Lordi: 'Dark Floors' Movie

artist: Lordi date: 02/06/2008 category: general music news

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Lordi: 'Dark Floors' Movie
Dark Floors - The Lordi Motion Picture is a horror movie in the American slasher tradition, slightly Japanese style. The Finnish Eurovision Song Contest winner Lordi will perform the theme song and star in a new 4 million euro horror movie Dark Floors - The Lordi Motion Picture for Finnish producer Markus Selin of Solar Films. After Lordi's win in Athens, Mr Lordi gave an interview where he suggested I contact him, which I did. "He came up with this idea of a horror movie in the American slasher tradition, slightly Japanese style, which is set in a hospital, explained Selin, who has for the last four years delivered the No 1 local top-grossers on the Finnish charts. The film, released in Finland on Friday, 8th February, is the first feature by Pete Riski, who has directed all the group's videos." Read more at Solarfilms.com.
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