Lorde on Springsteen Covering 'Royals:' 'It's Crazy, I Got Teary'

New Zealand pop sensation was (obviously) surprised by the fact.

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Pop sensation Lorde has responded to Bruce Springsteen's cover of her signature song "Royals." As the singer notes (via News.com.au), she considers the Boss's cover the highest honour:

"My Twitter went mental, everyone in New Zealand was like 'You can't believe what just happened!' It was so exciting, it was the highest honour. He's such an incredible songwriter. I got a little teary. It was very cool.

"It's crazy when someone like that is covering your song. Those words were nothing before I put them into my laptop and started messing around with them in the studio. It's crazy to me they could come out of someone's mouth who is that respected."

Springsteen opened his Auckland concert last week with a gruff, acoustic rendition of the track. It is the latest in a series of covers of local artists that the Boss has performed on his Australasian tour. Previously, he has performed songs by AC/DC, the Bee Gees and INXS.

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    If I made it as a musician, I'd rather have Springsteen cover my song than have it played non-stop on the radio.
    Actually, that's literally how she feels. In the "More Lorde News" collumn, it has "Lorde to Radio Stations: 'Stope Playing "Royals" All the Time.'
    It's her image to be "against the machine", when will people realize this? It's the cool thing right now. Behind closed doors UMG is laughing at us for buying it. She never even made music outside of a major record label.
    Sorry but this is a weak cover. It's cool that Bruce Springsteen covered her song and all and her reaction is brilliant, but in all honesty the actual cover was a let down
    His recent covers were good but this one is unfortunately one of them. But still respect for making cover a cover and not just replicating/imitating the original.
    Man, I had no idea Lordi had gotten so big lately! I mean, I liked "The Arocalypse", but man oh man!
    Looks like she's gonna be the new Adele, in the sense that she's gonna get all the awards for the next couple of years and then disappear, not taking a dig at her though, she's very talented