Lorde: 'I'm Trying to Move My Music to a New Place'

artist: Lorde date: 08/04/2014 category: music news
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Lorde: 'I'm Trying to Move My Music to a New Place'
Lorde has admitted she is struggling to write new songs - because they sound too much like her debut album.

The New Zealand singer said she is trying to move her songwriting to a new place, instead of repeating the style of her 2013 debut album "Pure Heroine."

Speaking to Billboard after her performance at Lollapalooza festival, Lorde said (via NME): "I'm definitely writing new stuff. I don't know how everything will end up. The first period of writing after you have recorded an album, it all sounds like the album before it.

"I'm trying to get that out of my system and move it to a new place. But I've been writing with some good people and just doing weird, cool stuff, which is always good for being creative."

Lorde is curating the soundtrack of the new "Hunger Games" film "Mockingjay: Part 1," which is due out in November and will feature her first new music since "Pure Heroine." "I'm literally doing it myself," said Lorde. "I'm contacting every artist." She added that "there'll be some artists you'll be super-surprised by. You'll be 'What? I haven't heard from them in ages,' but in a good way."

After her hit "Royals" was parodied by Weird Al Yankovic for his new album "Mandatory Fun," Lorde said: "I'm so psyched to be on it. He asked ages ago if he could do it, and I was 'Please can you do something with 'Royals?'" I was listening to Weird Al parodies when I was 10."
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