Lorde: 'I Like Being Called Arrogant'

"I'm a really big fan of Kanye West. He's confident and I like that," the singer adds.

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New Zealand pop sensation Lorde recently responded to critics calling her arrogant, shrugging it all off by noting that she in fact likes it.

"I don't mind," she told NJR Radio. "I'm a really big fan of Kanye West. He's confident and I like that. I'm not that confident in myself yet.

"I like making grand statements. The name Lorde is quite grand and a little bit arrogant. I like that, I like the intensity of it," the singer added (via Gigwise).

The 17-year-old star, real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor, also confessed that she's still getting used to her stage name, saying, "I am shy and I'm pretty private. I'm getting way better at being in those situations. It's still really weird for me. I've learnt to have fun. I've made a lot of friends as well in this industry so I don't feel like such an outsider."

Lorde recently joined Nirvana onstage at the Rock Hall induction ceremony last Thursday (April 10), performing classic tune "All Apologies." Check out the performance clip below.

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    Comparing yourself to Kanye West attitude wise isn't something to be proud of really. The guy's one of the biggest and most egotistical pricks on the planet
    but seeing as she's insecure about herself (as any female at that age), he is the number one to look up to. I understand where she comes from. She's looking to his arrogance, not his other weird personality trades.
    She doesn't understand that there is a huge difference between confidence and being cocky
    Yeah she does, but her publicist understands that "I like being called arrogant" gets much more coverage than "Oh, I'm sorry they think that"
    Kanye West is the f*cking poster-child of arrogance. As well as just being a child himself.
    Is anyone else sick of hearing about Lorde already? Or is it just me? Honestly, she just seems like another record label manufactured "musician" (although I use the term musician lightly)
    It is probably true but at least her music that I have heard feels organic to me. Comparative to some terrible pop music of the likes you hear in certain young women’s trendy clothing stores and on the top 50 songs that you hear on music shows on Saturday morning. That kind of music seems to attempt to excite and make you feel good with the rising tone that breaks up then brings the dance beat back. Man that shit actually makes me really depressed hearing it, no respect for the intelligence of the general population and only caters to a very small niche of small minded vapid people who are intellectually lazy, lack independent thought and are generally very uncultured. Elitist rant and terribly long sentence over.
    Alright UG, you've made your point, we'll take back the daily-Dave Mustaine rant article now, just stop giving us updates on this girl.
    She's only 17? How can anyone think she's not a product of record companies?
    She was picked up by a record label at 15, singing lessons paid for, hooked up with Joel Little of Goodnight Nurse (good band if you're into pop-punk) who writes all her songs musically, produces, assists lyrically, and does arrangements. So, basically, Lorde writes poems and Joel makes them into songs. I have no real issue with Lorde other than to say her fans here in New Zealand drive me up the wall and her live singing sounds a lot like Ozzy Osbourne talking, but she is absolutely a product of a record label. And anyone who says otherwise is probably either daft or on payroll.
    She was picked up at 12... I doubt her label just let her sit around for 4 years and develop her songwriting without influencing her in anyway. I highly doubt her music/persona isn't manufactured.
    Clearly her music is a product, but is her personality?
    I'd argue that her personality is more manufactured, it seems like they're telling her to act like a pretentious hipster more than her actually being one. That being said I don't have an real evidence so obviously my statement is subject to bias.
    Of course we can't say for sure either way, but it would be kind of weird to manufacture her to just be the antithesis of the typical pop princess. It's like Jennifer Lawrence in the film industry - you just can't tell if she's faking it in interviews or if that's really her.
    It would be an excellent marketing ploy to manufacture the antithesis of the typical pop princess - in fact, most young, female artists in popular music do just that, in their own ways. Miley Cyrus is overtly sexual, Lady Gaga is overtly 'artsy' and Lorde is positioned as the 'thinking man's' pop princess, as much a contradictio in terminis as that may be.
    I don't know if her personality is technically 'manufactured' but it is absolutely definitely influenced. She's like, the poster-girl for left-wing 'serious' indie pop. Every time she opens her mouth I cringe.
    Critics will grab onto any label and run with it. She seems to be a pretty well-rounded, intelligent person considering the level of fame she's already reached in this self-destructive industry. Glad to see she's sticking up for herself!
    Haha Kanye West, seriously? Shit artist getting ispired by shit artist.
    Right. I don't have a problem with arrogance if you have the talent to back it up. Lorde doesn't. Or atleast, doesn't yet. She would need vocal surgery to change the terrible almost-out-of-key-everytime drone voice, as well as some serious songwriting lessons.
    yes but kanye also has a bucketload more talent and a number more years in the industry under his belt so don't get too big for your boots
    Julia Heaven
    I'm bored of today-musicians. Remember the rolling stones, the beatles, Prince, Elton John, Michael Jackson, ... These are legends. Everyone was simply amazing. But today music is nothing special. We hear every hour the same song on the radio, when we sit in a car, when we wait for a bus, when we eat, when we write things on our PC. It's crazy. FAst you get bored. Everything is about money, simply money. The most of today singers don't write their songs, can't play instruments, can't dance, can't performe or entertain, can't sing in a good way. They are all the same, a product of record labels.. I miss old times. Dancing to Smooth criminal, rock with the rolling stones or enjoy listening to stuff like Breakfast at Tiffany's. Yes and now Lorde. One or two famous songs, nothing special, a young girl, that doesn't look so bad, nothing special.