can't imagine him doing something else than Slayer. He doesn't strike me as a guy who would start a different project. Hanneman was a far superior songwriter. Just checked wikipedia - Hanneman wrote all of my favourite songs off each album... I really hope King won't try to keep the broken Slayer train going.
    I would love to think of Slayer still being Slayer, but it's just not going to happen. Jeff was an amazing guitarist and his creative force cannot be matched. Kerry King won't even be able to match it. And without Dave there, that's hard too. I mean, sure they made a few albums without Dave, but now Dave and Jeff are gone.. It's just not the same. Never will be.
    If Gary Holt did guitars on the new album, I could live with that. If anybody else did, it wouldn't work. One more album and then disband, or just disband.
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    Jeeze, I hope he doesn't hold this against himself. I would feel awful if I said something like this and the next day it happened, as though it was somehow my fault :/ On whether or not they should continue, no. Get this album done, make it kickass, use any of Jeffs material if any is lying around, get Dave back and call it quits afterwards. Jeff had a lead role in writing all the Slayer songs I love. I hated all the Kerry songs before I even knew he wrote them. Tom might be still here and I love his lyrics but with Jeff gone and his brilliant songwriting along with it, Slayer died along with him. R.I.P
    First off, Kerry and Dave both jammed at Metal Masters 4 and did pretty ****in' well, in fact, the Slayer songs sounded better with Phil singing. Second, Kerry is a dick, without a doubt, and Slayer cannot possibly go on without Jeff. End of story. Gary should write at least half of the new album in tribute, farewell tour and call it quits. Lastly, you guys are all downplaying Paul Bostaph way, way too much. I saw Slayer 6 times, 4 with Paul and 2 with Dave and Lombardo ****ed up way more often than Paul. Divine Intervention is still the most underrated thrash album ever to be recorded even though Dave has a very signature sound and influence to the band Slayer. But remember, he has left or been kicked out many times before. Bring him back, add a shit load of guest guitar players for the album, have Gary play the final tour and call it quits. Kerry could easily start another project, and Tom can't headbang, hasn't been able to sing live for years and hardly plays bass. Still love them to death and been a fan since 1992 but seriously, there is simply no Slayer without Jeff.
    All things aside, I no longer fear death knowing that there are some awesome super-groups up there waiting for fans to show up at the big gig in the sky.
    Kerry seems to be trying to make a KISS status band out of Slayer. Like 20 years from now, he will have a reality show and be pushing Slayer beer mugs on home shopping. I think as long as he is alive and can play, Slayer will continue. 25 years of music to play, he can just go on forever. Slayer without Dave wasn't "Slayer". Slayer without Jeff, wasn't Slayer (So happy to see him play a couple songs at the Big4 in Indio Ca..got to see "Slayer" one last time). Without Tom, its the Kerry King Ensemble! We'll always have SLayer F'ng SLayer.
    With Araya barely able to sing and headbang, Dave out of the band, Kerry being a prick and Jeff being dead, I hope that Slayer disband. Don't get me wrong, I love them as much as any metalhead can and they were the band who introduced me to extreme metal. Their legacy and their influence on the whole metal genre will always live on, but it's just never going to be the same anymore if they don't quit.
    Release the new album dedicate it to Jeff and call its quits.Hopefully it will be a good effort and let him go out on somewhat of a highnote .Theyve made their money,their prime has passed and Tom has had his share of difficulties with surgery.I dont think they can continue without Jeff as his input was just too great to go on without him.Im still saddended about his death.
    The way i see things is like the way Vinnie sees Pantera. No Jeff, no Slayer. I'm sure that Slayer could continue to make music just as awesome and heavy with new members, but when one of the originals is no longer with us what's the point? To me it is about respect for the the part he played in such an iconic band. No one could even begin to create things the same way Jeff would if he were still with us so it becomes something that isn't Slayer. It's something new. You could have guys fill the spot who put the time and practice into getting every note perfect. But as anyone who plays an instrument knows its not about how well you play it, it's about how you feel when you play your own creative work and how that feeling is heard in the ears of the fans. And only the creator can play it and reflect his soul and his feelings so that it becomes something personal to the fans to create that bridge of understanding and communication through sound between musician and listener.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Slayer hung it up after this. They have flirted with the idea of retirement for the last few years. Tom can't head bang anymore, Jeff has died, Dave is out of the band for like the 20th time, and Kerry has even said that they wont go on forever. I wouldn't blame em if they hung it up. That being said, Slayer are still the best of the big 4 and the true kings of thrash IMO.
    I don't really like slipknot but I have to point out that it's the bassist that died.
    Point 1, Jeff has written EVERY one of my fav Slayer songs, that will never be replicated again. Point 2, Paul Bostaph did with Slayer what he does with every band he has played for, he plays his f*****g heart out. Point 3, Gary Holt should go back to Exodus where he rightfully belongs. Point 4, Kerry Queen & the Corporate Merchandising Machine will now milk Jeff's death for all its worth. Point 5, Dave Lombardo is only good at playing Lombardo stuff. Point 666, No Jeff No Slayer.
    Really good point about the double pedal, if Jason's using that it's totally missing the point of his dad's style.
    Let Kerry and Tom just be a different band. I don't even like Slayer but it's time for them to respectfully call it quits.
    Bands tend to evolve even with all original members so I would say that yes. Slayer is still Slayer.
    I think this is the start of the end of the "Big 4", meaning that Slayer will call a quits in honor of Jeff and the original Big 4 will no longer exist.
    Kerry King can only play Slayer songs, so there's no hope for him doing anything other that what he's been doing for decades. I remember someone saying he didn't come out for 'Am I Evil' on the BIG 4 tour because he has never "jammed" in his career.
    He was the guest guitarist for The Beastie Boys "License to Ill" album. He can play other stuff.. but has himself stated he's no virtuoso.
    Honestly I think they should just finish the new album and then disband. Though I have a feeling Kerry will want to continue.
    Slayer to continue on without jeff that is like saying lets start all over again and forget about jeffs contributions to the band.To do this would be an insult to jeff who was a highly important member in slayer.A member dies or quits a band it is never the same.All four original members are slayer and all ways will be.Jeff Hanneman,Kerry King,Tom Araya,Dave Lombardo,this is slayer and no other ridiculous lineup kery king can come up with will ever be the true slayer.Jason Newstead doing vocals for tom are you kidding me never jason sucks as a singer no comparison to tom kerry king what are thinking!!