Lost Jimi Hendrix Album Will Be Released In 2013

"People, Hell And Angels" will feature previously unreleased recordings from 1968-69.

Ultimate Guitar

A new Jimi Hendrix album of previously unreleased material is set to be released in 2013.

The LP entitled "People, Hell And Angels" was recorded in 1968 and 1969. The songs were meant for "First Days Of The New Rising Sun", the follow up to "Electric Ladyland" that Hendrix was working on when he passed away. It is set for release in the US on March 5, 2013 according to Rolling Stone. A UK release date is yet to be set for the new record.(via NME)

Tracks on the record apparently feature Hendrix experimenting with horns, keyboards, percussion and a second guitar.

Meanwhile, the legendary axeman's set from the 1969 Woodstock festival is set to receive a cinematic release later this month. The show will be screened on November 29 and December 4 at more than 30 cinemas across the UK, and in movie theatres globally.

The gig is being released to celebrate the 70th year of Hendrix's birth and will play alongside the film Live at Woodstock, which features interviews with band members Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell, as well as engineer Eddie Kramer and Woodstock promoter Michael Lang. Live at Woodstock is directed by Bob Smeaton, whose previous credits include the film Festival Express.

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    How many lost Jimi Hendrix albums have there been now? Nine.
    It's kind of like Nirvana, just when you think they've released everything the group ever recorded, they find a new batch of demos, or outtakes, or other previously unreleased material
    I hate the trend of releasing material after people have died, how much are we betting it will be maybe three new songs, lots of covers and different versions of old songs. If you think about it, it is quite insulting to Hedrix to use him as a cash cow like this.
    Actually, it wouldn't be much different from the rest of his albums.
    'xander vasil
    Probably true. He didn't really have that many songs. I think re-recording tracks can be a cool thing though.
    I agree, but it's still really REALLY exciting to hear new (or alternate if it's some different versions) material.
    Personally, though I disagree with the capitalizing of Hendrix, but they are still reviving his legend and career which in no way can be really bad. Besides, even if there are only three new tracks, they will still bring life back to his name.
    Awesome but did Hendrix experiment with "horns, keyboards, percussion and a second guitar." or did the people who just threw this thing together?
    If fapping whilst stoned isnt called weed whacking I don't know what to do with my life any more.
    Lots of shady record companies and hucksters made money bastardizing Jimi in the 80s and 90s, now it's time for Experience Hendrix to have the same shot at propping his corpse up. I will never give them my money, let alone for a dolled up rerelease of unfinished material. Any one who actually gives a shit about Hendrix, look up his estate and sister (Janie), and then decide for yourself if you want to give your money to these people. Jimi Hendrix was a person and a musician, and the longer we keep thinking of him as anything other than these two things, the longer he's going to be a caricature of guitar. Let the music he put out speak for itself. He doesn't need to be another Bob Marley or Che Guevara.
    The "lost" Hendrix album, to be released in 2013, was highly anticipated among fans, first time listeners, and anyone who had ears. The Mayans, however, had other plans.
    Is it like the Johnny Ramone-album? Old demos of Hendrix' voice and guitars and a new band filling out the missing parts of the recording?
    ANOTHER 'Lost' album? They say the newest one they've found is the best sounding ever or unique to any other..... Funny how they keep turning up though, the people who own the records must be really shit at their jobs. Oh wait, it's the music industry.
    I was hoping this was about the acoustic stuff he did like Black Gold or what not i would like to hear that more, but this is still some tasty news.
    Finally Ultimate Guitar gets it right. Stop posting about stupid teen bands and start posting real news like this.
    GNR's got NOTHING on Jimi.
    yes. but not lost..... the tracks are online... but good that album been put together. mite be fully finished only heard ropey recordings. with studio sounbds. just will be edited and produced but hope not over the top
    @dannydesktop: Hendrix recorded them (or at least wrote the arrangements). These were the tracks I was hoping to hear be released before Valley of Neptune's were. I am so excite.
    Anyone who says this is gonna be shit or whatever is just predisposed to trolling from being on the internet. I'll at least give it a try and than make my choice on whether to slam/burn/buy the album, what have i got to lose?
    What if the company made this album to sound like something Jimi Hendrix would make, so that every wannabe-rockstar would buy it and make profit for the company?
    Could be, but as a Hendrix freak I can tell you he was working on such a project (even with that title) at that time. We'll see.
    "Tele" Steve
    They are really milking Jimi's castoffs for all they're worth. Have they considered that many of these weren't released because Jimi never intended them to be? The "new" Hendrix songs I've heard so far even sound unfinished.
    I call Bullshit, This will be like that Neptune piss, just a couple of jimi musings or complete fabrications with a modern backup band. You could tell on the last CD what was new and what was old. just a horrible job by Kramer, so i have no real hope for this.
    It's probably just songs that weren't included in other albums. I'm not a Hendrix Guru, or even like his work, I'm just sure this album won't be "unreleased" material. Some songs just suck and don't get put on records.
    What do the other members say about this unreleased music? Or do they need the money and don't care about the integrity of JIMI? Don't get your hopes up. Leftovers that Jimi didn't think made the cut. I hope I am wrong. I hope todays technology doesn't bastardize the recordings. Or perhaps that is how they are able to resurrect demo material. Lets wait pray and see I mean hear
    you waited for second coming back of God?...here it is! Hendrix 20,13
    Seems like the industry gets some artists to record a life-time supply of records- just before they make them into an icon and then kill them and stage it as a drug overdose or a suicide. Then every decade afterward they pretend to stumble upon another "lost" album or hidden track. Having said that I still am looking forward to this release.
    Rebel Scum
    How much of this is actually gonna be new? If this is material meant for first rays of the rising sun and this badly named album has just Angel, Dolly Dagger, Beginnings(jam back at the house), Izabella, Night bird flying and other already released tracks then its gonna be an epic fail.