Lorde: ''Royals' Sounds Awful, Like a 2006 Nokia Ringtone'

"I realize that actually it sounds horrible," the singer says.

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Young pop sensation Lorde openly bashed her breakthrough singe "Royals," explaining how she realized that it sounds "horrible" and even comparing it to a Nokia ringtone.

Chatting with the Daily Record, Lorde commented (via Gigwise), "I listen to people covering the song and putting their own spin on it, and I listen to it in every single form except the original one I put out, and I realize that actually it sounds horrible."

Continuing to slam, the vocalist added, "It sounds like a ringtone from a 2006 Nokia. None of the melodies are cool or good. It's disastrous. Awful ... But for the same reason, in the context of the way I released it, it just worked out."

Fans and critics would probably disagree with Lorde, seeing that the single has received pretty much unanimous praise from both sides, selling over 5 million units in the US alone.

The list of artists covering "Royals" is now quite a lengthy one, and features Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana's Krist Novoselic, DJ Starscream of Slipknot and more.

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    "Lorde slams 2006 Nokia ringtones" should've been the title.
    "Continuing to slam, the vocalist added, "It sounds like a ringtone from a 2006 Nokia. None of the melodies are cool or good. It's disastrous. Awful ... But for the same reason, in the context of the way I released it, it just worked out." SLAAAAAMMMMM
    Insanity ninja
    As much as I hate that song, Lorde seems pretty cool.
    Dude, she's like 16...
    So her lady parts are developed, and your problem is?
    The problem still stands, she's like 16.
    Lorde seems to be a very interesting person. I personally like the song. I tend to gravitate towards guitar driven songs being a player. But "Royals" has a catchy hook without being the cookie cutter remake of most of the pop music of today. I would never compare it to what the Beatles did to change the music of the time, but it is refreshing.
    For those who hate Royals, check out her full album. Plenty of songs that really resonated with me. She has a lot of really good music! The worst song on the album just HAD to become the most popular!
    Nero Galon
    I've heard her Pure Heroine album twice through and agree it is actually pretty damn good. I never really heard 'Royals' all that much since I avoid TV and Radio like the plague so when a popular mainstream song breaks out, I rarely hear it.
    as much as a song you make sucks, you should never admit that it sucks if its currently making you millions. well, at least I would never diss my biggest hit at the height of its popularity.
    It's easy to slam the hard work that many other people did on that song. Like the producer, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, the actual studio, the band. Why don't you go record yourself next time Lorde?
    So are you saying you aren't allowed to have opinions because you can't do better? If there's a song that I don't like, I just don't like it. I don't need to write a "better" song (whatever that even means) to dislike a song.
    So essentially: "When I did it, it worked. But then other people covered it and I realized it sucked" :-/ back-handed humility.
    yeah this song sucks. There is nothing. Why did people bought it? Always the same question in my mind
    "Royals" is shite. That entire album is shite. The lyrics are cringe inducing, and her attitude is just awful. And yet, she seems to think that she's changing pop music. Laughable. Oh fair enough, she's only 16. I'm probably just being a moody bastard.
    Stop talking about the singer of Nirvana like that. She rote hart shaped box so she seems purty kool 2 me ouh no, im bruling out!
    To be fair, the article title is pretty self-explanatory. If you're not interested, why read it?
    Royals is an average song. I don't see why it's a sensation. Here's random rock song that should have got a lot more airplay:
    i hated royals, so my initial thoughts of lorde were low. but i liked the production of her mixes on her other songs, so i find this interesting..
    Does that not happen to you guys? Every new song I record I'm proud of for a week or two, then I despise it and feel embarrassed. Also she wrote the song in like 30 minutes when she was 14. I cringe when I hear my stuff from those dark years.
    well at least it wasn't a 7 or 8 string song or a screaming throat crap .or lets down tune and play on te e string
    Why so much hate? If this is what she thinks of her first popular works it'll surely make her work twice as hard on her next song/album. I respect her for having drive. And her lyrics are pretty good for mainstream pop. Give her a chance for goodness sake.
    I like Lorde a lot, and Royals is probably the worst song on her new album. The lyrical context is good but I agree with her.
    Only song I know by her. If it wasn't everywhere I'd have no clue who she is. Regardless it's not necessarily my style, but it's tolerable for me so that's cool.
    At first I don't really appreciate Lorde, but then realizing that she's only 17 and already is a massive hit (and not a twat like the One-That-Should-Not-Be-Named), I have massive amounts of respect for her. Good on her.